11 Ways to Stand Out as The Go-To Expert In Your Coaching Niche

11 Ways to Stand Out as The Go-To Expert In Your Coaching Niche

You don’t need to be qualified with a string of coaching certifications to start your coaching business, however, if you want to attract and enrol premium clients, you do need to be able to showcase your expertise and credibility!

Positioning yourself as the credible expert is vital if you’re ever going to stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise on Social Media

This is something so many coaches struggle with, but once you get this nailed, it’s game-changing!

In this article, I’ve highlighted key actionable strategies and techniques to help you showcase your credibility and position yourself as the expert you are, regardless of whether you’re a veteran online entrepreneur or you’re just starting out.

I’m not sharing anything that I haven’t implemented in my own online coaching business over the past 7-8 years so these are all tried and tested by yours truly!


Don’t resist being super specific!  Getting yourself known for that special thing you do and who you do it for is critical in the early days of your coaching business journey (once you’re more established you can begin to extend your services if applicable).

It may seem counter intuitive to narrow your market. Especially in those early days, when it’s likely that you’re not charging very much for your services and you need lots of clients to make ends meet!

However, the truth is that the more specialist and niche you are, the more you’ll attract the right clients, those who see your value and need your specialism to solve their problem.  Plus the more specialist you are, the more you can charge! People love to pay premium for your specialist knowledge!

The way to make this easier is to ensure that what you specialise in, is also what you’re passionate about. Don’t make the mistake of trying to shoe-horn yourself into a niche just because you perceive it to be ‘profitable’.

If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing then it’s going to be very difficult to follow through on all the strategies below this one with any level of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment.

“Passion in the genesis of genius”
Anthony Robbins

When you’re passionate and aligned with your specialist niche, and you’re clear on your ideal client, you ignite what feels like a superpower. You literally unlock new levels of creativity, resourcefulness, and receptivity to ideas and opportunities and you feel like you can move mountains!

In 2015 I established myself as an online Sales Coach for Coaches, my background was in Corporate sales.  My speciality that helps my clients to sell effectively is my ability to dial into my clients story and help them find alignment with their passionate niche.

I was very quickly dubbed the “Niche Whisperer” by my clients and my business sky-rocketed as I received regular referrals and recommendations, all from Social Media, as people got to know me for what I did, and reached out when they needed help to clarify their Niche and ideal client.

If you’re unclear about your niche, or who your ideal client is, then please feel free to access my free 5-part video series called “Shine Your Light” (you can open in a new link to download it here: “Shine Your Light” ) which will help you get this really nailed down.


Is there congruence in your profile description and your branding across your various platforms?

As you’re showing up and sharing your stuff, folks will ‘check you out’ especially if they resonate with your content.  Your people want to know more about you and they’ll also be looking to see that the person behind the content matches up with the message being shared, even on an unconscious level. This all builds greater trust and connection.

Ensure that your profiles across all your Social media platforms align and reflect a consistent message and also consider what your personal Facebook profile is reflecting about you. Would you want your prospective dream client to see your drunk photos or potty-mouth posts? Maybe, maybe not, there’s no judgment. Profanity may be a part of your brand, think Katrina Ruth or Gary V.

In essence, be congruent and authentic and consider your profile from the perspective of your prospective clients so you don’t risk undermining your credibility.

3.Consistent Visibility

Ever heard of The familiarity principle? It’s the tendency we humans have of developing a preference for things (be they people, products, ideas, etc.) the more we’re exposed to them.

So, how does this apply to you?

Well, as you show up consistently with great quality content, consistency in your messaging, and you’re positioned correctly where your ideal clients ‘hang out’ you’ll become a familiar face in the crowd.

At first, your people notice you, then they start taking notice of you and then they start following you.

Don’t be disheartened by a lack of engagement either. You’re not in this business for the vanity metrics.  Have faitih, and trust your people are watching.   Your ideal clients are dealing with their own issues, and don’t want the world to know that your post resonates with them so they’re not likely to comment on your content.

What matters is that you push through your hang-ups and continue to show up no matter what it looks like on the outside. As one of my clients says here, she was a “stalker”!

I stalked Sanae for about 6 months after seeing one of her posts that completely resonated with how I was feeling. However, I wasn’t ready to put my hand up for help at that stage, I thought there must be a way for me to sort this out myself (as most of us do!) All I can say is that if I’d worked with Sanae sooner I would have fast tracked my progress”
Karita Beard: Empowerment Coach

My clients are so surprised when they get messages from prospects who become paying clients saying they’ve been “following them” or “stalking their content” for months. This makes me laugh as I say to them “Why are you surprised? You did the same to me before you reached out and hired me!”

Perhaps one of your biggest challenges right now is coming up with high-quality content on a consistent basis.

If that’s the case then take a few minutes to watch my quick training on how you can create a robust content strategy that delivers real value, leverages your expertise, and stops you wasting time wondering what to talk about every day!

How to create a robust and relevant content strategy: https://youtu.be/5dYqdF-oCCo

Many coaches worry about being repetitive and so waste energy and lose time trying to constantly come up with new creative content.  The reality is that repetition of your core message in your content is critical for positioning your expertise and building your credibility.

Repetition builds trust as people get to know you for what you do and as such, you build your reputation.

Not to mention, Social Media news feeds move so fast so there’ll always be new eyeballs on your stuff (and your die-hard followers will hear what they need to hear when they need to hear it!)

4.Seasonal Content

How might specific times of year impact or trigger negative emotions in your ideal clients?

How can you add value during those times? For example, if you’re a health coach, how might you help your audience navigate the excesses of Christmas or Thanksgiving? Or does Valentine’s day trigger your lonely hearts if you’re a Dating Coach?

Offering seasonally relevant content for your ideal clients is very powerful for leveraging your credibility and your expertise and is an opportunity to get published and featured in publications that your target market read.

For example, the 3rd Monday in January is known as Blue Monday here in the UK. Among several reasons this day got its name, is the fact that it’s the day that people start receiving their credit card bills from their Christmas shopping sprees and they feel guilty, depressed, and anxious about how much debt they’re in.

I wrote a book about how I overcame my toxic relationship with debt and a big part of my work now is supporting entrepreneurs to empower themselves around money and to free themselves from debt.

So I make it a point to speak about it, write articles addressing this issue and comment on other posts around this time of year to share my personal experience with debt.

Following on from this I was invited to speak on Sharing the Vibe Podcast and also invited to speak as a guest expert in some other communities for Coaches on the topic of money mindset.

Check out my book here and my FREE “Get Debt Free” 5 day course to kick-start your debt free journey.

5.Describe your ideal clients’ pain in your posts

When you can describe your ideal clients’ pain better than they can, you automatically stand out as a credible expert with the solution.

Think about it.  Haven’t you ever searched good old “Dr Google” to find out about some “unusual’ physical symptoms you’ve experiencing? You land on an article that describes your symptoms plus a few more that you weren’t aware of, but now that you’re reading about, you’re feeling them…!

So, what do you do?

You keep reading!

You keep reading, seeking answers, and assuming that the author knows the solution on account of their accuracy in describing your symptoms!

It’s the same with YOUR content.  When you’re super clear on your ideal client and their pains and frustrations, your content will take on a whole new resonance. See next point

6.Expert Positioning Post Framework: Problem, Pain, Prescribe

This is an amazing framework that helps you craft a post or a blog that leverages your expertise. Not only are you connecting to your ideal client emotionally, as you’re describing the problem and all the symptoms of the problem but you’re also adding value by offering a solution i.e the prescription.

Here’s the basic structure:

Problem: Define the problem that your ideal client is struggling with i.e “Are you struggling to get paying clients? It’s fair to say you know your power and how you can help others, yet you’re struggling to “sell” your services because you’re fearful of coming off as pushy and sleazy”

Pain: Paint the picture of how this problem is affecting her life i.e How it’s impacting her life, her health, and well-being, her relationships, her career, her confidence, and her self-esteem. i.e “Every morning you wake up with a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. It’s been weeks since you signed a client and you’ve no idea where the next bit of cash is coming from. Whenever your spouse asks you what you’ve been doing all day, you get defensive and wind up arguing because you feel like he’s not supporting your dreams.  You feel isolated because your loved ones just don’t “get it” You’re starting to feel like an imposter…”

Prescribe: Offer some nuggets of wisdom that will help her solve this problem. i.e “Here are my top 5 tips to magnetise your dream clients and close more sales…”

7.Get Comfortable on Video and Live-stream

Show what you know!! You’re the expert so show up and BE the expert!!


Leveraging the power of video and live-stream to teach!

I have never had to do any cold outreach, (which I hate) because my ideal clients reach out to me. Through consistent visibility, sharing wisdom, and teaching, on video I’m constantly positioning myself as an expert in my niche and my ideal clients reach out to me.

I know that doing videos and live-streaming may fill you with horror, it certainly did me in the early days!! I tried everything to help me feel more ease around it such as EFT, hypnosis, NLP techniques, and the good old JFDI strategy!

In the end, my business was at the ‘do or die’ stage! I needed to show up, and I needed to show up large and in charge, or else I’d be looking for a “proper” job, which was so far from what I wanted.

I guarantee that once you push through the fear and start sharing value via video and live-stream you’ll soon see the positive impact on your influence and your income. Video enables people to connect with you and your energy, much faster than any other medium.

Another key point, that I cannot emphasise enough (in fact this is a game-changer), is the importance of your mindset and your energy when it comes to putting your stuff ‘out there’.

This was a hugely rewarding shift in focus for me personally. When I was having a tough time and I was feeling desperate for cash I created blogs and vlogs from a place of ‘what will this get me?’

The focus of all my activities was on getting clients and as a result, my energy was ‘off’. I felt rudderless with no sense of direction and flow. I became attached to the outcome and so when nothing happened (which was inevitable considering my ‘off’ energy) I became even more desperate and needy. A self-perpetuating downward spiral.

Once I transferred my attention to giving value and contribution, everything shifted. I felt back on purpose and my confidence and self-worth were fuelled by my belief that my message was seen and heard by whoever needed to see and hear it.

Ironically, this focus shift resulted in more inquiries from prospective clients because they were connecting with my authenticity, my energy, and my enthusiasm.

So, focus on contributing and giving and you will not only feel amazing and up-lifted, but you will also evoke the law of reciprocity.

8.Guest Expert Opportunities

Reach out to relevant podcasts and offer yourself up for guest expert interviews.  Also contact hosts/admins of Facebook groups who share the same audience and offer to do a guest expert interview or masterclass into that group. Avoid stepping on any toes by ensuring the group hosts’ services complement what you offer, rather than clashes with.

I’ve been able to help so many more clients who found me through my free masterclasses and guest expert interviews in other hosted groups.

I was invited to be interviewed on the Sharing the Vibe Podcast on the topic of money matters last year after I published my debt story. The podcast was so much fun and I noticed a spike in sales of my book after that.

9.Get featured and published

Write expert positioning articles of value and submit them to publications that are relevant to your target market.

Articles that share how you navigated and overcame a challenge with key lessons learned are always popular.

I’m no expert in ‘How to get featured and published” but what I do know is that I let the fear of not being good enough, hold my back from even trying for years!

The moment I thought “oh what the hell!” and I sent off an article – it got published as a feature article!

Gather a list of the relevant publications that you know your audience is reading and write to them! Most of them have a “Contact the Editor” link. Make sure you follow the specific instructions and write a separate article for each publication.

Then you have the joy of embedding the logos of your featured publications on your website and on your social media to add weight to your credibility!

10.Social Proof

We Brits are never very good at tooting our own horns but this is something you just need to get over because sharing client wins and success stories are extremely powerful for your credibility in the eyes of your prospects. Your clients are doing the talking for you.

Brand new to your coaching business? The workaround is to offer free coaching in exchange for testimonials. Share the love!

Side Note: I always take a screenshot of all my client messages of success and thank you’s, as well as the formal testimonials, and store them in my smile-file.  You might have down days when things feel tough and it’s easy to slip down the rabbit hole of wondering “What’s the point?” Trust me, when you’re having one of those moments? Just flick through your smile-file and you’ll soon be brought back to yourself again as you remember “Ah, this is the point”.

11.Collaborate with Other Experts

You can offer your services to another coaches’ group programme, course, or even to their 1-2-1 clients. As an example, a business coach might outsource to a branding expert to help her 1-2-1 clients with their business branding or to share a brand training to her group clients.

One of my clients coaches corporate women to improve their confidence and executive presence in the boardroom.   She partnered with a personal brand stylist and their collaboration was profitable and increased their reach too.

Whether you offer to collaborate for a fixed fee or commission-based, or even if you run some free training sessions within another paid community, you are still raising your visibility and your credibility.

I have various guest experts for my group coaching clients and their masterclasses enhance my clients’ experience and many of my clients will go on to hire them for their particular expertise.

I was the Sales Expert Coach in the 7-Figure Marketing and Business strategist, Luisa Zhou’s Employee to Entrepreneur Program which enrolls over 200 students each year. Being associated with Luisa and a part of her team of specialists leverages my credibility and I reach more people and receive referrals from people I may not have otherwise reached.

The key here is to build strong relationships and connections that you nurture. Most of my collaborations have come as a result of either coaching them or being coached by them and as a result, a strong bond and rapport have been formed over time.

A final word

I hope you found this helpful and you’re feeling inspired to take some action to get yourself out there loud and proud!!

I will just add, you’ve got to want to win at this online game with every fibre of your being because while the rules are simple and there’s a low bar for entry, it’s NOT easy!!

It takes guts to show up and it takes perseverance and persistence to push through the tough times, the doubts, and the fear.

Make a decision right now that you’re gonna really go for it and don’t ever quit. This is how your success is guaranteed.

Be authentic and share your knowledge, skills, and wisdom in the best way for you. Find your groove, your strength, and play to that.

You’re in this for the long game and forcing yourself to be someone or something you’re not, because you think that’s how you’ll succeed, is exhausting and unsustainable.

People love, and are craving, real and authentic humanity and integrity, and what you put out into the world, is always reflected back to you.

Thank you for reading!

Sanae x

If you’re ready to accelerate your coaching business success and take your impact and income to new heights then book a call with me today and let’s discuss how I can help you make your coaching business dreams a reality: Book A Strategy Call with Sanae

5 Qualities You MUST Cultivate for Greater Ease, Peace of Mind and Flow as You Grow

5 Qualities You MUST Cultivate for Greater Ease, Peace of Mind and Flow as You Grow

In order to successfully grow your coaching business, you know you need courage, tenacity, resilience, determination, confidence etc

And there is absolutely no denying the validity of these qualities to shift the needle on your growth, and support you at every stage of the journey.

I’d also add here that you’ve embodied and demonstrated these qualities in spades throughout your life. You know you have them, after all, they got you here!

Throughout your life, you were rewarded and celebrated for them. Go go go! High achiever!

You certainly need to have courage, resilience and determination when THAT voice shows up.  You know the voice. It starts chattering, waking you up in the dead of night, saying stuff like “It’s not working!; I’m not good enough! Why on earth did I think I could do this!?

All we were ever taught to do was to push past that voice, to push through the tough times!

However, there are some essential qualities that are less cultivated, and little celebrated, in our Western culture.

And yet, they are essential for your business journey, if you want to avoid burn-out and if you want greater ease, peace of mind and flow as you grow

The old way of pushing, striving, hustling that go you here…won’t get you there, it won’t get you to your next level of growth and expansion.

So what are these qualities that I’m talking about?

Here they are, they’re in no particular order of importance although I have saved the one that had the biggest impact on me till last 😉

1) Presence power

We’ve learned about goal-setting, and keeping the end in mind. We face forward, taking massive action towards our dream destination. We reward ourselves only for what we deem to be a “good day” i.e one in which we were super-productive.

The problem with this is that our moment to moment activities become reduced to a means to an end. We’re not actually experiencing life in this moment. We spend too much time in the energy of impatience thereby not producing our best work, let alone enjoying the journey.
This is when we fall prey to overwhelm and we identify with the mental chatter because we’re not able to detach from it.

Your power to create is in the NOW. This moment, right here, right now. Staying present is equivalent to putting your higher self in the driving seat. You operate with greater awareness, consciousness and presence power.

2) Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is accepting fully, and without judgement, where you are right now.

It is what it is.

When you consider your financial situation, do you wish it were different? Do you judge yourself as being incompetent? Or maybe you’re ashamed because you have debt?

If so, this kind of thinking keeps you locked in to the stories and patterns that created the situation in the first place.

You’re thinking from the problem.

Self acceptance enables you to calm the nervous system and access greater depths of compassion and creativity – enabling you to think from the solution.

3) Trust

Trust yourself and others.

Firstly, trusting yourself and heeding those intuitive nudges, inspired ideas, and creative downloads that come to you when you’re feeling high and happy.  You’ll recognise them because they feel like TRUTH…

The problem is, we’ve been conditioned to be “realistic” or logical and so you start talking yourself down from your high filling yourself with doubt.  That voice shows up again: “Who do i think I am!? I can’t do that!”

I work with coaches who are deeply committed to, and passionate about, helping others.  They’re using their hard won widsom, knowledge and experience to help people transform their lives, just as they themselves have been able to.

But often there’s a deep inherent lack of self – trust because of those past experiences.  Because of past hurts and betrayals.  It’s mostly subconscious but they just have a sense of self blame for allowing those past experiences to happen to them.

When it comes to trusting others, life has taught you to be wary.

Or, perhaps you’ve invested in business courses  and didn’t get the results you were promised, and as a result you’ve lost trust in those that tell you “I can help you”.  You will attract more to feel wary about!  And you’ll likely hold back from getting the quality support you do need to grow.

Not only is this value of TRUST and in particulate self trust critical to cultivate, so you can take action on your inspired ideas and move the needle on your business progress…

But also, if you want to attract clients that trust you and your ability to help them?  You’ve got to trust yourself first.

4) Faith

Faith is believing in the unseen and the unmaterialised.  We grew up hearing “I’ll believe it when I see it”…

But faith is believing first. And then you’ll see it.

If I didn’t see myself running a business, working on my own terms and serving clients, back in 2014, I would NEVER have resigned from my job.

I’d been in corporate financial services for 17 years, since graduating from Uni!  I knew nothing else, I was institutionalized.  But I believed in my business with absolute faith, and that’s the only way I was able to quit my job and take the leap into the unknown.

Faith will keep you going when the going gets super tough.    You’re being called to grow constantly, and you’re going to meet with challenges at every turn, including confronting your deepest fears and insecurities.

Faith is knowing that everything is ALWAYS working out for you and your success is guaranteed, just as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

5) Security

This was a big one for me.  I had to learn this one “on the job” so to speak.  I had faith, and I quickly learned to trust myself, but security was one I learned while on my knees, mid-meltdown!

I was riding the income rollercoaster of feast or famine.  I never knew where the next bit of money was coming from, which was scary as a newly divorced, single mum of 2.  I relied on my coaching business to keep the roof over our heads and pay the bills.  I scrapped about, robbing Peter to pay Paul and borrowing on my credit cards.  Life felt inherently unsafe.

I wanted more money in order to feel secure.  I needed my mortgage to be paid on time, in order to feel safe.  I was trying to control and manipulate everything around me in order to feel secure.

It was in one of my darkest moments, that I had some kind of lightening bolt epiphany.  I heard the words “Source to self.  Source to self. Source to self” over and over.  I had the realisation that I was giving my power away by seeking external experiences to feel safe and secure.

I AM THE SOURCE TO SELF of everything I need and desire!

We can never attract that which we don’t inherently feel.  It’s only when you feel secure, that you’ll attract more security and more that is a match to that energy of security.  When I got this, it was instantaneous transformation!  I realised that I had to let go of the need to control, and go within to heal those parts of me that felt unsafe and insecure.

You are energy.  You are spiritual.  A vibrational being.  And you ARE the source of everything you desire.  You’ve got to feel it, and then you’ll become it, and then you’ll attract it.

Sanae x

3 Mindset Habits That Helped Me Get Out (And Stay Out) of Debt

3 Mindset Habits That Helped Me Get Out (And Stay Out) of Debt

In March 2018 I hit rock bottom.

A small payment got declined and I realised that I’d hit the £18k limit on my last credit card. This was the moment I was brought to my knees by my debt shame.

With my burden of credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans, I feel shackled and hopeless. Hopeless because I’d been in debt ever since I was eligible for a credit card and no matter what repayment strategies and budgeting methods I tried, I just kept accruing.

It got worse when I started my business. I knew the sky is the limit when it comes to how much you can earn as an entrepreneur, so I invested in high end business coaching and programmes that I just wasn’t ready for.

We don’t know what we don’t know, right?

Fast forward just 9 months from that “rock bottom” moment.  It’s Christmas 2018 and I’m debt free for the first time in 23 years and I’m celebrating the publication of my book: Paid in Full: Free Yourself From the Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!

So what did I do?

I didn’t win the lottery, or receive an unexpected windfall.

No, I made a decision. In that “rock bottom” moment I decided that I was going to get debt free within the next 6 months (Total: £47,788).

I had no idea how, of course, but I pledged that if I, by some miracle, succeeded, I would share how I did it because I figured others might just want to know!

I knew that this was an inner game. Meaning I’d tried all the external strategies and every single time I self sabotaged my efforts.

So I knew I had to change my mindset.

My challenge was set!  I threw myself into what I referred to as my self-imposed experiment. I observed myself as though I was in a petri-dish and I devoured as much information as I could on money mindset.

As I did the work on myself, I began to very quickly notice changes in the way I thought, felt and behaved around my finances and my debts.

I started to pay off my credit card balances, and as I did so momentum increased because it felt so good!

I implemented and developed some new money habits that transformed my situation so fast it made my head spin!

Here are my top 3 “inner game” habits that helped me got out of (and stay out of) Debt

1) Acknowledge ‘What Is’

In the beginning of my journey, acknowledging ‘what is’ meant not avoiding the truth of my situation and therefore not avoiding the painful feelings.

Avoidance has been a major part of the problem for me. I chose not to face my debt because I didn’t want to experience the negative emotion that surged whenever I did.

Feelings such as shame and guilt overwhelmed me, and I feared the intensity of these emotions, so avoidance was my solution.

It never occurred to me until I started this journey that the bad feeling I experienced when I looked at my mounting debt, wasn’t really about the debt itself, but rather all the meaning that I’d placed on it. I had so many negative stories and beliefs about what that debt represented and what it reflected about me and my personality.

Once I was able to observe the feelings, I was able then to isolate them and label them which meant I could unravel the stories and beliefs that were behind these intense feelings. This gave me the best vantage point to then begin the process of replacing them with more empowering beliefs.

Acknowledging ‘what is’ means fully embracing where you are right now and becoming sensitive to your feelings.

How we think determines how we feel.
How we feel determines how we behave
How we behave determines our results

In acknowledging ‘what is’ in the context of your current debt situation, allow yourself to feel the feelings that are coming up when you acknowledge your debt and, quite literally, sit with them.

They’re likely to feel painful and upsetting. But feel assured that as you acknowledge them and feel them, you’re going to be able to, over time, rationalise your thought process and neutralise your emotions.

Believe it or not, it’s not your financial situation that is causing you to feel the way you feel. Rather, it’s the way you feel that is causing your financial situation!

As you clear this negative charge, you stop attracting that which is a match to that negativity i.e more debt!

2) Visualisation

I’ve had debt my whole adult life. Many people have mortgage debt for most of their adult life but since I was 18, I have had credit card debt. On the rare occasions that I had I paid it all off, somehow within a very short period I had accumulated it again.

Being in debt had become so familiar to me that it was an uncomfortable comfort zone! I identified with it and was perpetuating it year on year.  In order to change my results, I had to change how I identified myself in the context of money and debt.

This was where the power of visualisation was extremely valuable.  Every day, sometimes multiple times a day I imagined how I’d feel being paid in full, I visualised my book being published, and I saw myself talking to people about how they can help themselves become free “just like I me!”

Through repetition, I imprinted this experience onto my subconscious mind, like a memory.

This created a state change, in who I was being. The more I resonated as someone who did not have debt, the less I worried about it, and the more money and prosperity I attracted.

Successful men and women have known this for centuries – when you focus deliberately on what you want, and you visualise yourself already having it you are literally crafting it in to your reality.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

If you can flood your subconscious mind with an imagined experience until your subconscious believes that that experience has actually occurred, it changes your state of being.  Your state of being will resonate at the frequency of that which you’ve been focusing on and imagining, and by virtue of the powerful Law of Attraction, you will attract everything that is a match to your dominant vibration – the exact circumstances will manifest.

The key is to visualise the result that you want and infuse it with strong positive emotion.

When it comes to being debt free, what is going to be the most powerful evidence for you that you’ve achieved it?

Perhaps it will be the statements with £0 balance outstanding or the phone call to the creditor to joyfully request closure of the account.  Maybe it’s the experience of gathering your loved ones for a lovely meal and seeing their faces as you explain, through joyful tears, that you are now debt free.

Practising visualisation every day is powerful for shifting your state of being. You feel excitement rather than stress. You feel positive and eager rather than negative and hopeless.

You transition every day more and more into a state of receptivity to the possibilities around you and you attract more ideas and opportunities that will set you on your path.  As you begin to feel better day by day, you attract more to feel better about. It’s a perpetual upward spiral!

Sometimes I’d emerge from my visualisations with my face wet with real tears of joy, I felt wonderful. I repeated this process almost every day – sometimes giving myself 30 – 45 minutes of immersion and other times just recalling some element of this end-result and focusing on it for 5 minutes.

This had the magical effect of having me believe ahead of time that I was debt free. I was creating my mental map of the future. This shifted my state of being and my vibration.  I stopped relying on credit cards to help me get by each month.  Whenever I needed or wanted something, I earned or attracted the money. I also saw my balances reducing with satisfaction and I diminished my stressful and negative thoughts because my whole perspective had changed.

3) Raise conscious awareness to your Saboteurs

Saboteurs can be the stories that we tell ourselves every day or they can be our subconscious beliefs – either way they’re like heat seeking missiles in that they fall under the radar and yet cause so much damage!

This is where a daily journal becomes an essential component of your journey to getting out of, and staying out of debt.

Your journal is where you document your progress, your results, your thoughts and your feelings every day in relation to your journey to destination ‘Paid in Full’.

Journaling with intention every day will support this work very powerfully. Since your intention is to invite more prosperity into your life and become Paid in Full, journaling will keep you focused on the goal.

Furthermore, your daily journal will become an accurate reflection of your dominant thoughts, feelings, activities and outcomes.
Everything you need to raise self-awareness and pull back the curtain on your saboteurs and limiting stories.

Understand too that The Law of Attraction is at work and what you’re attracting, whether wanted or not, is a reflection of your dominant thoughts and beliefs.

As you journal ask yourself:

What current stories do I tell myself (and others) about myself, that do not serve me? You’ll know they don’t serve you because they’re the stories that NEVER feel good!

Then change the story. I remember thinking can it really be as simple as changing the stories you’re telling yourself?

And the answer is simply YES! The everyday things you think and say about yourself and to yourself are like embedded commands to your brain.

Your brain is simply acting on instruction. “I am ” are two of the most powerful words in the English language because whatever adjective follows becomes your point of focus and therefore your point of attraction.
You will attract more thoughts, situations and circumstances that match your point of focus. Then your brain can say “See? I told you so ” because the evidence is there.

I love the analogy of our brains being like the search engine, Google. Whatever we type into the search bar, Google will bring back all the references that match our search words.

I used to say, “I am undisciplined”. Whenever I thought that thought, it was like I was typing “I am undisciplined” into Google because my Google brain would immediately bring up as many references and evidence to validate that statement.

Nothing positive would come from my Google brain and so my limiting belief would be reinforced as my truth.  There’s no truth in my statement really. It’s simply a matter of focus and my past chronic patterns of thought.

I can choose to tell myself “I am disciplined”. I can focus on that statement and deliberately affirm it until I start attracting thoughts that match.  Of which, there are as many positive anecdotes of discipline as there are negative ones of being undisciplined!

It’s simply a matter of choosing the more empowering stories to create more empowering beliefs that ultimately direct you to create your best life.

Realising that you have a choice moment to moment on where you place your focus is ultimately where your power lies.  The more you practice observing and listening and deliberating choosing to focus your attention on what you want, the stronger and increasingly self – aware you become.

It’s rather like exercising a muscle. Over time, what you want to experience, whether it’s more discipline, or just more happiness and satisfaction becomes your default dominant vibration.

You also notice and catch yourself earlier in the process if you’re unconsciously thinking negative thoughts because you’re more tuned in to your vibration and your emotional guidance system.

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Use The Power of 3 To Package Your Genius into an Irresistible Offer

Use The Power of 3 To Package Your Genius into an Irresistible Offer

Imagine having a coaching offer that:

a) literally sells itself
b) that is fun and easy for you to deliver and
c) you only need to sign 2 or 3 clients into each month to hit your income goals

Sounds amazing right?

Too many coaches get their offer wrong.    They get busy selling their services by the hour or by a batch of sessions i.e “Buy 6 sessions for just £x”

This is never going to work for you because…shhh come closer…*hushed tone*  Your people don’t care about coaching


Nobody wants to pay for coaching, but what we all want is the TRANSFORMATION that your coaching delivers.

We all want a solution to our problem and we’ll pay top dollar for specialist knowledge and expertise.

BUT there’s a fine line between offering incredible value and OVERLOADING  your prospect and turning them off!   Don’t imagine that more is better!  You don’t have to justify your price by adding more stuff to your coaching offering.  Your client just wants to get from their A to their B without being overwhelmed.

OK, So how do you communicate the epic transformation and all the benefits of working with you without overloading and overwhelming your ideal client?


Introducing: The Power of 3!! 

The power of 3 is a concept in psychology that states how our brain best receives and processes information when it’s delivered in 3’s. Think Goldilocks and the 3 Bears; The 3 Wise Men; The 3 Blind Mice etc etc

2 bits of information and we feel like something is missing. Over 3 and our brains compute “1, 2, 3, many” and thus stops paying attention to conserve energy and prevent overwhelm.

The relevance of this to you when you’re marketing your offer is HUGE!  If you can communicate the benefits of your offer into 3 headline outcomes, that ‘speak’ to your audience, your offer will be a no-brainer for them to invest in.

Let me break down the 3 simple questions that you can work through:

  1. What outcomes do you deliver?

When I started my coaching business I had a big list of powerful outcomes that I knew I could deliver for my clients:

Clarity in their niche, ideal client avatar and message.

Create a transformational and irresistible coaching package;

Build mindset and overcome visibility fears, self-doubt and self-sabotage

Craft a marketing strategy that positions value and expertise

Increase lead flow from organic social media activity, increase their magnetism

Close sales conversations with more authenticity and integrity

Feeling rock solid confidence when talking about money, charging her worth and overcoming objections etc etc etc…

The list went on.

When I listed everything I suddenly felt stuck on how I could effectively communicate all of this without overwhelming my ideal client!

This is when I remembered that I’d learned about the Power of 3 at a one day “TV Presenting Workshop” that I attended just out of curiosity the previous year.

I realised that if I could categorise all of these outcomes into 3 concise outcomes that resonated with my audience then I’d be able to articulate my value without compromising on any aspects of what I can deliver.

2) What is important to your ideal client?

Once I’d created my list of outcomes, I then focused on my ideal client and what she wants. I imagined her complaining to her loved ones about what she feels she’s lacking and how painful that feels for her.

I recognised that she wants CLARITY!!  This is outcome #1 because, without clarity, there’s no direction!  Without clarity she won’t know who she’s talking to in her content, her messaging will be all over the place and it’ll be impossible to craft an offer that sells because she won’t know who it’s for!

As a result, she feels stuck and small and her inability to put herself out there in a strong way is making her feel doubtful and anxious.

This is NOT like her!! She’s normally so confident!!

Ah!! Outcome no. 2! She wants CONFIDENCE! She wants to show up on video and put herself out there fearlessly owning her worth and magnetising her dream clients.

Bingo! Outcome no. 3! My clients are coaches who want CLIENTS!! Without clients, there’s no business, right? So she wants to confidently close sales calls with a structure that feels easy and authentic.

3) What’s your BIG promise?

What is the ultimate result that your ideal clients want? Whatever your answer, this is the 3rd outcome so that the sequence of 3 outcomes makes chronological sense.

When you consider Clarity: Confidence and Clients the sequence follows my process. Clients are the big result for my coaching clients and come after the clarity and confidence outcomes have been nailed.

Now what?

Get excited my friend!!

Once you’ve followed the above process, you’ve effectively created the basis of your irresistible offer. You know what all the outcomes are that you can deliver, you’ve categorised them into 3 main outcomes that speak directly to your ideal client’s pains and desires and you have the framework for your coaching sessions.

You can drill down into the details but now you can speak with clarity and confidence about those 3 key results.

This is your signature offer.

What I love about this process is that you can create variables of this offer to meet your ideal clients wherever they are on their journey.

For example – I get clients who know exactly who and what they do but their biggest challenge is sales. So I can take them into my sales VIP programme and all we can concentrate on is mastering that 3rd outcome of ‘clients’ which contains all my 25+ years of sales knowledge and experience.

You can create offers that help them get started and offers that help them on that milestone where you know many people get stuck and plateau!

Your turn!

Why not grab your journal and craft your coaching package that sells itself now?

Let me know how you get on

Love Sanae

P.S If you’re ready to accelerate your coaching business dream and you know you need help then book a call with me today and let’s talk about how I can help you.

Work with me and I’ll walk you through the exact mindset and strategy that I implemented for, not only myself but also for my clients to reach their 5-figure income goals.

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3 Ft From Gold: 3 Principles to Increase Your Client (and Cash) Attractor Factor

3 Ft From Gold: 3 Principles to Increase Your Client (and Cash) Attractor Factor

Your Coaching business can feel a pretty dark and lonely place when nobody is buying and you’re watching your bank balance draining day by day.

It all feels so personal! The lows are the lowest of the low!

Your loved ones don’t get it and it’s hard for them to see you struggling.  They can’t help but ask “Why don’t you get a proper job??” And you wanna scream back!  “Not an option!!”

I get it. I was there.  And not just once or twice.  Many times. It takes time to establish yourself but there are ways that can make it easier and less like being dragged naked over hot coals.

There are 3 principles in particular that really changed the game for me, when I really embraced and imbued these at a cellular level.  And now I see it with my clients – I see the shift when they understand these.

Principle #1 – Alignment With Your Message

Now you may be just a few degrees left of your true North but those degrees make all the difference.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of dialing into your message and knowing exactly who you’re talking to in your marketing.

I know it’s counter intuitive when you want to help everyone but the truth is, if you want to cut through the noise and attract the right people, you’ve got to laser in and be super-specific.

Being able to articulate the problem you solve and describe the pains and frustrations better than your ideal client can set you apart as a credible solution.   You can do this brilliantly because you’ve been where they are! You’re the perfect person to guide them out of their pain on account of the fact that you’ve done it for yourself.

Just a side note to clear any confusion: I’m not talking about turning people away. As you show up with this clarity and alignment in your message and you’re speaking to your ideal client in your content, you will attract people who don’t match your ideal client profile but they do have the problem you solve. We’re not turning them away! If you can help them, then do so!

Principle #2 – Alignment with your desires and your beliefs.

You’ve got big dreams and desires, right?  Maybe you keep chopping and changing your goals, depending on your confidence levels on any particular day (this was me!)

“I feel good! Yay! My goal is a 10k this month!” …to… “I’m so anxious, I just want one client! ONE will do for now!!” [cue: fall to knees with arms outstretched to the sky!]

Or maybe you’ve had the same income goal for months and months [even years] because you’re still striving to achieve it.

Either way, this second principle is about ensuring that your belief system is congruent with your desires and goals.

If you have beliefs that run counter to your desires, then your beliefs win every time, as in, you’ll experience your beliefs, not your desires.

If you want money but you have a belief that having more money is greedy, or that you’re somehow undeserving or that when you have money, people take advantage of you, then you’ll always struggle to make more money.

If you’re launching a group programme and you know it’s brilliant, but in your heart, you don’t believe anyone will sign up, then guess what?

It won’t matter how brilliant your programme is, you’ll always have one foot on the brakes during your launch and people won’t sign up.

Equally, if you have a shred of doubt in your ability to deliver the results you’re promising, then you’re going to repel clients because your subconscious mind is protecting you from being “found out” as a fraud.

It’s critical that you raise awareness to those stories and beliefs that are incongruent and unsupportive of your goals and desires and rewrite them.

Principle #3 – Alignment with Universal Laws

There are universal laws governing our world, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Circulation, the Law of Reaping and Sowing, to name a few of the most commonly known laws.

If you’re operating counter to any of these laws and you’re in resistance, things aren’t going to flow for you.

If you’re in a constant hyper vigilant state, then by virtue of the frequency you’re emitting, you’ll attract more to feel anxious about.

If you’re feeling lackful and scarce, you’ll attract more lack and scarcity.

If you’re pushing and striving and feeling impatient for your success, then you’re holding yourself apart from your success.  Impatience is the energy of “I’m not there yet” which will keep you “not there”.

Also, if you’re delaying paying your bills because all you see in your account is just enough to pay your bills and you prefer to see the money there because it makes you feel safe, then that’s a vibration of ‘unsafe’.  You’re emitting the belief that money is finite, scarce, that there’s not enough.

This flouts the Law of Circulation, you’re creating a block to the natural order and flow.

It’s truly amazing when you stop clinging to money and you act from a place of gratitude for the services received and faith that all your needs are met.

Pay all your bills in good faith, knowing that the universe abhors a vacuum. Money will flow in to fill the vacuum when you act in faith.

I remember a client being so upset because she hated receiving money from her spouse – She was a mummy and she was desperate to build her business to contribute to the household.

She would get so frustrated about receiving money from her spouse. She was restricting the flow of money because she wasn’t in an attitude of gratitude. Understand that the source of the money is irrelevant.

If you could imagine that the source of the money is from the universe and that people are the conduits through which you’re able to receive that money, you’d fall to your knees in gratitude, wouldn’t you?

If that sounds a bit too ‘out there’ then I invite you to try it on as a new belief for a while!

After all, you get to choose your beliefs and what you believe is true for you. So, why not decide to create a whole new set of beliefs that support you and make you feel inherently abundant, supported, and loved?

And then enjoy what flows in as a result.

Lots of love

Sanae x

P.S. – If you’re ready to cut through the noise and attract your dream clients with more ease and fun, then book a call with me, and let’s talk!

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