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“If what you received isn’t a match to what you were desiring, then it’s still not done – it’s still in the process of becoming” Abraham Hicks

In December 2015 it dawned on me “wouldn’t it be nice to have an office” I wrote it in my journal. I visioned a dedicated space for my work instead of the dining table.

I didn’t tell anyone.

That Christmas my boyfriend bought me the strangest gift…It was a ladder! He’d gift-wrapped it and on the tag he’d written “Something to Elevate you even higher…Love Jem xxx”

It was confusing and I laughed but as much as I insisted on an explanation, he denied me and just kept toying with me.

Anyway, over the holidays I took the children to visit Grandparents and when we got home I discovered the reason for the ladder.

Jeremy had been busy (secretly) converting the loft into a small office for me. He’d cleared all my junk, laid a carpet, wired it up and put a desk and chair in there.

And the gift wrapped ladder was now attached to the hatch.

I was overjoyed!

As the weeks passed it became apparent that this space wasn’t entirely suitable. It looked beautiful but the reality was, it had no natural light and it was either too cold or baking hot…

So more and more I found myself back at my dining table…

I didn’t express any disappointment and think “This is rubbish – how am I supposed to work in this??” and I didn’t give up on my desire.

I was so grateful to Jeremy and so appreciative of how much work he’d put into it.

Truth was the creation of my office space was still in process…

Fast forward to now and I have my glorious home office – built on site in my garden with underfloor heating and floor to ceiling windows. It’s even bigger and more beautiful that I dared to ask for originally.

So, when what you receive isn’t a match to what you asked for – see it as a sign that it’s still on it’s way.

Keep going love,

Sanae x




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