Attracting (and enrolling) Your Ideal Coaching Clients

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You’ll have heard me say that “Your Ideal Client is YOU…” and you’ve probably got an idea of who she is, her pains and frustrations, her hopes and desires.

But what then?

** Where is she? Does she even exist??

** How do you attract her?

** What do you need to do to stand out as the EXPERT and have people reaching out to you with those magical words!!

How do you beam like the lighthouse for your ideal clients and have your value shine through?

The answer doesn’t lie in outsourcing your social media, or with being louder, or with trying to be like someone else

None of that works.

Attracting your Ideal clients happens automatically when ***YOU*** show up

WAIT‼️ WHAT⁉️ But Sanae! I HAVE been showing up! Infact, practically every single freaking day for the past year!!”

I know! I know! I get it. But there’s ‘showing up’…and then, there’s ‘YOU showing up’

And if what you’re doing isn’t working (as in no paying clients)… then between the two exists (a) a world of difference and (b) Your power.

Every single one of my clients experience the power of their client magnetism when they make the shifts

I’m talking about a shift of only a few degrees in some instances or a BREAKTHROUGH 180 degree about turn in others but either way the results are fast

Following the shift, not only do you become like savvy marketeers with your messaging, but you start leveraging the positive power of the Law of cause and effect

Behind every effect is a cause.
Your client attraction factor is the Effect. You are the Cause.

So, what am I really talking about here?

💎 I’m talking about diving deep into your soul to align you and your business with your unique purpose and gift – the talent that only YOU can deliver – your secret sauce if you will

💎 I’m talking about you falling in love with your coaching offerings because they’re a true reflection of your passions, your experience and your wisdom and they’re irresistible to your ideal clients too because you’ve crafted them that way

💎 I’m talking about YOU showing up from a place of total clarity and confidence in the value you deliver and representing what is possible for your ideal client!

💎I’m talking about remembering why you started your business and falling in love with your desires and your purpose once more! ( Remember wanting more freedom and fun? )

YOU are the uncommon denominator in your business and the greatest client-getting ASSET in your business

So, isn’t it time YOU showed up?

Let me cut to the chase and share with you exactly HOW you can do that with what I have for you.

I’m doing something super super special this month because I’m actually PAAARTYING HARD  and celebrating 4 years since taking the LEAP from employee to entrepreneur (I clocked out of my 9-5 on 28th February 2015)!!

It really doesn’t matter at what stage you’re at in your coaching business – if you’re NOT yet attracting and signing clients month in, month out – then what I have for you is the BREAKTHROUGH experience that WILL change everything for your coaching business (and your life)

Begin your journey with me in my private one-to-one “CLARITY TO CLIENTS” Coaching INTENSIVE 30 day programme.

💡You’ll experience the shifts right from call #1 which is my 90 minute deep dive session – I’ll hold the mirror steady so you can see who you are at your core: your power, your purpose and your passions

💡Then together we’ll package up your gifts and craft your TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching offering that will be irresistible to your ideal client. You’ll feel amazing too as you’ll finally be able to easily and clearly articulate exactly what you do, who you do it for and how you do it!

💡From there we implement my Magnetic Marketing Matrix. We’ll unleash your magnetism in your marketing and craft messaging that resonates with your ideal clients – they’ll be reaching out to you: “Hey I loved your post, it was like you were reading my mind – Can we talk about how I can work with you?”

💡As the calls start booking in with prospects eager to work with you, I take you through my Sales that Close process!
No more sales call stage fright, you’ll experience the joy of selling as you are totally present for your prospect and able to offer with integrity and authority (sales is love)

This is my 30 day Clarity to Clients Intensive that I take a handful of coaches through each month…PLUS…


The initial excitement of change is one thing…but in those quiet moments when doubts creep in, your old habits are like the call of the sirens…luring you to the false ‘safety’ of ‘what you’ve always done’…and that’s when you risk stumbling back.

BUT not with me by your side for further powerful 30 days of 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring. I’m your coach, mentor and saboteur slayer!

As a complete bundle over 8 weeks days you’ll get:

👉1 x 90 min Breakthrough Call with me (recorded for you)
👉7 x 60 mins private one on one calls with me held weekly (recorded for you)
👉Unlimited email support and feedback on sales copy and social media sites
👉SOS Access to me via Messenger or Voxer PLUS

Your Investment is just £2k

Don’t sit on the fence on this one. It’s the real deal and if you’re ready for more CLARITY, more CONFIDENCE and more CLIENTS then grab this offer NOW!!

Ready to go?

Simply Click here and drop me an email and let’s talk!


Go! Go! Go! Let’s do this!!

The Alignment Alchemist
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