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If I’ve learned anything about consistently attracting clients that pay a premium to work with me, it’s this:

There is no one magic bullet to success…

…and if you try to copy other people’s success, you will NEVER create a business that feels great for you!

How do I know?

I made that mistake.

Actually, I had a complete meltdown in my shower because of it…

….and I spent thousands on other programs but still couldn’t get the clients I wanted.

I’ll spare you the details…

What matters is, I turned that challenge into a coaching business that I wake up to vibrating at my highest frequency while enrolling clients at premium rates month after month.

How did I do it?

I did it by letting go of other people’s ideas of success.

I did it without the traditional “Cold ‘icky’ Strategies ” that felt wrong to me.

I did it by getting crystal clear on my passion and purpose – and who I wanted most to help.

Finally, the whole process of attracting and enrolling my dream clients at premium rates happened with ease – instead of me exhausting myself!

Yes, you read that right.


…it didn’t happen overnight.

It took some time to figure out an easier way for positioning myself as the “Go-To Expert” for my dream clients that were aligned with my purpose.

One strategy that worked was publishing a certain type of post on my social media channels

I call it the “expert positioning post”. 

Now, I want to show you the top 5 of those EPPs that worked best for me (and many of my clients).

I’ve put together a free guide, where you’ll see:



5 posts that will help you stand out as the go-to authority in your niche


How to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your ideal client by crafting messages that resonate with them


How to stop all the cold outreach strategies that make you feel icky and have your clients chasing you instead

You will be able to apply everything you learn immediately!

Oh wait…

…I didn’t even introduce myself properly.

I am Sanae Floyd, Business Breakthrough Coach and Online Sales Mentor for female coaching entrepreneurs. I help amazing women, just like you, break through the barriers to the next level of INCOME and INSPIRATION.

My unique and radical approach incorporates the necessary internal shifts plus the external strategies that will ensure you break through your upper limits and attract your dream Ideal Clients, with ease.

This is what I specialise in. This is my zone of genius. And I want to help YOU with it.

So, are you in?

Click below to get the free guide “5 Posts that will Position You as the Go-To Expert” and I look forward to the results you get!

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