6 Signs You’re In Alignment With Your True Niche As A Coach

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Your niche is that special something that you do, in only the way that you do it. It’s where you’re able to solve your ideal clients #1 problem and deliver the most value.

Your niche is a gift or skill that comes naturally to you, which incidentally, is why so many coaches struggle to charge more because it feels so easy!

Your niche, and ideal clients, are absolutely intrinsically linked to your sense of passion and purpose.

So that said, here are 6 signs that you’re in alignment with your true niche:

1. You have more energy

It takes a lot of energy to manage your fear and frustration when you’re flip flopping from niche to niche, and feeling wishy washy in your messaging. Alignment releases the dam of stuck-ness and lack of clarity so you have access to all that freed up energy and vitality.

2. Content flows easily through you

You have an easy flowing stream of great ideas for content that come to you from an inspired place. You feel excited about sharing your message. I’ve had clients, who’ve gone through my niche Alignment Alchemy process, tell me that their content flows “through them” as though they’re channeling it.

3. Your messaging resonates with your audience

Clarity and alignment of course will improve the succinctness of your messaging. People will reach out to you and thank you for your post/ livestream or email. You’ll get people saying things like “Ooof! Your post was like you’re reading my mind!” “Are you inside my head right now?! Thank you, I needed to hear that today!”

4. Your confidence soars as you stop second guessing yourself

It’s like an awakening of sorts when the fog lifts and you have total clarity and alignment – you ditch all doubt as to your credibility or your ability to deliver results. You know that this is your jam so self-belief returns hundred-fold.

5. You start enjoying yourself!

Yep! Believe it or not, business can, and should, feel like a blast! So, you start having a lot of fun! Your focus becomes more present, you’re operating from your zone of genius, working more from a state of flow, and very importantly, you become less and less attached to the outcomes of your activity.

6. You Get More clients!

Finally, of course, you get an increase in leads and client sign ups.

It becomes a no-brainer.

As your energy and creativity are flowing, you’re more productive
As your confidence soars and you’re no longer stalling and second guessing, you play full-out;
As you’re having fun, doing what you love, no longer attached to the results…

…The results take care of themselves.

That’s how you know you’re in alignment with your true niche.

If you know you’re amazing at what you do, and you deliver incredible value for your clients but your messaging still feels wishy washy and you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped by now, then book a call with me today.

This conversation will get you clarity about your coaching business, without any obligation and if we’re a good fit, then I’ll talk to you about how I can help you further:

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Peace and love

Sanae x



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