How to get more discovery calls booked without spending a bean on paid ads

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Dear Passionate Coach,

Whatever stage you’re at in your coaching business journey, whether you’re brand new or you’ve been around for a while, there’s always room for more discovery calls in your calendar, right?

And if you’re not yet at the “join my client wait list” stage (me neither) then discovery calls are a vital part of your weekly strategy for ensuring consistent cash flow.

And if you’re working your numbers and you’ve got a monthly income target, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of the number of calls you want to be booking in, for example:

Monthly income goal: £10k
Signature Coaching Package: £2k
Number of clients needed to hit income goal: 5
Average call conversion: 50% (that’s being very conservative because let’s assume for the sake of this blog that you haven’t yet had my sales training which would take you to 80% ave.conversion)
Number of discovery calls needed: 10 per month (to sign your 5 clients)

Break it down into a weekly goal and you’re looking at 2.5 calls per week (so obviously you’d set your goal at 3!). Suddenly seems possible and almost…too easy…right?

And now you’re thinking “Yes, it certainly seems possible on paper Sanae, but how do I get my 3 discovery calls each week?”    You ask! I deliver!

Here are my Top 10 (with a bonus tip #11) Tips for getting more discovery calls booked from your *free* organic activity in social media that incorporate strategy, mindset and energy (and leaves out sleazy cold outreach – shudder).  Each video is just 4 – 6 minutes long.

Enjoy: Absorb: Implement: My Top 10 Tips for getting more discovery calls booked into your calendar

I hope you loved these tips and will put them to use immediately and experience the joy of more and more discovery calls flooding your calendar!!

Go! Go! Go!

Love Sanae x

P.S. Want my help to crush the timeline on reaching your coaching business income goals? Like my clients:

Meera Remani, who after just 8 weeks from being a new coach, made her first £7k month…
And Sofia, who after months of showing up and working her butt off and not attracting any clients – signed 2 new clients making her first £3k within just 3 weeks!
And Stacy Sargison-Shawe who writes “I hadn’t signed any clients and was contemplating throwing in the towel…Then I saw a post from Sanae, it was as though she was speaking directly to me. I reached out and we started working together… Within 2 months I’d made over £12k and paid off all my credit card debt…In month 3 I’d made another £10k…Sanae showed me ways that truly work and most of all, I’m 100% AUTHENTICALLY me in my business and I LOVE IT!
And Rashida Gaye, who was signing clients but it was hit and miss and she couldn’t imagine ever getting to her $10k-month goal – Within weeks of starting working with me, she signed 4 new clients and had her first five figure month which she was able to replicate and grow from.
Real people. Real results.
Simply book your call with me by clicking on the link and selecting a time to suit


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