5 Steps to Free Yourself From (Emotionally Crippling) Debt Forever

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Debt in the form of credit cards, personal loans and overdraft had a negative stranglehold over me mentally, emotionally and physically for years!

23 years in fact.

Every new year I resolved to become debt-free, and every year I just seemed deeper.  It wasn’t through lack of trying!  I was like a yo-yo dieter! I’d try a new repayment method or budgeting strategy, or some money management app and I’d go so far, but then I’d self sabotage and bounce straight back into deeper debt!

I was investing in myself and my business and yet I wasn’t repaying my investments. It was overwhelmingly frustrating and it became my “dirty secret”. Nobody knew how much debt I had because I felt so ashamed.

In fact, I didn’t even know!! That’s right, I was in so much pain that I was living in a state of total denial.

When I reached my threshold, yer know, that moment of “enough is enough!”?  Well, I was almost £50,000 in debt.

I was at rock bottom with no clue how I was going to change my situation.

Fast forward less than 12 months and I’d not only become debt-free, I also become a #1 bestselling author of my book “Paid In Full” chronicling my journey of transformation aaaand I now teach other people how to free themselves from debt!!!

My life has completely changed as I’ve transformed myself at a cellular level and I experience more joy and abundance in ways I could only have imagined!

If you’re struggling to clear your credit card debt and it’s a constant source of anxiety, let me share with you the first key distinction that started me on my journey to freedom.

It’s crazy simple but here it is:

You have to DECIDE to become “Paid In Full” (I stopped saying debt free because the word debt was such a stressor for me)

The impact of a decision is so powerful!

I’d spent literally decades of my life trying to get a handle on my finances and pay off my debt and yet I always failed, and I didn’t have the first clue why.

I know now that I hadn’t really committed to the decision to become debt-free. I always had one foot in the “I really want to be debt-free” camp and the other foot in the “Yes, but, it’s too hard” camp and the internal conflict was keeping me stuck.

You see there’s a huge gulf between wanting to achieve something and deciding to achieve something.

In that gulf exists fear, limitation, and excuses. Reasons to stay in bed, instead of getting up and taking massive positive action!

But, by actually deciding, you’re leaping over that gulf and committing.

It’s empowering, and it changes everything.

A decision takes you out of the realms of limiting beliefs and internal conflict because you’re making an assertion, setting an intention, that cuts you off from all alternatives – you’re burning the bridges to take the island, so to speak.

The derivation of the word “decide” is literally “to sever” or “cut off”.

Once you empower yourself with a decision, you embolden your state of mind and begin to think differently.

A decision refines your focus on what it is that you want to achieve. You’ve leapt and if you don’t start moving forward towards the goal, you’ll fall. It requires massive action and doing things differently.

Once you’ve made a decision, the ‘how’ shows up. Your brain is like a goal-seeking missile and as soon as you’ve committed to your ‘what’ and you’ve leapt that gulf, your brain starts working for you – seeking out the ‘how’ – and you start getting the ideas, possibilities, and resources to help you get moving.

Rarely, in this monumental moment of decision is there fear or doubt. There’s just excitement, relief and a renewed energy and enthusiasm for life.

And so if you’ve made the decision to free yourself from the burden of debt, then no better place to start than right here with my free training session on 5 Steps to Free Yourself From Debt Forever.  Watch, take notes and apply immediately to set yourself free.  Just click the image here:

Click on the link to watch the training video

If you want to go deeper with me then there are more options:

You can do my 5 day course for just £4.99 which guides you deeper into the principles or you can join my 12 month mentorship for just £67 a month for weekly coaching and training that goes deeper into your money stories and wealth wounds while holding you accountable for your growth every step of the way.

I’m here to support you

Love Sanae x



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