7 shifts to release your resistance around your “BIG” goals

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There’s so much you want to achieve and you’re inspired by your bodacious goals.

You really appreciate the feelings that come with the practice of visualising the outcome and you especially relish the satisfaction that taking action brings.

However, you find yourself yo-yoing between a buoyant “Yeah!! I’ve so got this!” and a soul sucking fear of “I can’t do this! I’m not good enough!”

It becomes a mental and emotional rollercoaster!

You wind up consumed with overwhelm and slipping into your old “Who do I think I am?” stories of lack and limitation.

You start resisting your desires, denying yourself and pretending that “Meh, I didn’t really want it anyway”

Sound familiar?

Resistance comes in the form of sabotaging behaviours, procrastination and overwhelm. Resistance shows up as the voice in our head that whispers “Give up now. You’re not good enough

I want to share with you my top 7 favourite shifts that will help you get out of your own way and back into the delicious flow of moving towards your goals with the brakes off!

Shift #1: Stop referencing your goal as “big”.  It may be a little 3-letter word but it can act like a chock under the wheel of your forward motion.  When you describe your goal as “big” it sends a message to your brain that what you want is going to be difficult and hard to achieve. Big is just a relative measure and yet it adds a ton of resistance to your path.

Shift #2: When you find yourself getting overwhelmed, do a Les Brown on yourself and start affirming that “it’s possible”.  “It’s possible that I can achieve this goal” loosens the grip of “I can’t…” and softens resistance because, of course, it is possible.  Anything and everything is possible!!

Shift #3:  Focus on the outcome not the “how”.  We never know exactly how we’re going to achieve the things we want -that’s half the excitement!!  As Martin Luther King said “you don’t have to see the whole stair case, just take the first step”.  This applies daily as you pursue your goals – just take every day, step by step.

Shift #4: Get into the feeling of the why behind the what.  You know what you want but have you ever considered why you want it?  Of course, you have, right?  BUT have you gone 7-Levels deep into why you want what you want?  This exercise is so powerful for connecting you to your true why and will propel you into a profound state of purpose and passion. Here’s the gist of it: Ask yourself why you want what you want 7 times, each time basing your question on the last answer given e.g.

1) Why do you want to make £10k per month?

Because I want to be able to relax and not worry about money

2) Why is it important to you to be able to relax and not worry about money?

Because there are so many things I want to do and making £10k would give me more freedom to say yes to those things

3) Why do you want more freedom to say yes to the many things you want to do?

Because I want to take my children to the beautiful cities in Europe and explore and have more adventures.

And so on…7 times.  Why 7?  It just works.  It takes you from your head to your heart and gets straight to the core of your passionate why.

Shift#5: Turn it into a game and have fun with it. Create charts that you can star or tick off each day that you complete an activity and reward yourself at mini milestones.  If you know that running keeps you high-minded and positive then that is going to be a huge contributor to your goal attainment so include it on your to-do list that you tick off each day.  It’s not all serious heads down type of work that will get you there, it’s more about who you’re being.

Shift#6: Visit the spiritual gym every day!! Meditate to bring peace, calm and clarity to the proceedings. Read inspiring books to open your mind to what is truly possible for you and practice self-awareness i.e “What am I thinking and feeling right now?  Is it serving me or am I thinking in opposition to my goal?”

Shift#7: Final shift…Recognise that you’re not alone in your endeavour.  You don’t have to clench your jaw, and your fists and try and control everything!! Relax!!  You have infinite intelligence working with you at all times – nudging you in the direction of everything and anything that will support you in your journey, giving you those inspired ideas and insights of what to do next and “gathering all of the co-operative components together” (Abraham Hicks) that will help you achieve your goal.

You’ve got this!! Keep going.

Love Sanae x


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