5 Qualities You MUST Cultivate for Greater Ease, Peace of Mind and Flow as You Grow

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In order to successfully grow your coaching business, you know you need courage, tenacity, resilience, determination, confidence etc

And there is absolutely no denying the validity of these qualities to shift the needle on your growth, and support you at every stage of the journey.

I’d also add here that you’ve embodied and demonstrated these qualities in spades throughout your life. You know you have them, after all, they got you here!

Throughout your life, you were rewarded and celebrated for them. Go go go! High achiever!

You certainly need to have courage, resilience and determination when THAT voice shows up.  You know the voice. It starts chattering, waking you up in the dead of night, saying stuff like “It’s not working!; I’m not good enough! Why on earth did I think I could do this!?

All we were ever taught to do was to push past that voice, to push through the tough times!

However, there are some essential qualities that are less cultivated, and little celebrated, in our Western culture.

And yet, they are essential for your business journey, if you want to avoid burn-out and if you want greater ease, peace of mind and flow as you grow

The old way of pushing, striving, hustling that go you here…won’t get you there, it won’t get you to your next level of growth and expansion.

So what are these qualities that I’m talking about?

Here they are, they’re in no particular order of importance although I have saved the one that had the biggest impact on me till last 😉

1) Presence power

We’ve learned about goal-setting, and keeping the end in mind. We face forward, taking massive action towards our dream destination. We reward ourselves only for what we deem to be a “good day” i.e one in which we were super-productive.

The problem with this is that our moment to moment activities become reduced to a means to an end. We’re not actually experiencing life in this moment. We spend too much time in the energy of impatience thereby not producing our best work, let alone enjoying the journey.
This is when we fall prey to overwhelm and we identify with the mental chatter because we’re not able to detach from it.

Your power to create is in the NOW. This moment, right here, right now. Staying present is equivalent to putting your higher self in the driving seat. You operate with greater awareness, consciousness and presence power.

2) Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is accepting fully, and without judgement, where you are right now.

It is what it is.

When you consider your financial situation, do you wish it were different? Do you judge yourself as being incompetent? Or maybe you’re ashamed because you have debt?

If so, this kind of thinking keeps you locked in to the stories and patterns that created the situation in the first place.

You’re thinking from the problem.

Self acceptance enables you to calm the nervous system and access greater depths of compassion and creativity – enabling you to think from the solution.

3) Trust

Trust yourself and others.

Firstly, trusting yourself and heeding those intuitive nudges, inspired ideas, and creative downloads that come to you when you’re feeling high and happy.  You’ll recognise them because they feel like TRUTH…

The problem is, we’ve been conditioned to be “realistic” or logical and so you start talking yourself down from your high filling yourself with doubt.  That voice shows up again: “Who do i think I am!? I can’t do that!”

I work with coaches who are deeply committed to, and passionate about, helping others.  They’re using their hard won widsom, knowledge and experience to help people transform their lives, just as they themselves have been able to.

But often there’s a deep inherent lack of self – trust because of those past experiences.  Because of past hurts and betrayals.  It’s mostly subconscious but they just have a sense of self blame for allowing those past experiences to happen to them.

When it comes to trusting others, life has taught you to be wary.

Or, perhaps you’ve invested in business courses  and didn’t get the results you were promised, and as a result you’ve lost trust in those that tell you “I can help you”.  You will attract more to feel wary about!  And you’ll likely hold back from getting the quality support you do need to grow.

Not only is this value of TRUST and in particulate self trust critical to cultivate, so you can take action on your inspired ideas and move the needle on your business progress…

But also, if you want to attract clients that trust you and your ability to help them?  You’ve got to trust yourself first.

4) Faith

Faith is believing in the unseen and the unmaterialised.  We grew up hearing “I’ll believe it when I see it”…

But faith is believing first. And then you’ll see it.

If I didn’t see myself running a business, working on my own terms and serving clients, back in 2014, I would NEVER have resigned from my job.

I’d been in corporate financial services for 17 years, since graduating from Uni!  I knew nothing else, I was institutionalized.  But I believed in my business with absolute faith, and that’s the only way I was able to quit my job and take the leap into the unknown.

Faith will keep you going when the going gets super tough.    You’re being called to grow constantly, and you’re going to meet with challenges at every turn, including confronting your deepest fears and insecurities.

Faith is knowing that everything is ALWAYS working out for you and your success is guaranteed, just as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

5) Security

This was a big one for me.  I had to learn this one “on the job” so to speak.  I had faith, and I quickly learned to trust myself, but security was one I learned while on my knees, mid-meltdown!

I was riding the income rollercoaster of feast or famine.  I never knew where the next bit of money was coming from, which was scary as a newly divorced, single mum of 2.  I relied on my coaching business to keep the roof over our heads and pay the bills.  I scrapped about, robbing Peter to pay Paul and borrowing on my credit cards.  Life felt inherently unsafe.

I wanted more money in order to feel secure.  I needed my mortgage to be paid on time, in order to feel safe.  I was trying to control and manipulate everything around me in order to feel secure.

It was in one of my darkest moments, that I had some kind of lightening bolt epiphany.  I heard the words “Source to self.  Source to self. Source to self” over and over.  I had the realisation that I was giving my power away by seeking external experiences to feel safe and secure.

I AM THE SOURCE TO SELF of everything I need and desire!

We can never attract that which we don’t inherently feel.  It’s only when you feel secure, that you’ll attract more security and more that is a match to that energy of security.  When I got this, it was instantaneous transformation!  I realised that I had to let go of the need to control, and go within to heal those parts of me that felt unsafe and insecure.

You are energy.  You are spiritual.  A vibrational being.  And you ARE the source of everything you desire.  You’ve got to feel it, and then you’ll become it, and then you’ll attract it.

Sanae x


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