3 Ways to Instantly Tap Your Power to Manifest Whatever You Desire

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The other day I was smiling to myself as I was listening on Audible to David Hawkins’ groundbreaking book “Letting Go”.

Early in the book, he lists all the different manifestation modalities that we try on our journey to higher consciousness, to ascend pain and suffering and manifest the life of our dreams.

It made me smile because I could relate!!

Over the years I’ve invested time, money and energy into deep healing meditation; hot yoga; ice baths; crystals, Reiki, Rapid Transformation Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, snapping wooden arrows with my throat, karate style board breaking; sexual de-armouring; Ho’oponopono; I attended a Shakti Power retreat in Sedona, Arizona; process coaching; regression therapy; Sedona method; Katie Byron’s The Work; Inner child healing…

I’m sure I’ve missed something! Ha!

I loved it all!

Over the years all of this has brought me home to the very simple truth of our own power as the source of everything we desire.

When I wrote my book about getting out of debt Paid in Full [you can check out the latest edition here] in 2018, the final chapter was entitled “The God in me, is Me” because I had the epiphany that I am my own source of everything I desire, as well as the cause of everything I don’t.

I didn’t just get it intellectually, I knew it viscerally.

This was a massive moment of awakening for me. Not the end of the journey by any means but a stunning realisation of how powerful we are.

And yet we deny ourselves our power.

We shame, blame and beat ourselves up;
We get triggered, upset and offended by others;
We feel unsafe, anxious and isolated all the while cutting ourselves off from the very source of everything we desire.

Love, joy, peace of mind, laughter, harmony, trust, compassion, kindness, security, safety, success, money and abundance in all its forms.

I don’t dismiss any of the manifestation modalities – I still engage, totally love and respect them all however these 3 most POWERFUL manifestation hacks are so simple – which is often why they’re dismissed or overlooked – but they are life-changing!

If you want to access this power you must do these 3 things:

1) Decision

Make a decision. This is so powerful. DECIDE and then advance forward.

Too many people get caught up in fear and so keep chopping and changing their minds and their money goals!

Too many people wait for their circumstances (or the other person) to change, hoping and wishing on a star.

If you need to leap, then LEAP! Because then, and only then, can the Universe move to catch you.

“Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

2) Action

I know! I know! At first blush, this may seem to contradict the idea of the importance of “being” vs “doing” but hear me out.

Taking action in favour of what it is you want shifts your energy into a new vibration and reinforces the DECISION you just made.

My client messaged me yesterday to report that following our coaching call this week, she’s feeling back on form, on fire and ready to commit to achieving some serious results in her business.

I replied “Great!! Who do you need to become in order to achieve those results?”

She listed qualities like creative, productive, inspired, organised, in control, decisive, results orientated and attitudes like positive, happy, relaxed, optimistic and enthusiastic”.

Now she has clarity on the qualities and attitudes she has to embody, she can think her way into those qualities, feel her way into those qualities and ACT her way into those qualities. Acting her way will reinforce the thinking and the feeling.

First action she took?

She decluttered.

She cleared her office, tidied her drawers and got organised. She took an action that embodied those qualities, simultaneously raising her frequency and sending the no-nonsense message to her mind and the universe, that this chick is serious and means business.

What action can you take today to reinforce the decision you just made?


How many times do you negate/repel/resist all of the riches and goodness that are waiting in the wings for you to allow it in?

Do you ever say things like [cue: resigned voice] “I should have done more today” “I signed a client today but it was only for a hundred bucks” or “I’ve got so much to do, I’ll never get there!”.

Every time you fail to acknowledge the little successes wins and mini-triumphs you reinforce the feeling of failure and “not there yet”.

You just attract more overwhelm, more feelings of isolation and feelings of being light-years away from your goal.

Celebrate! Go wild about everything you do because it all contributes to you growing your biggest, bad-assiest, boldest business success story.

BASK!! It ALL counts!!

I’m gonna grab myself a steaming mug of milky coffee, and with eyes closed inhale the aroma as I bask in the glory of writing this blog today.

It all counts!

Peace and Love

Sanae xx

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