Are you Aligned with Your True Coaching Niche?

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You should have seen me!! I was punching the air and whoop whooping like a loon!

I was so thrilled when a member of a paid community that I’m a part of shared his recent success strategy…

I’m part of an amazing community hosted by my Coach, in which everyone supports one another, and celebrates successes.

One guy posted a list of his amazing results from the past week, he was celebrating among other wins, a number of sales and high ticket clients enrolling into his coaching programme.

A peer asked, “What do you put your successes down to?” Possibly expecting some new strategies that he’s been implementing…

He responded with one word:


I was like “Yaasssss!!!”

As I read that I was punching the air!! It’s all I talk about and when you ‘get it’, you really do ‘get it’!!!

When you’re in alignment, everything just lines up in response to your high-frequency energy, focus and action-taking. You literally light up and SHINE like a lighthouse for your dream clients!


Perhaps you’re thinking “Mmm…Am I? I think I am, but how would I know for sure?”

Well, here are a few telltale signs of a LACK of Alignment:

  • There’s no flow. Everyone is in fits and spurts from your creativity, your inspiration and your content creation. You just don’t know exactly WHO you’re talking to so you’re messaging always feels ‘off’.
  • It takes forever to complete anything such as crafting a post or blog; creating a lead magnet and writing an email sequence. Sometimes you start a project with one avatar in mind and by the end, you’re talking to someone completely different!
  • You have an icky discomfort, of feeling like a fraud or an imposter because you don’t know what it is about you that sets you apart as the credible expert in your niche.
  • You chop and change lanes so frequently and you hate it when people ask “So what exactly do you do?” …Errrrm…???
  • You’ve had your website copywriter on hold for months because you can’t find the words to articulate what you do, and most obvious of all…
  • You’re not attracting and enrolling dream clients and feeling fulfilled in service… Ouch!

Does any of that resonate? If so, read on.

Alignment with your true coaching niche can feel elusive so let’s look at some reasons why.


My experience from working with countless passionate coaches over the past 6 years has shown me that the difficulty in trying to figure it out by themselves tends to come down to 3 key reasons:

  1. In order to find alignment, you have to be able to highlight and name your gifts, talents and unique abilities. We tend to struggle to do that properly for ourselves. We don’t give ourselves credit or permission to recognise that what we do is “anything special”You’re likely to say “Doesn’t everybody know/do this?” because it comes second nature to you and you take your gift for granted. You were born with a gift and you probably learned to hide it or dismiss it. You’ve been unknowingly honing it and perfecting it your whole life, see point 2.
  2. As painful as it is, you have to look at those painful parts of your story, those parts you’ve worked hard to overcome and avoid. In fact, I know from my experience with EVERY SINGLE one of my clients that the diamonds are found in the dust. Your challenges, struggles and hard times didn’t just happen to you. They were happening for you, nudging you to harness your gift but it wasn’t until the mother of all challenges showed up that you truly WOKE up to who you really are and the sleeping giant within you.
  3. You must exercise courage because it takes guts to push past the resistance and fear and get uber specific in your message and who you serve.

Coaches want to help everybody!!

I know that what you do is good for so many people and you may be afraid of narrowing your niche and getting super-specific on your soul mate client because you need to make money NOW and so it feels better to throw the net wide…Well, actually no…

As counterintuitive and as counterproductive as it seems, the more specific you go, the more your business will grow.

So if you’re resisting getting specific, let’s me just highlight some of the benefits of narrowing (and aligning with) your TRUE NICHE:

🌟Your coaching packages, your marketing and your messaging is laser-focused, relevant and powerful. Your marketing resonates and attracts your ideal clients to you.

🌟When you show up with the passionate energy of alignment and your message is clear and confident you’re impactful, influential and inspirational.

🌟People love specialists and have an increased expectation of success. Your prospects will have increased confidence and belief in your ability to help them.

🌟You don’t have the pressure of having to try to “convince” anyone of the value of your coaching. If you have to convince or persuade, they’re not your ideal client (stop trying to explain what you do to your mum!).

🌟You can be more strategic and selective about where you spend your time because you know where your ideal clients are hanging out, saving you precious time, money and energy.

🌟You become recognised as the Go-To expert in your specific niche thus increasing your referral rates, your confidence and your fees.

🌟Finally, you get to work with the people that you love to work with!

Oh…and you get to finish your website!! Boom!

Have I convinced you?

I’m blessed that I get to be a part of the ALIGNMENT experience when a coach gets that breakthrough clarity on her niche and her passionate and purposeful why (because it’s what I do!) but you don’t have to take just my word for it:


If any of this rings true and you’re done with trying to figure this out for yourself, then here’s what I have for you:

I’ve put together a video training to break down my step by step process to help you begin the process of finding that critical alignment with your TRUE Niche, clarifying who your Soul Mate Client is and you’re discovering your WHY.

Or if you’re ready for more close up and personal then why not book a complimentary strategy call with me during which I’ll help you get clear on how you can turn your business around and start getting REAL results before the year is out.

Have an amazing day!

Love Sanae

P.S. If you’re serious about growing a profitable coaching business that is aligned with your soul’s purpose then let’s talk!! Book a 45 minute discovery session with me today


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