3 Mindset Habits That Helped Me Get Out (And Stay Out) of Debt

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In March 2018 I hit rock bottom.

A small payment got declined and I realised that I’d hit the £18k limit on my last credit card. This was the moment I was brought to my knees by my debt shame.

With my burden of credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans, I feel shackled and hopeless. Hopeless because I’d been in debt ever since I was eligible for a credit card and no matter what repayment strategies and budgeting methods I tried, I just kept accruing.

It got worse when I started my business. I knew the sky is the limit when it comes to how much you can earn as an entrepreneur, so I invested in high end business coaching and programmes that I just wasn’t ready for.

We don’t know what we don’t know, right?

Fast forward just 9 months from that “rock bottom” moment.  It’s Christmas 2018 and I’m debt free for the first time in 23 years and I’m celebrating the publication of my book: Paid in Full: Free Yourself From the Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!

So what did I do?

I didn’t win the lottery, or receive an unexpected windfall.

No, I made a decision. In that “rock bottom” moment I decided that I was going to get debt free within the next 6 months (Total: £47,788).

I had no idea how, of course, but I pledged that if I, by some miracle, succeeded, I would share how I did it because I figured others might just want to know!

I knew that this was an inner game. Meaning I’d tried all the external strategies and every single time I self sabotaged my efforts.

So I knew I had to change my mindset.

My challenge was set!  I threw myself into what I referred to as my self-imposed experiment. I observed myself as though I was in a petri-dish and I devoured as much information as I could on money mindset.

As I did the work on myself, I began to very quickly notice changes in the way I thought, felt and behaved around my finances and my debts.

I started to pay off my credit card balances, and as I did so momentum increased because it felt so good!

I implemented and developed some new money habits that transformed my situation so fast it made my head spin!

Here are my top 3 “inner game” habits that helped me got out of (and stay out of) Debt

1) Acknowledge ‘What Is’

In the beginning of my journey, acknowledging ‘what is’ meant not avoiding the truth of my situation and therefore not avoiding the painful feelings.

Avoidance has been a major part of the problem for me. I chose not to face my debt because I didn’t want to experience the negative emotion that surged whenever I did.

Feelings such as shame and guilt overwhelmed me, and I feared the intensity of these emotions, so avoidance was my solution.

It never occurred to me until I started this journey that the bad feeling I experienced when I looked at my mounting debt, wasn’t really about the debt itself, but rather all the meaning that I’d placed on it. I had so many negative stories and beliefs about what that debt represented and what it reflected about me and my personality.

Once I was able to observe the feelings, I was able then to isolate them and label them which meant I could unravel the stories and beliefs that were behind these intense feelings. This gave me the best vantage point to then begin the process of replacing them with more empowering beliefs.

Acknowledging ‘what is’ means fully embracing where you are right now and becoming sensitive to your feelings.

How we think determines how we feel.
How we feel determines how we behave
How we behave determines our results

In acknowledging ‘what is’ in the context of your current debt situation, allow yourself to feel the feelings that are coming up when you acknowledge your debt and, quite literally, sit with them.

They’re likely to feel painful and upsetting. But feel assured that as you acknowledge them and feel them, you’re going to be able to, over time, rationalise your thought process and neutralise your emotions.

Believe it or not, it’s not your financial situation that is causing you to feel the way you feel. Rather, it’s the way you feel that is causing your financial situation!

As you clear this negative charge, you stop attracting that which is a match to that negativity i.e more debt!

2) Visualisation

I’ve had debt my whole adult life. Many people have mortgage debt for most of their adult life but since I was 18, I have had credit card debt. On the rare occasions that I had I paid it all off, somehow within a very short period I had accumulated it again.

Being in debt had become so familiar to me that it was an uncomfortable comfort zone! I identified with it and was perpetuating it year on year.  In order to change my results, I had to change how I identified myself in the context of money and debt.

This was where the power of visualisation was extremely valuable.  Every day, sometimes multiple times a day I imagined how I’d feel being paid in full, I visualised my book being published, and I saw myself talking to people about how they can help themselves become free “just like I me!”

Through repetition, I imprinted this experience onto my subconscious mind, like a memory.

This created a state change, in who I was being. The more I resonated as someone who did not have debt, the less I worried about it, and the more money and prosperity I attracted.

Successful men and women have known this for centuries – when you focus deliberately on what you want, and you visualise yourself already having it you are literally crafting it in to your reality.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

If you can flood your subconscious mind with an imagined experience until your subconscious believes that that experience has actually occurred, it changes your state of being.  Your state of being will resonate at the frequency of that which you’ve been focusing on and imagining, and by virtue of the powerful Law of Attraction, you will attract everything that is a match to your dominant vibration – the exact circumstances will manifest.

The key is to visualise the result that you want and infuse it with strong positive emotion.

When it comes to being debt free, what is going to be the most powerful evidence for you that you’ve achieved it?

Perhaps it will be the statements with £0 balance outstanding or the phone call to the creditor to joyfully request closure of the account.  Maybe it’s the experience of gathering your loved ones for a lovely meal and seeing their faces as you explain, through joyful tears, that you are now debt free.

Practising visualisation every day is powerful for shifting your state of being. You feel excitement rather than stress. You feel positive and eager rather than negative and hopeless.

You transition every day more and more into a state of receptivity to the possibilities around you and you attract more ideas and opportunities that will set you on your path.  As you begin to feel better day by day, you attract more to feel better about. It’s a perpetual upward spiral!

Sometimes I’d emerge from my visualisations with my face wet with real tears of joy, I felt wonderful. I repeated this process almost every day – sometimes giving myself 30 – 45 minutes of immersion and other times just recalling some element of this end-result and focusing on it for 5 minutes.

This had the magical effect of having me believe ahead of time that I was debt free. I was creating my mental map of the future. This shifted my state of being and my vibration.  I stopped relying on credit cards to help me get by each month.  Whenever I needed or wanted something, I earned or attracted the money. I also saw my balances reducing with satisfaction and I diminished my stressful and negative thoughts because my whole perspective had changed.

3) Raise conscious awareness to your Saboteurs

Saboteurs can be the stories that we tell ourselves every day or they can be our subconscious beliefs – either way they’re like heat seeking missiles in that they fall under the radar and yet cause so much damage!

This is where a daily journal becomes an essential component of your journey to getting out of, and staying out of debt.

Your journal is where you document your progress, your results, your thoughts and your feelings every day in relation to your journey to destination ‘Paid in Full’.

Journaling with intention every day will support this work very powerfully. Since your intention is to invite more prosperity into your life and become Paid in Full, journaling will keep you focused on the goal.

Furthermore, your daily journal will become an accurate reflection of your dominant thoughts, feelings, activities and outcomes.
Everything you need to raise self-awareness and pull back the curtain on your saboteurs and limiting stories.

Understand too that The Law of Attraction is at work and what you’re attracting, whether wanted or not, is a reflection of your dominant thoughts and beliefs.

As you journal ask yourself:

What current stories do I tell myself (and others) about myself, that do not serve me? You’ll know they don’t serve you because they’re the stories that NEVER feel good!

Then change the story. I remember thinking can it really be as simple as changing the stories you’re telling yourself?

And the answer is simply YES! The everyday things you think and say about yourself and to yourself are like embedded commands to your brain.

Your brain is simply acting on instruction. “I am ” are two of the most powerful words in the English language because whatever adjective follows becomes your point of focus and therefore your point of attraction.
You will attract more thoughts, situations and circumstances that match your point of focus. Then your brain can say “See? I told you so ” because the evidence is there.

I love the analogy of our brains being like the search engine, Google. Whatever we type into the search bar, Google will bring back all the references that match our search words.

I used to say, “I am undisciplined”. Whenever I thought that thought, it was like I was typing “I am undisciplined” into Google because my Google brain would immediately bring up as many references and evidence to validate that statement.

Nothing positive would come from my Google brain and so my limiting belief would be reinforced as my truth.  There’s no truth in my statement really. It’s simply a matter of focus and my past chronic patterns of thought.

I can choose to tell myself “I am disciplined”. I can focus on that statement and deliberately affirm it until I start attracting thoughts that match.  Of which, there are as many positive anecdotes of discipline as there are negative ones of being undisciplined!

It’s simply a matter of choosing the more empowering stories to create more empowering beliefs that ultimately direct you to create your best life.

Realising that you have a choice moment to moment on where you place your focus is ultimately where your power lies.  The more you practice observing and listening and deliberating choosing to focus your attention on what you want, the stronger and increasingly self – aware you become.

It’s rather like exercising a muscle. Over time, what you want to experience, whether it’s more discipline, or just more happiness and satisfaction becomes your default dominant vibration.

You also notice and catch yourself earlier in the process if you’re unconsciously thinking negative thoughts because you’re more tuned in to your vibration and your emotional guidance system.

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