Rise Above the Noise and Attract Your Dream Clients with Confidence and Credibility

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Do you secretly wonder “Who would pay ME??” or “Why would someone sign with me when they could work with her… (‘another badass coach in your industry’)??” or “What if I’m just not good enough…?”

If you’re anything like me (a “Burn the Boats!!” kinda gal) you’ve probably already made the leap from your 9-5 in order to fully focus on building your dream coaching business. Or perhaps you’re burning the midnight oil, working the day job whilst building your passion coaching business on the side.

Either way, you’ve got a heart-led burning desire to create an impact in the world and to empower others to transform their life as you’ve empowered and transformed yours.

And you want to grow a successful, profitable, and fulfilling coaching business!

But there’s a problem…

Things aren’t working.

The leads and paying clients are a little slow [read: non-existent] and you’re now doubting yourself and the validity of your knowledge, skills, and experience.

The initial force of excitement and certainty of your life’s purpose is wobbling and threatening to leave you high and dry as you struggle to gain traction in your particular niche.

You’ve already invested £000’s in programs and courses to help you but still no ROI

As you feel like you’re flip-flopping about, you’re starting to get tired of the struggle and in this state, fear takes over. You find yourself getting into analysis paralysis – overthinking everything, spinning your wheels, and going nowhere fast.

And this is when all the stinking thinking kicks in “I’m not enough!” “Why would anyone pay to work with me when there are so many other amazing coaches out there??” or “What if I CAN’T deliver the result my client wants??”

If this resonates then I want you to know that this is a very common struggle for coaching entrepreneurs and the fix really is more simple than you might think.

The reality is that none of those things are the problem, they are all just symptoms.

The real problem is one of a lack of clarity and alignment.
Clarity and alignment with what?

I’m so glad you asked 😉

I’m talking about clarity and alignment with your passion and your purpose. When I talk about this I’m really talking about your Niche and Ideal client avatar.

Think about it this way:

Your niche (i.e your passion) is that unique thing that only you can do in the way that you do it. It’s that thing that you could do all day long, and when you talk about it (which you could for hours) you get animated, excited and your enthusiasm is infectious and influential. It’s that thing that comes so easily to you, it’s your gift.

You likely doubt it’s of much use because it’s so easy for you so you wonder “doesn’t everyone know this?”

Your Ideal client (i.e your purpose) is the reason you’re here doing this work. You’re on a mission to help these beautiful souls solve their #1 problem and you have the unique combination of gifts, knowledge, and skills that is the solution. Your ideal clients give your mission its driving force.

With this perspective, clarity, and alignment with your passion and your purpose mean:

1) You’re clear on exactly what it is about YOU that sets you apart as the CREDIBLE authority in your field. You have no doubt about your gifts and skills and how you transform your client’s lives. Your clarity in your credibility breeds rock star confidence!

2) You know exactly what your Super Power is and your days are spent operating from your zone of genius which means you’re having more fun, you’re taking aligned action every day, and building momentum. Your content is infused with high energy and high value and positions you as the expert you are.

3) You know who you’re here to serve at the highest level, that is, your soul mate client. Knowing exactly who you’re talking to means your messaging is on point, resonates, and most importantly, converts!

Side note: Writing copy, creating irresistible coaching offerings, and finally finishing your website becomes a breeze when you know your WHO.

4) You’re vibing at the highest frequency of passion and purpose, which means you’re actively taking has more mountain-moving momentum than anything else!! Action taking while in fear is like wading through thick treacle, but action taking when in alignment has the full force of providence and divine guidance acting through you and for you. You become literally unstoppable!

5) Your clarity and your confidence are magnetic and you will attract not only the new ideas, creative inspiration, resources, and opportunities to support your coaching business growth, but you’ll be a magnet for your ideal clients too! When you exude natural self-confidence, others have confidence in you. When you believe in yourself, others believe in you. When you take yourself seriously, guess what? Other people will take you seriously too. It’s all energy baby!

6) As you gather momentum and put out great value content for your audience, you rise above the noise as the Go-To expert, the Specialist in your niche. People love specialists! You increase your chances for your coaching business referrals and you can charge premium prices as a specialist. Also, your clients come to you with a higher expectation of success which ultimately is a win-win as so much of success is in the believing!

7) Fear dissipates. In your clarity and confidence, fear doesn’t stand a chance! I’ve had clients, who were terrified of doing video, connect to their passion and purpose and within hours they feel the urge to hit ‘Go Live’ and share their message with the world. The fear was only an issue because they didn’t feel credible and were afraid of being judged and rejected.

Hopefully, you can connect the dots and see how your niche and ideal client avatar are reflections of your passion and your purpose. When you’re clear and aligned you will have more fun in your coaching business, doing what you love, adding value, and rising head and shoulders above the noise so your ideal clients can find you.

While the answers are all within you, I understand the challenge can be in getting out of your own way enough to allow those answers to emerge!

Too many heart-led entrepreneurs wind up throwing in the towel on their beloved business, falling for the belief that they’re missing something or that they’re not good enough.

Don’t let this be your story.

If this blog resonates and you know you want help to clarify your passion and your purpose, then I have a FREE 5 part video series that I created for you. In this series you will:

Get Clarity: Uncover your powerful and purposeful ‘why’ so you feel deeply connected to your audience.

Feel Confident: Join the dots of your Life story to draw out your unique gifts and strengths and clarify your Niche.

Connect to your dream ideal client and learn how to craft content that resonates with her heart.

Position Your Authority as the Go-To Expert: Tap into your Authentic voice and craft your powerful Expert Positioning Story

Grab it now and dive into the training!

Love Sanae x

P.S. – Alternatively, if you want to crush the timeline on growing your coaching business then you can cut to the chase and DM me or book a strategy call with me.


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