27 Ways to Position Yourself As the Expert In Your Niche

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Become an expert in your niche!

Wanna know how to rise above the noise and leverage your expertise so you become recognised as the authority in your niche?

Ready to have hot prospects reaching out to you because they’ve been following your content and they just know you’re the coach for them?

Of course, you do! Nobody likes sleazy outreach and icky approaches from strangers so here’s my download of 27 ways that you can leverage your expertise, increase your magnetic client attractor factor and win in your online coaching business!

1) Specialise

It may seem counter intuitive to narrow your niche and get specific with your target market when you’re wanting to attract more clients but the truth is, the more specialised you are, the more you’ll get known for that special thing you do!

2) Define your Expertise Clearly

Craft a consistent statement that clearly defines your area of expertise. Spend time getting this right up front and the clarity will boost your confidence too.

I am _[your title]_I help_[your ideal client]_with_ [what you help them do]_so that_[specific result]

3) Share Your Credibility Factor

Get clear on what makes you the credible expert and share this in your content.

Your credibility can come from your personal story of what you’ve overcome and accomplished; your professional experience and qualifications; the incredible results you’ve helped past clients achieve (whether coaching clients or corporate employers) and all of the above!

4) Congruence

Is there congruence in your profile description and your branding across your various platforms? Folks will ‘check you out’ and so you want to ensure that your profiles all align across all your Social media platforms and reflect a consistent message.

5) Consistent Visibility

Ever heard of “The familiarity principle”? It’s the tendency we humans have of developing a preference for things (be they people, products, ideas etc.) that we see more often.

Be consistently visibility and, in the words of one of my very first coaches “you’ll rise above the noise like cream”

6) Repetition

Many coaches worry about being repetitive and waste time trying to come up with new content constantly. In actual fact repetition of your core message in your content is critical for your expert positioning.

Repetition builds trust as people get to know you for what you do and remember, social media newsfeeds move fast so there’ll always be new eyeballs on your stuff (and your die-hard followers will hear what they need to hear each time!)

7) Describe your ideal clients’ pain in your posts

When you can describe your ideal clients’ pain better than they can, you automatically stand out as the expert with the solution. Think about it – haven’t you ever googled some ‘unusual’ symptoms you’re getting? You find an article that describes your symptoms plus a few more that you weren’t aware of (but now you come to mention it…) and you keep reading because you assume the author has the answer. See #8

8) Expert Positioning Post Framework #1: Problem, Pain, Prescribe

Use this framework to create a post or blog that positions you as the expert because it demonstrates that you know what your ideal client is going through and you have the solution:

Problem: Define the problem that your ideal client is struggling with

Pain: Paint the picture of all the pains that this problem is causing. I.e How it’s impacting her life; her health and well-being; her relationships; her career; her confidence and self-esteem to name a few!

Prescribe: Offer some nuggets of wisdom that will help her solve this problem.

9) Video and Live-stream

I know that doing videos and live-streaming may fill you with horror, it certainly did me in the early days!! But I guarantee that once you push through the fear and start doing it consistently, you’ll accelerate your expert positioning, faster than any other medium.

10) Hidden barriers to success

Experts in their field understand what is holding their ideal clients back from the results they really want, especially those sneaky ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ perceived barriers to success.

When you highlight what is really going on in your ideal client’s mind, your content will be much more impactful and you’ll start getting messages that say “Oh my gosh! It’s like you’re reading my mind!! See #11 on how to do this.

11) Expert Positioning Post Framework #2:

Create a high engagement, attention-grabbing headline using this framework.

Consider the results your ideal clients want and that you help them deliver. Then list all of those perceived barriers to success i.e what she thinks she has to do to achieve those results and then list all of her limiting beliefs

Then plug them into this headline framework

How to [achieve desire result] Without having to [do that thing you don’t want to do] Even if [ you have this limiting belief]

12) Showcase your expertise

You’re the expert so show up and BE the expert!!

How? By adding value through expert content that your ideal clients will find helpful, answering questions, and engaging on other peoples’ posts in meaningful ways.

By doing this you’re invoking the Law of Reciprocity, – when you give, people have a deep psychological urge to give back to you i.e. by saying “Yes!!” to your offers and/or referring or recommending you to their network.

13) Guest Expert Opportunities

Reach out to relevant podcasts and offer yourself up for guest expert interviews or contact hosts/admins of social media platform groups who share the same audience and offer to do a guest expert interview or masterclass into that group. Avoid stepping on any toes by ensuring the group hosts’ services complement what you offer, rather than clash with.

14) Get featured and published

Write expert positioning articles of value and submit them to publications that are relevant to your target market. Articles that share how you navigated and overcame a challenge with key lessons learned are always popular.

Embed the logos of your featured publications on your website and on your social media to add weight to your credibility.

15) Stand for something

Sharing your perspective and opinions in the context of your area of specialism will set you apart as an expert. Be fierce in what you stand for, subvert conventional wisdom and back yourself up with your compelling reasons.

16) Name your Process

The 7 Steps…, strategies and systems, blueprints, frameworks, and formulas…

Package your process and give it a name to reinforce your position as an expert. Your unique system is the map that you’re going to expertly guide your client along to get them to their desired destination!

17) Social Proof

Toot your horn and share your client wins. Social Proof is powerful because your clients are doing the talking for you.

Brand new to your coaching business? The workaround is to offer free coaching in exchange for testimonials. Share the love!

18) Create Masterclasses and Webinars

Done well, online masterclasses and webinars will sky-rocket your expert status because in one body of work you’re able to talk about what you do, who you help, and what makes you credible as you share your story.

You’re able to show your understanding of your clients’ deepest pains and frustrations as well as their desires, give value throughout and share client testimonials to back up your teaching points.

19) Engage on other people’s content

Social media is about connection so engage and participate in groups and on other people’s posts by answering questions, adding value, and celebrating their wins.

20) Write Case studies

Wrap client success stories in a case study in which you teach key points about how you helped your client. People love to know the ‘how’ behind success stories so you can leverage the power of storytelling and social proof all while adding value! Powerful!

21) Curate content

Share and add your perspectives on relevant content and trending news stories that are relevant to your niche and of interest to your audience.

22) Comment on seasonal issues

How might specific times of year impact or trigger your ideal clients? How can you add value that is seasonal? For example, if you’re a health coach, how might you help your audience navigate the excesses of Christmas or Thanksgiving? Or does Valentine’s day trigger your lonely hearts if you’re a Dating Coach?

23) Expert Positioning Post Framework #3: Before and After (Hell vs Heaven) Posts

Share snippets of your story – the challenges, the conflicts, and the crises.

Share how it was for you, what the personal breakthrough was and how your beliefs have changed and what other results you enjoyed.

It’s inspiring for your audience, and they’ll feel that you ‘get them’ because you’ve been right where they are now.

24) Live Q and A Sessions

Regular live Q and A sessions are a great way to add value plus showcase your confidence in your area of expertise.

You can have a regular slot in your Facebook group in which you show up to answer questions that are being asked live, or you can gather questions throughout the week from your community to answer in your regular Q and A slot.

25) Create your own Facebook Group

This is a great way to position yourself as an expert and as a Leader. Be specific with your guidelines on who the group is for and what value and support they’ll get by joining. Your private group provides a safe community for your to support your ideal clients and share your expertise with them and when they’re ready they’ll reach out to you to be their coach.

26) Persistence

You’ve got to want to win at this online game with every fibre of your being because while the rules are simple and there’s a low bar for entry, it’s NOT easy!! It takes guts to show up and it takes perseverance and persistence to push through the tough times, the doubts, and the fear.

Make a decision right now that you’re gonna really go for it and don’t ever quit. This is how your success is guaranteed

And Finally…

27) Be yourself.

Be authentic and share your knowledge, skills, and wisdom in the best way for you. Find your groove, your strength, and play to that.

You’re in this for the long game and forcing yourself to be someone or something you’re not because you think that’s how you’ll succeed, is exhausting and unsustainable.

People love, and are craving, real and authentic humanity and integrity and this is what you bring when you’re showing up just doing beautiful YOU.

Sanae xx

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