4 Principles to Live By For Greater Success and Satisfaction in your Life and Business

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Success is not some random result. Success is a culmination of consistent activities done well, over time.

All too often we know what we “should” be doing and yet we stall and self-sabotage as though we’ve always got the brakes on.

It’s so frustrating!! Especially when you know that there’s so much more to you than you’re currently living, so much untapped potential (which, by the way, is unlimited)

So how can you release the brakes,  make massive progress on a consistent basis, have enormous amounts of fun and all without burning out?

Well, I’m glad you asked!  Let me share with you what I’ve come to realise about developing that success mindset that accelerates progress, nurtures growth and enables you to move mountains in your accomplishments.

These principles have served me in my life and my business, enabling me to reach my goals and manifest incredible outcomes and experiences that I once believed were impossible for me.


1. Clarity Of Vision

Michael Beckwith says “Fear pushes you, while vision pulls you“…I know right? Chills!

You’ve got to be clear on your vision and it’s got to excite the hell out of you!  When you’re on purpose with your vision, it’s going to feel like it was downloaded into your brain, that it came from an inspired place and whether you’re going for it or not is never in question.  You’re going for it, no matter what!

Clarity of vision gives you focus and direction – it pulls your forward and taking action will feel natural and authentic.  Knowing WHY you want what you want is essential to keep your skin in the game when things feel tough.   And they WILL feel tough at times.  You can learn to relish the tough times because you come to recognise them as signs that you’re growing and expanding beyond your current limitations!  As long as you keep going!

2. Consistency

Consistency! We all struggle with this at times because it causes us to grow and that triggers all sorts of dormant limiting beliefs that were quietly festering beneath the surface!  It’s like we’re poking a sleeping bear!  As the bear gets aroused, it gets angry and tries to pulls you back down to sleep! That’s the voice in your head that starts telling you that “Its ok to stop.  You’re too much!  You’re not enough! You can’t do this! You don’t have time today.  C’mon, give up.  Who do you think you are? etc etc etc”

At times, that voice can be so compelling and some of what it tells you feels unbelievably true.  It gives the best defense against your personal growth, against you breaching your unconscious vows of loyalty to your old stories and family paradigms.  Develop awareness of the voice and support your consistency through conditioning as per point #4 below.

When it comes to practicing consistency, my best strategy EVER is tracking.  Tracking has been a total game-changer for me and as a result, I now have a greater level of self-trust in myself that I have the ability to follow through on my promises to myself.  Before I developed my consistency muscle,  my limiting belief was that “I never stick at anything”.  This infected every area of my life and was so destructive.

Tracking helps you stay focused and its a way of holding yourself accountable until the new habit is ingrained.  Some things you might track on an ongoing basis because Tracking IS the habit, for example I highly recommend tracking income.

Examples of habits I’ve tracked include:

💥 Consistent daily social media post🤳
💥Running 🏃‍♀️
💥A 30 day month of sobriety that turned into 7 months! 🧋
💥My money to clear my debt🤑
💥 A daily quota of words to write a book📖
💥 Mindset work 😇
💥 30 day vegan diet 🥕
💥 Reading 52 books in a year 📚📚📚📚
💥 Visualising

Every one of these experiences enhanced my life and created shifts in my subconscious whether it was about opening up to new possibilities, increasing confidence or expanding my awareness.

Nothing changes until YOU change and you get to DECIDE moment to moment what your priority is and direct your focus accordingly.

Whatever activities you commit to,  give yourself a minimum of 30 days straight.  Whether that’s doing videos or live streaming, creating written content, blogging, emailing your list, writing 2000 words per day for your book, reaching out and adding 20 new connections daily on LinkedIn, exercising or committing to a daily discipline of mindset work.  30 days will help you gain traction, gather momentum and start enjoying real results.

3. Congruence

In order to create the results you want, you’ve got to become the person who is already living those results.

Your beliefs and behaviours have got to be congruent with your desires. If you desire greater financial abundance and yet you have a belief that sounds like “money is the root of all evil” or “wealthy people are greedy or selfish” or “having money is not spiritual” (and you’re spiritual) then you are incongruent and you’ll self-sabotage. Your action taking will hit the wall.

To go back to the analogy at the start of this blog, our desires are the accelerator and your limiting beliefs are the brakes. In order to accelerate, you’ve got to ensure you have congruence.

So ask yourself:
In order to create the results I desire, what would I have to believe?
In order to create the results I desire, who would I have to become?
What can I do to Act As If I already have the results I desire?
And then really own the answers for yourself.

4. Conditioning

It’s never enough just to intellectually know what you need to do, you’ve got to condition it into your nervous system. We are emotional beings and so when you can condition your emotional states to be more self-serving instead of self-sabotaging then you’ll truly become unstoppable.

You do this by creating new emotional associations to what you want through exercising the power of focus.

For example, it’s going to be very hard for you to follow through on doing “live streams” every day on behalf of your business if your conditional habit of thought is fear-based. If you’re afraid of judgement or rejection, there’s only so many times you’re going to be able to push through before you decide it’s too painful and quit.

Instead, imagine ‘going live’ feeling the excitement that you’ve finally overcome your fears, focus on and feel the elation of having people reaching out to you saying “hey, it was like you were speaking to me, how can I work with you?” Focus on and feel the joy of getting your message out into the world.

Do this for a few minutes a few times a day and as you anchor in this new empowering state, within a few days you’ll have conditioned yourself to be unstoppable when it comes to showing up!

In conclusion, decide what you want to create and go for it! Have your big vision in mind every day but also stay present every single day to what is immediately in front of you.

Success is a culmination of doing the right things consistently and doing them well and it all begins within you.

So, get clear on what you want and why you want it, flex the muscle of consistency by taking action every single day, align your beliefs and behaviours with your desires to overcome the resistance and condition yourself emotionally to empowering states of being.

You got this!!

Peace and love


P.S. – Let’s talk.  About YOU. About your coaching business. What’s working. What’s not working and how you can create the results you truly want.  Book your strategy session with me today: https://sanaefloyd.com/contact-sanae/

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