Brilliant 5 Actions to Shift From Fear and Scarcity Into Prosperity

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Actions to shift from fear and scarcity into prosperity…

How do you feel right now about your current financial situation?

I mean, really feel?

This week I happened to have 2 separate conversations with coaches about their money situation. Both are outstanding coaches in their particular niche, had made money previously in their businesses and yet both were experiencing a particularly lean spell.

When I asked them how they really felt without all the platitudes and squirming attempts to switch topic, it was quickly evident what was going on for them beneath the surface:

Disappointed; frightened to even ‘look’ at my bank balance; frustrated; angry; like a failure; hopeless, helpless and feeling “like a victim” asking ‘Why?’ and ‘What’s wrong with me?’

They were afraid to acknowledge how they really felt for fear of attracting bad things! Too late! Ouch!

Your financial condition is a reflection of your conditioning – as without, so within.

We need to unlearn a lot of the programming installed in childhood and recondition our mindset for more money, greater wealth and prosperity.  In this download, I want to share with you my 5 regular actions that have the power to transform your financial life …if you commit.

1) Feel your feelings

All of those icky, uncomfortable, highly charged feelings have to be felt in order to be released. We expertly ignore, suppress and repress – shoving them down and covering them with food, alcohol, Netflix or scrolling on social media (or whatever your distraction of choice might be)

I invite you to spend 10 minutes a day looking at your bank balance and/or your credit card statements and allow your body to feel what it feels like. Doing this has multiple benefits:

You’re releasing the intense charged emotion thereby letting go of resistance
As the charged energy unblocks, the limiting belief beneath it will surface
As the charge dissipates, you’ll have more powerful potential energy with which to create

The time you need to do this daily varies for everyone and the intensity of the charge varies for everyone but allow yourself up to 7 days to fully release the negative energy.

2) Reverse Engineered Affirmations (this seriously works like magic!)

Affirmations work when you work them! What I mean by that is they have to work for you, you have to feel the resonance of the words as you speak them and feel them as your highest truth.

Let me demo how to do this with a £10k month income goal (I’m going to presuppose that you know why you desire this money and how achieving this outcome would totally rock your world)

Now reverse engineer the steps to getting that £10k starting with the outcome and taking yourself through a questioning process as follows:

The goal: I earn £10k per month as a Coach

Q) What would have to happen for me to earn £10k?
A: I would have to sign X number of clients

Q: What would have to happen for you to sign X number of clients?
A: I would have to attract quality leads through effective content marketing

Q: What would have to happen for you to attract quality leads through effective content marketing?
A: I would have to be consistently visible with high-quality content

Q: What would have to happen for you to be consistently visible with high-quality content?
A: I’d have to have inspired creative ideas for content and show up and share with confidence every day!

You can keep going to get the base level “musts” that you must do in order to escalate up to your desired goal.

Now you can create affirmations that sound more like these:

“I show up fearlessly every single day with clarity and confidence”
“Creativity flows to me and through me, and I always know
what to say”
“Content flows from me effortlessly, I love being so inspired!”
“I love knowing that my messaging is drawing my ideal clients to me”
“I love creating content that resonates with my audience!”

As you affirm these and allow the words to penetrate your state of being, you’ll start to feel the shift in your clarity and your energy. You’ll notice an increase in content creativity and inspired
ideas for your next post or video series. You’ll notice more people acknowledging your content and thanking you for inspiring them. You’ll feel more aligned and happier as you’re actually in
the flow of creation – which triggers the flow of prosperity as a by-product of your alignment!

Give it a go for the next 7 days and notice the improvement in your results and how you feel.

3) Cardio! Move Your Body

I’m a pretty chill bean, known for bringing a zen calm to situations. So I was so surprised when I did a visualisation exercise recently from the book ‘Unblocked’ by Margaret Lynch Raniere around healing any anxious energy patterns and realised that my daily baseline for stress was pretty high compared to where I thought I was. What this means is that I’ve become accustomed to living with stress that I’m not even aware of!

And that’s not uncommon. So imagine what’s going on in your body when you really feel strung out and anxious! Basically, you get “cotton wool brain” because you’re operating in survival which shuts you down to opportunities, creativity and inspiration – essentially anything that facilitates prosperity.

This is why one of my daily rituals is to go running. It releases stress, gives rise to greater clarity, feel-good hormones coursing through my body and most of my content comes directly after a run! Sometimes I’ll run to affirmations too for extra zing!

4) Spiritual Shapeshifting

I love this practice and I seriously attribute clearing my £3.5k overdraft and living permanently in credit to this one!!

The idea is that you raise your vibration to one of abundance, love, gratitude and joy by focusing on an area of your life that evokes those feelings within you. Perhaps you feel it when you think about your loved ones, or some accomplishment that you’re really proud of, or when you think about your pets that you love so much!

As you allow yourself to be flooded with these good feelings and raised frequency, you then look upon your bank balance or your credit card statements. Hold the good feeling as you study your finances for as long as you can.

If the good feelings diminish then repeat the exercise. Come back to focusing on that area of your life that raises your vibration until you feel it flooding back in again, then look at your finances. That’s spiritual shapeshifting.

Before long (give it 21 days) your brain begins to carve out a new association between feeling abundant, joyful and loving… and your finances! As that occurs, you begin to see the state of your finances shifting to become more of a match to abundance, joy and love!

5) Gratitude

“Gratitude is one stop shopping on your road to mightiness”
Jen Sincero

Fundamental to my ability to shift my state, from lack to abundance, on a more consistent basis was to practice gratitude every single day.

Gratitude puts you in a state of appreciation for what you have now and as you focus on appreciating what you have now, the law of attraction brings you more of the same – that is, yet more to feel appreciative of.

Consider Newton’s law of motion which states: Every action always has an opposite and equal reaction. In other words, every action of giving thanks always causes an opposite reaction of receiving. This means that the very act of gratitude sets off a reaction of receiving!

As you’re focusing on and appreciating everything that is good in your life, you create a positive internal shift in your hormone levels. The stress hormone, cortisol, reduce and your body releases feel-good hormones, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, into your system. You’re no longer operating in fear and survival

You have to exercise deliberate and practised focusing, to overcome old conditioning, which is why a daily gratitude practice is critical. I promise you, as you do this every day, you will experience incredible shifts in your state of being and your reality very quickly!

These practices are all simple and doable and all that is required is your commitment to yourself and your prosperity consciousness. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can turn your life around when you just DECIDE and COMMIT.

Love Sanae

P.s Work with me for just £67 per month in my Paid in Full & Prospering Money Mindset Programme. Your conditions won’t change unless you change your conditioning week by week I’ll guide and coach you to upgrade your money blueprint, blast through your money blocks and experience greater freedom and fulfillment.


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