7 Super Simple Hacks to Boost Your Productivity; Problem Solving and Prosperity!

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your big dreams and goals?  Do you sometimes doubt your ability to get it all done and the more you think about what you want, the more paralysed you become?


When you have big dreams and so much you desire to accomplish and achieve, feeling stuck and unable to move forward can feel intolerable.


I get it!  And this is why over the years I’ve jumped on any solutions to help me get out of icky sucky stuckness in my business and enabled me to power forward, and accomplish so many of my big goals.

Here are my favourite 7 SUPER SIMPLE hacks to seriously power up your productivity, your problem-solving prowess AND your prosperity!

Sounds like a bold promise? In truth, they’re all linked.  You are energy and when you’re in the energetic frequency of productivity, you’re in a state of flow. Flow means you’re in alignment and alignment is a state of receptivity.

Receptivity means you’re open to receiving answers, opportunities and inspiration. You become a match to the resources, the solutions and the people that will help you progress faster than you could have imagined!


In no particular order:

1 – Become a Magnet to the Solution

The Law of Attraction states ‘That which is like is drawn’.  When you feel stuck, unproductive or you’re worried about something i.e Where the next client is coming from you’re caught up in the problem… Which keeps you in the problem.

The key to becoming a magnet to the solution is to decide on what you want and placing all of your focus there.

Focus on productivity, resourcefulness, inspiration and creativity. Affirm those things and as you feel the shift you can start to attract answers and the solutions you seek.

If you’re really feeling unproductive and you’ve been sitting staring at your laptop for hours. Don’t spend another minute there!! Go do something productive that feels easier.  You can clean the car, tidy your wardrobe or some such activity that will shift you into a state of productivity. Then you can bring that energy back to your laptop and back to your work. It’s called Energetic Shapeshifting and it’s powerful!


2 – Exercise makes you smarter!

Exercise makes you smarter and more productive!! 10 – 15 minutes at least of high-intensity cardio releases a chemical cocktail of feel good hormones into your bloodstream as well as pumps more oxygen to your brain.

When we’re stressed we get “cotton wool brain! We can’t think clearly, because during stressful situations we’re in fight or flight mode, not creative, analytical and reasoning mindset!  Stress makes us reactive rather than response-able and so we get easily overwhelmed and down the rabbit hole we go!!

Whether you dance around your living room to high vibe music, go running or walk the dog, it doesn’t matter! The important thing is to just get moving!


3 – Put Your Game Face on Everyday!

When I first started my business I loved the idea of being able to work in my pyjamas. During my first year, I met another coach online who quickly became one of my closest friends and business confidantes’. We laughed and celebrated the fact that we were on zoom calls with each other in our dressings gowns!! Oh, the joys!!

It didn’t take very long for us to both recognise that this was naive and not serving our productivity at all!

If you’re intent on showing up every day in your highest and best, being productive, creative and slaying your day? Then you’ve got to communicate that to your brain!!
How?   Well, it starts with getting dressed and putting your game face on, whatever that looks like for you, whether that’s putting on makeup or just getting washed and ready as though you’re going to work.  You don’t have to be formal, yoga pants is fine, as long as you’re not wearing what you wear to sleep!  Your brain associates your P.J’s with slumber days and sleep, NOT ninja productivity and badass problem-solving!

4 – Write a Magical To-Do List

I have to credit this wonderful exercise to Rhonda Byrne who wrote and directed The Secret. I love this and it really is powerful!     You get to decide and create a truly outstanding day and it starts first thing in the morning.

As you plan your day and think about what you have to do, take 5 minutes to write a gratitude list as though you’re reflecting back on everything working out perfectly and give thanks for it all.

For example:
You have to drive somewhere for an appointment so you might write “Thank you for the wonderful easy journey, the roads were quiet and I made perfect time”
You have some content you want to share on Social Media so you might say “I’m so grateful for the creative inspiration that resulted in a great post that resonated with my audience, so many people reached out to me because of it! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”
If you have a discovery call booked in you definitely want to add “I’m so grateful for the discovery call that went so well today and I’m excited that I have a new client as a result!”

5 – Scrap the “To-Do List” and create a Purpose Driven Action plan ( I learned this approach from Tony Robbins)

We all have to-do lists. Whether you’ve got them written out or they’re swirling around in your head (ahem, causing untold stress as your brain is working overtime trying to retain everything!)

But a mistake that many of us fall into is we make “completion of the To-Do list” the goal!!

That’s never going to create a sustained state of excitement and enthusiasm! Why? Because it’s NEVER ending!!  Haven’t you noticed that? You get so close to ticking it all off for one day and like water splashed on a gremlin, it starts reproducing more and more and more!

Let’s say you have a list that looks something like this:

Write Social Media post and Blog
Create next week’s content
Write the Landing page
Collect kids from school
Clean house
Drag self to Yoga Class

What’s WRONG with that list?? It’s boring!! It’s uninspiring and I for one am already diving into the biscuit barrel for some light relief!

The solution?  Turn your To-Do list into a PURPOSE DRIVEN ACTION PLAN.

Nietsche said, “A man with a why can bear anyhow”.  When it comes to transforming your mind-numbing to do list into an exciting, fulfilling and enriching purpose-driven action plan you’ve got to find the why behind every what.

Now let’s transform that previous To-Do list:

  • Write a Social Media post and blog and Create next week’s content.


Because I’m passionate about sharing my message to inspire and empower my audience and add value to their lives. I want to create an impact through my writing and stand out as an expert in my niche!

  • Write my landing page.


Because I have gifts, skills and knowledge that can transform my clients’ lives and I’m passionate about fulfilling my life purpose and helping others through my services

  • Collect kids from school; clean the house.


Because I want to create a safe, harmonious and loving environment in which my children feel loved and supported and our home feels like a sanctuary for us all to spend precious time together.

You get the picture…

Now can you feel the enthusiasm and excitement growing? Imagine coming at your activities from this place! Your energy will be a magnet for miracles!


6 – Eliminate Distractions!

Everyone complains that they don’t have enough time and we all want more hours in the day but time is the one leveller! Time is the one thing that every single entrepreneur, business owner, successful or otherwise, has in common!  We all have 24 hours in a day. What you do with that time is the difference that makes the difference.

You have to take an honest inventory of where your focus and attention is being distracted and therefore diminished. Did you know that one 5 minutes check in on your social media feed in the middle of working on a project, is actually more like a 30 minute disruption?

Research has shown that it takes an average of 23 minutes for your brain to recalibrate itself to the same level of concentration it was at before you decided to take a sneaky peek at your Facebook feed, or your emails.

The solution is to set a timer, switch off all notifications, turn off your phone and work in focused blocks with breaks in between. It’s called the Pomodoro method and will see you uplevel your productivity and diminish overwhelm like nothing else!


7 – Focus on Contribution and service

This final hack will power up your productivity, your problem-solving prowess and your prosperity so fast you’ll be amazed!!

You started your business to help people and you’re passionate and purposeful about it! Where things go wrong and we lose focus is when we start operating from a place of lack, scarcity and fear.  This low vibe energy infuses everything you do and causes you to become attached to the outcome.

Instead, follow the advice of the late great Dr Wayne D Dyer and ask every day “How can I serve today? What can I give today that will create the most impact for my audience?” Create from that mindset and the Universe will ask you in kind “How can I serve you?”

And you will start to receive inspiration, creativity and resources to help you move forward, gathering momentum every step of the way.

I hope you enjoyed these 7 simple hacks! Leave a comment below and share your top tips too!!

Peace and Love

Sanae xx

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