Become Unstoppable! 4 Shifts to Release the brakes and Accelerate Success

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Success is not some random result.

Success is a culmination of consistent activities done well over time. All too often we know what we “should” be doing and yet all too often we stall and self-sabotage as though we’ve got one foot on the accelerator pedal and one foot firmly on the brake.

It’s frustrating as hell!! Especially when you know that you have the capacity to be unstoppable because you’ve achieved some incredible results in the past, right?

So how can you become unstoppable and take massive action on a consistent basis, have enormous amounts of fun all while avoiding burning out?

Here are 4 shifts that have served me in my life and business, to develop my success mindset so I could grow my business beyond 6 figures, to write a #1 bestseller, to build multiple platforms on which I can serve clients in different ways with my Coaches Business Accelerator premium programme, my inner circle clients and my subscription membership


Ensure that you are crystal clear on what you want and why you want it. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve gives you focus and direction. You must be excited and compelled towards your vision to maintain drive and motivation.

Very importantly too, you must know why you want what you want. It’s great to know what you want, but knowing ‘why’ you want it will keep your skin in the game when things feel tough.

I personally love the 7 levels deep exercise by Dean Graziosi to help you get clear on your why.

Connect to your what and your why every morning.


Whatever activities you commit to, do them consistently and give yourself a minimum of 30 days straight.

Whether that’s doing videos or live streaming, creating written content, blogging, emailing your list, writing 2000 words per day for your book, reaching out and adding 20 new connections daily, exercising or committing to a daily discipline of mindset work

Whatever it is, commit and give yourself at least 30 days so you can start enjoying true traction and gathering momentum.

I know it’s easier said than done, right? It’s easy when the commitment is new and the excitement and enthusiasm is fresh but what happens after 7 days? Or 14 days? What happens when the excitement wanes? Refer to shift #4


In order to create the results you want, you’ve got to become the person who is already living those results.

Your beliefs and behaviours have got to be congruent with your desires. If you desire greater financial abundance and yet you have a belief that sounds like “money is the root of all evil” or “wealthy people are greedy or selfish” or “having money is not spiritual” (and you’re spiritual) then you are incongruent and you’ll self-sabotage. Your action taking will hit the wall.

To go back to the analogy at the start of this blog, our desires are the accelerator and your limiting beliefs are the brakes. In order to accelerate, you’ve got to ensure you have congruence.

So ask yourself:

    1. In order to create the results I desire, what would I have to believe?
    2.  In order to create the results I desire, who would I have to become?
    3. What can I do to Act As If I already have the results I desire?

And then really own the answers for yourself.


It’s never enough just to intellectually know what you need to do, you’ve got to condition it into your nervous system. We are emotional beings and so when you can condition your emotional states to be more self-serving instead of self-sabotaging then you’ll truly become unstoppable.

You do this by creating new emotional associations to what you want through exercising the power of focus.

For example, it’s going to be very hard for you to follow through on doing “live streams” every day on behalf of your business if your conditional habit of thought is fear-based. If you’re afraid of judgement or rejection, there’s only so many times you’re going to be able to push through before you decide it’s too painful and quit.

Instead, imagine ‘going live’ feeling the excitement that you’ve finally overcome your fears, focus on and feel the elation of having people reaching out to you saying “hey, it was like you were speaking to me, how can I work with you?” Focus on and feel the joy of getting your message out into the world.

Do this for a few minutes a few times a day and as you anchor in this new empowering state, within a few days you’ll have conditioned yourself to be unstoppable when it comes to showing up!

In conclusion, decide what you want to create and go for it! Have your big vision in mind every day but also stay present every single day to what is immediately in front of you.

Success is a culmination of doing the right things consistently and doing them well but it all begins within you.

So, get clear on what you want and why you want it, flex the muscle of consistency by taking action every single day, align your beliefs and behaviours with your desires to overcome the resistance and condition yourself emotionally to empowering states of being.

You got this!!

Love Sanae

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