Unleash Your Full Potential: 6 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Visibility and Attract Your Dream Clients

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Today’s blog is on a topic that is crucial for any business owner, but in particular for coaching entrepreneurs, and that is the fear of visibility.

Firstly, let me start by saying that visibility is crucial to the success of your business.  Your ability to connect with your audience, share your message, and attract clients depends on your ability to be seen and heard.

The more you’re able to build know, like and trust with your audience, the more your business will thrive and grow.  As my mentor is always saying the rhythmic acquisition of clients, is always preceded by rhythmic marketing activity.  No brainer right?

And yet, so many of us struggle with this fear of visibility, of putting ourselves out there, and of being judged or rejected.

Believe me, I know how it feels. When I first started my coaching business, I was terrified of being seen. I was afraid that people would judge me, that I wasn’t good enough, and that I would fail.

I actually had a core belief that it was unsafe to be me! That belief kept me small for so long!   But over time, I realized that this fear of visibility was holding me back from achieving my goals, serving the people I knew I could help, and making the impact I wanted to make.  I was frustrating myself and I knew that if nothing changed, I’d be going back to my old 9-5 with my tail between my legs.  That was a horrible prospect and not one I was willing to entertain!

So, how did I overcome this fear of visibility?

First and foremost, I shifted my mindset. I had to re-frame my beliefs about being visible and recognize that not only was it safe, but it was an essential part of my success.

I had to remind myself that I have something valuable to share, that I am unique and worthy, and that my message deserves to be heard.

I changed my stories from “It’s hard, I can’t do this, I’m terrified” to “I can do this! It’s safe, fun and easy for me to show up and share my message! I always know what to say and my message always resonates with my dream client!”

As well as re-writing all my negative low quality “What if?” questions from “What if I fail?  What if I get it wrong?  What if people think I’m stupid??”  to “How can I ensure I succeed, and have the most amount of fun?”  “What if people are drawn to my message?” and heck  “What if it works?”

As Tony Robbins says “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

But mindset alone is not enough.  I also had to take action to overcome my fear of visibility.

So here are some of the small steps I took, that you can take, to gradually increase your confidence and flex your visibility muscle, and start attracting those people who need your help.

You only need a few small changes to start making big shifts that really gather momentum:

1) Get clear on your message and your why. When you’re clear and aligned, your purpose is always bigger than your fears. Remember why you started your business in the first place and connect to that passion – it’s a mountain energy!  Coaching entrepreneurs are among the most passionate people I know!  Especially when it comes to helping others and making a difference in the world!

2) Focus on your ideal client avatar. This really helps when it comes to doing video and live stream to just focus on speaking to that one individual that you know has the problem you solve. Rather than imagining that thousands of eyes are watching you, just show up and speak to one.

>> A lack of clarity will undermine your confidence every single time.  So if you’re struggling to get clear on your message and your ideal client avatar as suggested in tips 1 and 2 then why not take my FREE 5 video course called SHINE YOUR LIGHT.  This is exclusively for coaching entrepreneurs who need clarity in their niche, their ideal client avatar and their expert positioning message.

3) Be your own coach. I remember journaling and asking myself the question: “How would I feel about myself in 6 months time if I didn’t overcome this fear? Where would I be if nothing changes in 12 months time? Who else is impacted by me staying in this fearful state?” When I considered how I would be letting down my children (I want to be role model to them), and those people that I could help, that really hurt my heart.  The pain I felt as I future paced how I’d feel if nothing changed was just the leverage I needed to get over my fear of visibility and start showing up no matter what!

4) Practice Visualising. When you visualise yourself succeeding, having fun, loving doing live streams and video, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or imagined. The more you visualise, the more you develop new neural pathways in favour of a new confident you.  As Hebbs Law states “neurons that fire together, wire together”.   So visualise as part of your daily practice, personally speaking this single activity has transformed many areas of my life including feeling more confident with public speaking, getting out of debt and becoming a no.1 best selling author!

5) Get Accountability. Find someone who will hold you accountable and make a commitment to a specific number of lives each week, or even daily for 30 days. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes when you know you’re having to report daily to someone that you’ve stuck to your pledge.  There are many statistics citing the benefits and power of having an accountability buddy but why not test if for yourself.

6) Celebrate your wins. Acknowledge and celebrate each small step towards increasing your visibility, no matter how small it may seem. This teaches the reward part of your brain to do more of the same and you’ll learn to trust yourself to create bigger wins.  Whenever you celebrate you’re reinforcing a state of being called “Grateful, joyful, accomplished, successful”.  Imagine always living from that state!  You’d be able to create anything you want and manifest still more!

Remember, the fear of visibility is a common mindset challenge that many business owners face. But with the right mindset, strategies, and support, you can overcome it and achieve the success you deserve.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all the best on your journey towards visibility and success.

Love Sanae x

p.s If you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level and you want an experienced “been in the trenches” coach and mentor to guide you every step of the way then let’s have a conversation!  Book a strategy call with me today and let’s discuss how you can make your dream coaching business become your reality.  Book Your Call Here: https://sanaefloyd.com/contact-sanae/


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