How To Attract Coaching Clients On Facebook, Without Spending A Penny On Paid Ads.

How To Attract Coaching Clients On Facebook, Without Spending A Penny On Paid Ads.

Attracting coaching clients through organic content marketing on Facebook is a highly effective strategy for growing your coaching business.

It’s certainly been one of the main sources of clients coming into my business over the past 7 years.  It’s simple, it’s FREE (hence ‘organic’) and it can be fun, if you allow it.

By creating valuable, engaging content and building relationships with potential clients on the platform, you can position yourself as an expert in your niche and establish trust with your target audience.

In this weeks blog,  we’ll explore some key strategies for using organic content marketing on Facebook to attract coaching clients.

Firstly, it’s vitally important to understand your target audience and what they’re looking for in a coach.

Consider the problems they’re facing and the specific solutions you offer. Once you have a clear understanding of your target market, you can create content that addresses their specific needs and pain points.

If you’re struggling to get the clarity you need, then I’ve created a FREE 5 day course designed to help you get clear and aligned with your niche, your ideal client avatar and your expert positioning message.  You can access it here:  SHINE YOUR LIGHT COURSE.

Creating a business page on Facebook, separate from your personal profile, allows you to build a following of prospect clients and provide them with valuable content, such as tips, advice, and testimonials from past clients.

By consistently providing value to your page followers, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field and build relationships and connections.

I’d also recommend starting your own Facebook group for your coaching business.  Many coaches get confused by what to post on their Facebook page and their group and what the difference is.

I always say that your business page is like your shop window.  You’re show-casing your knowledge and expertise.  It’s public.

Your group, if set to private, allows you to build a community of potential clients and provide them with valuable content, such as tips, advice, and testimonials from past clients.   This community are more likely to engage with you, because it’s a private, safe place.  They’re less likely to comment on your Facebook page content because it’s public.

Your group can become a community of like-minded people who are all “in the same boat” which is why it’s a safer space for them to share their challenges and for you to serve at a deeper level.

You can do regular trainings in your Facebook group, remembering to promote them on your business page.  For example, you can write a post on your page that says something like:  “If you’re a ambitious high achiever entrepreneur, struggling with perfectionism, then you won’t want to miss my FREE training session called “______”…Simply join my Facebook Community in order to join me live…”

In addition to creating valuable content and building relationships, it’s also important to showcase your expertise and experience as a coach.

Share testimonials from past clients, use case studies to demonstrate the results you’ve helped others to achieve and share your own journey, the highs and the lows!  All of this to establish credibility and build trust.

When it comes to showcasing how you’ve helped your clients, I’m a big lover of the “screenshot” chats that showcase client wins.  I love them because they’re authentic and often capture the clients excitement and exuberance.  If you’re sharing a screenshot, blank out the clients name (or ask them for permission to share) and remember to always give context in your post.   This means highlighting what the client was struggling with, what they did differently (with your help) and then the result.

Thereby turning your ‘client win’ post into a value post as you’re sharing what they did to get the results.

For any strategy to be effective, you’ve got to focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience.   This is when people reach out to you, having consumed your content saying “It’s like you’re reading my mind!”

Teaching what you know, providing value, sharing inspirational wisdom and being aspirational in your content, not only leverages your expertise and authority, but it also makes your sales process a lot easier!

Your content does most of the selling for you!  By the time someone books a call with you, they’ve consumed your content and are already 70-80% sold!

One of my favourite books on the topic of content marketing, and one I thoroughly recommend, is Marcus Sheridans “You Ask, They Answer”

This book really inspired me when it came to creating content that my audience would find useful and engage with and that would set me apart in their eyes as a “trusted voice”.

Another strategy is video visibility…

One thing,  I learnt very early on is the value of video and live-stream.    Remember people buy people.  When you show up on video or live-stream, your audience can get to know you and you develop a connection much quicker.   This will build that essential know, like and trust.

I can’t tell you the number of people who have reached out to me, out of the blue, saying they saw one of my posts which led them to my page, where they binged watched a batch of my videos…And then made the decision to work with me!

I know it’s as scary as hell when you’re first starting out, or at least it was for me.  I had so many fears around being seen and heard.  It felt intensely vulnerable, and unsafe.

But then, within a few months, the intensity of not making any money felt even worse!  I knew I  just had to get over myself and so I tentatively started to push myself out there more and more.  It took years to build my visibility muscles and some days, even now, I still wobble but I recognise it for what it is and drop into the present moment, with a conscious breathe.

Another strategy is to collaborate with other coaches or industry experts. This can help to expand your reach and attract new clients to your coaching business. Consider guest blogging, being interviewed on podcasts, or co-hosting webinars,  with other coaches or experts who share your audience.

Finally, remember that organic content marketing on Facebook is a long-term strategy. It takes time and consistent effort to build relationships and attract new clients. Be patient and consistent in your efforts, and always strive to provide value to your audience.

By understanding your target audience, creating valuable content, and building relationships, you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche and build your profitable, and fulfilling, coaching business.

Love Sanae

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How To Create a Business Strategy To Take Your Coaching Business To 6-Figures in The Next 12 Months

How To Create a Business Strategy To Take Your Coaching Business To 6-Figures in The Next 12 Months

I’ve created this series of short videos (3 – 10 minutes each) to guide you step-by-step through the fundamentals of creating a business, and marketing strategy to effectively hit your 6-figure income milestone in the next 12 months.

  • Change the way you think, to go from struggling in business, to feeling motivated, excited and taking action

  • Discover the benefits of operating in a niche market, in particular one that is aligned with your passion

  • Create a business strategy that gets you to your goals, without burning out

  • How to market your business with clarity, confidence and credibility

  • Close discovery calls with integrity and authencity

  • Create systems so you can grow with more ease and peace of mind

1. Master Your Mindset

Experiencing fear, lack, and scarcity in your business?  Disheartened by the lack of response to your content? Losing focus and unable to follow through?   If success is 20% strategy and 80% psychology, it makes sense to work on your mindset, to slay your fears and gain mastery over your ability to step into your power and create the results your desire and deserve

2. Align With Your Passion

Sick of attracting the time “I can’t afford you” folks?  The time wasters and tyre kickers? Here’s how to attract your premium soul-mate clients, those who don’t need convincing of the value of what you offer!

3. Your Six-Figure Business Strategy

How to take your business to Six Figures and beyond without burning out!

4. Masterful Marketing

You want to attract and enrol, not chase and cajole!  Here’s where you start becoming the hunted, not the hunter in your business.

5. Success In Sales

How to convert your prospects into paying clients without feeling icky and pushy, and sell your high ticket offers with confidence and ease.

6. Master Your Systems

It took me so long to get over the notion that in order to be successful, I had to work really hard, struggle and make sacrifices!  I was constantly postponing joy because I was “too busy”.

There’s no badge of honour in struggle and it’s completely unnecessary!  So let’s talk about how you can begin to do less and get more.

7. Access Your Higher Self

Become a receiver of guidance, inspiration and intelligence as you discover how to operate from your higher states of consciousness in all areas of your life.

These are the steps that I guide my clients through in my Coaches Business Accelerator business mentorship programme.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you achieve your business goals then why not book a complimentary strategy call with me today.

There’s no obligation, and you’ll walk away from the call with clairty on your coaching business vision, and a plan of action to implement.  If you’re a fit for my programme, we can talk about how it works.

Mindset:  Changing The Way You Think is The KEY to Exponentially Growing Your Business.

Mindset: Changing The Way You Think is The KEY to Exponentially Growing Your Business.

You’re an established coach, looking to scale your business and you’re struggling to make it happen already.

You have periods of client and cash prosperity but they’re always followed by months of little to no income.

You’ve implemented many marketing strategies over the years, but very few have stuck with you…

You’ve been around long enough to know that something always ‘shows up’ but THAT is hardly a robust business plan!

So what’s really going on here?

You need to understand what you’re up against. You need to know the No.1 Enemy to exponential business growth…

It’s NOT inflation or the economic downturn (as many would have you believe)…

Nor is it increased market saturation and competition (reality is the coaching industry is booming and growing still)

Nor has it anything to do with your website copy.

The No.1 enemy is your mindset.

To be more specific.  It’s your PARADIGM.

Your paradigm is the collection of subconscious programmes, conditioned ideas, thoughts and beliefs, that determine how you think, feel and behave in any given context.

Your paradigm defines the limits of how much success, wealth, health and happiness you believe you deserve.

Too many business owners overlook the significance of their subconscious paradigms..

And fail to master what I call their Inner Game.

How many times have you sat down and planned out your marketing and content strategy?

How often have you revised your offers, re-thought your rates and set yourself up with a schedule to achieve all your goals…

Only to forget about them, and revert back to what you’ve always done…?

You love the excitement of the creative process, but as your years in business go by, you start to feel some gnawing anxiety…

The voice in your head saying “What a waste of time. You can’t do this. Who do you think you are? You never follow through!”

So you double down on your positive self talk, mentally buckle up and apply dogged determination…

Sound familiar?

Most business owners work so hard to master their strategy, their outer game, of business, without fully grasping the impact of their inner game, causing them to butt up against an invisible income ceiling and recreate the same results year on year…

As Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”

But we try anyway!!

Because we were taught to figure things out with logic and reason!

Gah!!! It becomes increasingly frustrating as we never seem to be able to master lasting change…

And as a result, too many business owners wind up dumbing down their dreams, and secretly settling for mediocrity, because it’s just too painful to constantly feel like a failure…

And worst of all? They NEVER reach those people they’re here to serve, laying waste to their full potential

Luckily there is a solution:

A unique and transformational two-pronged approach designed exclusively to help business owners, like you, master both your mindset, and the method for effectively growing your business…

That will speed up your progress and get you consistent clients and cash flow, and have you feeling amazing, faster than anything else

It’s called The Coaches Business Accelerator Method.

You need this if you’re battling to grow your business and you consistently get caught up in any of the BIG 5 saboteurs of all entrepreneurs:

– Procrastination, even on things you want to do!

– Perfectionism, preventing you from completing anything

– Overwhelm from impatiently wanting to have everything done yesterday!

– Imposter syndrome keeping you small and scared and…

– Overthinking, and second guessing you every decision and stalling your progresss!

These saboteurs are symptoms of deep seated limiting beliefs and blocks.

They will keep you stuck for years and result in you feeling like you’re running the perpetual hamster wheel, constantly butting up against the same invisible ceiling on your income, your growth and your success…

Failure to work on your Inner Game is the reason why so many of those business courses you invested in over the years failed to get you a lasting ROI on your investment.

The Coaches Business Accelerator deals with both your Inner Game and your outer game.

You focus on scaling your business and marketing strategies, selling your signature premium offers to your dream clients…

While simultaneously mastering the psychology for success, clearing chronic self limiting beliefs, slaying your saboteurs and freeing yourself to take clear, focused, and highly productive action with grace and ease.

After all, it’s no good creating a fantastically irresistible £10k coaching package, if you’re too scared to promote it, or you don’t believe anyone would pay you THAT MUCH!!??

Here’s what you get when you apply the steps in The Coaches Business Accelerator:

Perfect your Positioning. You’ll get the essential clarity and alignment with your ideal target market. If you’re hitting the ceiling, you may be because you’ve outgrown your current ideal client. This step enables you to re-evaluate and re-position.

Perfect your messaging. With greater ease you’ll distill your message so that it powerfully ‘speaks’ to your audience and attracts the right people at the right price

Perfect your Portfolio. You’ll feel super confident to promote your new optimum high ticket offer. You’ll understand exactly how to create, promote and sell your coaching for £5k+ price points

Perfect your Credibility. You’ll be guided expertly to create a tailor-made marketing strategy that positions your expertise, so you’ll rise above the noise as the Go-To-Authority in your niche

Perfect Your Sales Process. Benefit from my 25+ years of experience in sales as you learn how to close your discovery calls and make more sales with total integrity, authenticity and alignment.

All of this setting you up to successfully uplevel and scale your business, while operating from your zone of genius

Aaaand as you’re moving mountains in your business, you’ll also…

Discover how to overcome your deepest blocks and barriers to greater success, prosperity and peace of mind by working your Inner game:

Here’s how:

Shame Release: Healing your shame around finances and opening yourself up to receiving money with greater ease and safety

Cause and Effect: Uncovering the core beliefs that block you from reaching your full potential

Consciousness Conditioning: Re-wiring your subconscious mind for greater ease and flow and letting go of resistance to success Master your money mindset:

Eliminate the push / pull patterns when it comes to earning, spending and saving Prosperity Practices: Develop the disciplines to support your consistent progress and growth

Thereby, mastering your mindset, raising your frequency, and empowering yourself financially so you’re open to receiving , and handling more and more abundance, success, and best of all, profound joy!

How is The Coaches Business Accelerator Delivered?

The Coaches Business Accelerator is a rolling 12-month immersive coaching and mentoring experience that supports you every step of your journey.

As part of this inner circle you get access to:

Live Group Coaching Clinics, hosted by myself, and occasionally by our guest group experts, who will expertly coach you past your fears and overwhelm and guide you to achieve your business dreams

Monthly Private 1-2-1 coaching to keep you on track and ensure that all your needs are being addressed and stone is left unturned!

A vault with 24/7 access to:

Step by step training to grow your business and master Balance, Productivity and Profitability

Mindset practices to shift your state anytime and support your growth, and…

Masterclasses on managing your time, your money and your progress so you’ll always feel in control and on-top of your game


Live Copy Critique Workshops each month, for personalised feedback and suggestions to ensure your sales copy is optimised for maximum conversions, and is fulfilling its aims

Personalised Sales Audits to help you master your sales conversations and make high ticket closes in a way that feels aligned with you and your unique personality

Access to monthly live Money Manifesting Sessions, slaying your hidden money blocks and expanding your wealth consciousness


Weekly accountability to keep you on track with your commitments and raise awareness to your sticking points (there’ll be no more hiding or playing small!)

Business can feel lonely so you’ll be part of a Supportive Community to share and celebrate your successes with like-minded entrepreneurs on similar paths.

A Team of Experts and pro’s in all things mindset, money and marketing to help you on your journey to becoming a highly profitable and highly professional business owner

All of which is designed to support you towards fulfilling your highest potential, serving more clients by authentically sharing your genius, and growing a highly profitable coaching business on your terms!

Imagine in 2023, achieving your 6-figure income goal and being the owner of a business that supports YOU and your lifestyle, instead of running the hamster wheel!!

If you know you need help to overcome your limiting paradigms and scale your business without working harder, and burning out, then book your call with me today.

On this call we’ll discuss your business, your dreams and how we can support you and your business in 2023.

CLICK HERE: Book your complimentary strategy call today

With love


How to Recognise And Release Your Money Blocks, So You Can Attract Greater Abundance.

How to Recognise And Release Your Money Blocks, So You Can Attract Greater Abundance.

Money is a highly charged emotive subject. People feel guilty when they have it and shame when they don’t.

When I began to really study and understand money, I found it fascinating how we don’t think twice about asking our dinner guests about their health and their love life “So, how did you guys meet?”

But you’d silence the room if you asked them how much they earn or, heaven forbid, how much debt they’re in (and very likely not be invited back for dinner ever again!).

And yet the subject of money is pervasive.

The lack of it drives us nuts, makes us white with fear and when we’re not making it, we believe we’re failing… and the pain of needing it, and there being “not enough” feels so real.

And there’s so much STRESS!!

Truth is:  If you get triggered and have negative emotions around your current money situation, it’s not the current money situation that is causing the triggered response and negative emotion…

It’s the other way around.  It’s your response, and your negative emotion that is causing your current money situation!

How you feel about money, in other words – how you were taught to think and feel about money in your early years,  is being manifested into your reality and then your reality is being continuously reinforced by how you think and feel.

Keeping you trapped in a repetitive loop!

Whatever the meaning you’ve assigned to money and debt is dictating your results.

I should know. I was in a toxic relationship with money and debt for 23 years.

The lowest point? £47,788 owing across various credit cards, loans, and overdrafts. And not a soul knew. I didn’t actually know either until I hit rock bottom and had to do something about it because I was in denial. My shame was all-consuming.

[Side note: I did clear my debts in just over 6 months after putting myself under the metaphorical microscope to reveal my money blocks. Results came in faster than I could ever imagine once I released my money blocks and it was a transformational experience. You can learn about my journey and my process in my book which became a #1 bestseller “Paid in Full: Free Yourself From The Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!” by clicking on this link ]

So back to the point. Whatever the meaning you’ve assigned to money and debt is dictating your results.

This is so  because your thoughts determine your emotions, your emotions dictate your behaviors and actions, and your behaviors and actions are determining your results and outcomes.

For example – if you have a belief that rich people are greedy – you’ve assigned the meaning that more money equals greed.  Since you don’t want to be greedy,  you’re going to self sabotage yourself from taking the necessary actions to grow your business and make more money.

For me debt meant I was completely useless, undisciplined and out of control.  So it loaded with shame…And the more shame I had internally, the more debt I created.  I attracted who I was being.

So if you’re unhappy with your results, it’s time to become more self-aware of what your thoughts and emotions are.

Let’s look at some common symptoms of money blocks that will need your attention:

❇️ If you’re constantly implementing strategies and yet not making more than a few hundred pounds/dollars each month – there’s a BLOCK.

❇️ If you see someone posting “Wooohoooo!!! I’ve smashed my £50k month goal!” and you feel jealous or defeated – rather than overjoyed and inspired – there’s a BLOCK (you cannot feel jealous and then expect to attract money – they’re two different frequencies!).

❇️ If you find it hard to talk about money on your sales calls when you’re presenting your solution to your prospect – if telling them your fees makes you feel uncomfortable and squirm – there’s a BLOCK.

❇️ If you think that you’re undermining your spirituality by wanting to make money and be wealthy – there’s a BLOCK.

❇️ And if you’re perpetuating debt and getting deeper year on year – there’s a BLOCK.

The way to transform your circumstances is to challenge the blocks, change your meanings and soften the emotional charge around money.

It’s the equivalent of bringing yourself into a neutral (healthier) state around the subject of money

Which removes the stress response from your nervous system and enables you to think clearly, objectively and empower yourself into a state of open possibility and positivity.

Since I have transformed my own mindset around money and debt and therefore my results, I understand the journey and it’s enabled me to more powerfully serve my clients.

The key steps to your releasing your money blocks are:

Awareness: Awareness is the first step to change so begin to operate with conscious awareness of your thoughts and feelings around money.  You raise awareness by simply observing and taking a note of your frequent thoughts and feelings and get super curious.

I remember that during my “project” to clear my debt, it was the same time as my partners 50th birthday.  In the past I wouldn’t have thought twice about going “all out” and spending on my credit card to ensure he had something really special for his big day.  However, this time I had to confront the truth, and speak to him about my “get out of debt” (secret until then) project and basically tell him that I’m not going to be able to buy him much.

As I began to tell him, I noticed how the tears were pricking behind my eyes and I felt absolutely AWFUL to be having this conversation.  His response was nothing short of what I’d expect from him, he was so kind and hugged me and told me that he’d be happy no matter what.  But it was what was going on inside me that I became acutely aware of.

I asked myself “What are these tears about?” and I tuned in to the constriction in my heart and listened for the messages in these intense emotions.  I realised that I was afraid of disappointing people and having to say “no”.  It was that people pleaser part of me.

Feel to Heal: Whenever you feel a negative emotional charge in your body when you’re focused on the topic of money (in any of its forms), consider this valuable information.

As soon as you feel the charge, tune into your body.  Place ALL of your attention into where in your body that charged stuck emotion is and allow yourself to fully experience it.

This enables you to dissociate from the feeling.  It becomes a sensation in your body that you’re observing, rather than identifying with.  It can feel extremely uncomfortable initially but trust me, as you practice this, and intentionally relax your body around the sensation, you will quickly free up the charge to move through you and dissipate.

This is so powerful and fast acting to neutralise those energetic blockages.

Rewrite your story: As your increased awareness reveals the limiting beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck (and broke), you can rewrite them.

It’s simple. Just choose a new belief!! There are no absolutes so choose what you want to be true for yourself and focus all of your attention on it.

Initially, it may feel like you’re telling yourself a lie, but the more you focus and repeat your new story, you will experience a shift.   The key is repetition and immersion.  By immersion, I mean surround yourself with affirmation cards, post-it notes, a vision board of your new outcomes and journal on it everyday and think about it whenever you get the chance throughout the day. That’s Immersion!!

Seek the evidence: As you focus your attention on your new chosen empowering story/belief then actively and consciously seek evidence and references from your environment to back up your new story /belief.  Your brain has an antennae that seeks out everything in your environment that is a match to what it perceives is important to you.  If you’re intentionally focusing on “making money is easy” or “I am disciplined”  you’ll begin to notice and attract matching evidence from your external environment and your experience.

This will strengthen your new stories and beliefs in both your conscious and subconscious minds.

This process works powerfully to change your perspective and as you clean up your internal fears and resistances to money, you can take aligned action and allow the clients and money to flow into your life.

Sanae xx

3 Ways to Instantly Tap Your Power to Manifest Whatever You Desire

3 Ways to Instantly Tap Your Power to Manifest Whatever You Desire

The other day I was smiling to myself as I was listening on Audible to David Hawkins’ groundbreaking book “Letting Go”.

Early in the book, he lists all the different manifestation modalities that we try on our journey to higher consciousness, to ascend pain and suffering and manifest the life of our dreams.

It made me smile because I could relate!!

Over the years I’ve invested time, money and energy into deep healing meditation; hot yoga; ice baths; crystals, Reiki, Rapid Transformation Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, snapping wooden arrows with my throat, karate style board breaking; sexual de-armouring; Ho’oponopono; I attended a Shakti Power retreat in Sedona, Arizona; process coaching; regression therapy; Sedona method; Katie Byron’s The Work; Inner child healing…

I’m sure I’ve missed something! Ha!

I loved it all!

Over the years all of this has brought me home to the very simple truth of our own power as the source of everything we desire.

When I wrote my book about getting out of debt Paid in Full [you can check out the latest edition here] in 2018, the final chapter was entitled “The God in me, is Me” because I had the epiphany that I am my own source of everything I desire, as well as the cause of everything I don’t.

I didn’t just get it intellectually, I knew it viscerally.

This was a massive moment of awakening for me. Not the end of the journey by any means but a stunning realisation of how powerful we are.

And yet we deny ourselves our power.

We shame, blame and beat ourselves up;
We get triggered, upset and offended by others;
We feel unsafe, anxious and isolated all the while cutting ourselves off from the very source of everything we desire.

Love, joy, peace of mind, laughter, harmony, trust, compassion, kindness, security, safety, success, money and abundance in all its forms.

I don’t dismiss any of the manifestation modalities – I still engage, totally love and respect them all however these 3 most POWERFUL manifestation hacks are so simple – which is often why they’re dismissed or overlooked – but they are life-changing!

If you want to access this power you must do these 3 things:

1) Decision

Make a decision. This is so powerful. DECIDE and then advance forward.

Too many people get caught up in fear and so keep chopping and changing their minds and their money goals!

Too many people wait for their circumstances (or the other person) to change, hoping and wishing on a star.

If you need to leap, then LEAP! Because then, and only then, can the Universe move to catch you.

“Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

2) Action

I know! I know! At first blush, this may seem to contradict the idea of the importance of “being” vs “doing” but hear me out.

Taking action in favour of what it is you want shifts your energy into a new vibration and reinforces the DECISION you just made.

My client messaged me yesterday to report that following our coaching call this week, she’s feeling back on form, on fire and ready to commit to achieving some serious results in her business.

I replied “Great!! Who do you need to become in order to achieve those results?”

She listed qualities like creative, productive, inspired, organised, in control, decisive, results orientated and attitudes like positive, happy, relaxed, optimistic and enthusiastic”.

Now she has clarity on the qualities and attitudes she has to embody, she can think her way into those qualities, feel her way into those qualities and ACT her way into those qualities. Acting her way will reinforce the thinking and the feeling.

First action she took?

She decluttered.

She cleared her office, tidied her drawers and got organised. She took an action that embodied those qualities, simultaneously raising her frequency and sending the no-nonsense message to her mind and the universe, that this chick is serious and means business.

What action can you take today to reinforce the decision you just made?


How many times do you negate/repel/resist all of the riches and goodness that are waiting in the wings for you to allow it in?

Do you ever say things like [cue: resigned voice] “I should have done more today” “I signed a client today but it was only for a hundred bucks” or “I’ve got so much to do, I’ll never get there!”.

Every time you fail to acknowledge the little successes wins and mini-triumphs you reinforce the feeling of failure and “not there yet”.

You just attract more overwhelm, more feelings of isolation and feelings of being light-years away from your goal.

Celebrate! Go wild about everything you do because it all contributes to you growing your biggest, bad-assiest, boldest business success story.

BASK!! It ALL counts!!

I’m gonna grab myself a steaming mug of milky coffee, and with eyes closed inhale the aroma as I bask in the glory of writing this blog today.

It all counts!

Peace and Love

Sanae xx

P.S. – Ready to master your Inner Game for phenomenal success in business and joy in life?

Join the class of ’23 as re-open the doors to my Coaches Business Accelerator programme – This is the only programme of it’s kind because it deals with both the psychology AND the strategy for growing your coaching business.

If you’re constantly getting in your own way;  caught up in cycles of procrastination, perfectionism and feeling like you don’t belong…

And you never feel like you’re able to get your shit together?

Then this might just be the most important decision of your business life!  Book a strategy call with me to discuss your 2023 goals and if the Coaches Business Accelerator is a good fit, then Ill talk to you about it.  If not, thats OK too.

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