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When Fear Strikes, Do This Simple Breathing Technique

When Fear Strikes, Do This Simple Breathing Technique

When fear strikes, your thoughts are on some imagined future.

Perhaps you’re worried about where the next client is coming from and how you’re going to pay your bills at the end of the month.

Or you’re terrified of being visible, constantly worrying “What if I’m no good? What if people reject me?”

No matter the cause, your thoughts create anxiety and send your nervous system the message “Alert! Danger!” And so your nervous system triggers it’s flight or fight response – One of those responses to the perceived threat is that your focus narrows – which is why the thing you fear becomes so all consuming. You lose access to your higher states of resourcefulness, creativity and empowered decision making.

Whenever you feel this state coming on, try this breathing technique. It’s called 7 / 11 breathing.

And it’s simply this – inhale for a count of 7 and then exhale to the count of 11. Repeat 5 times.

Firstly, you’re directing your focus to counting and your breath and you can’t think and focus on your breath at the same time. You’re effectively breaking the negative thinking pattern. And physiologically, when your exhale is longer than your inhale it’s imitating a sigh of relief. Imagine you’ve outrun the bear, you’ve climbed a tree and you’re safe.

Now you can stop holding your breath, you exhale fully and you signal to your body that danger has passed. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system which restores your body to a state of calm. Which then means you have access to logical, rational and creative thinking once again. Now you can think clearly, make empowered decisions and take some positive action to deal with the situation, or if there’s nothing to do, you let it go.

Peace and love


6 Signs You’re In Alignment With Your True Niche As A Coach

6 Signs You’re In Alignment With Your True Niche As A Coach

Your niche is that special something that you do, in only the way that you do it. It’s where you’re able to solve your ideal clients #1 problem and deliver the most value.

Your niche is a gift or skill that comes naturally to you, which incidentally, is why so many coaches struggle to charge more because it feels so easy!

Your niche, and ideal clients, are absolutely intrinsically linked to your sense of passion and purpose.

So that said, here are 6 signs that you’re in alignment with your true niche:

1. You have more energy

It takes a lot of energy to manage your fear and frustration when you’re flip flopping from niche to niche, and feeling wishy washy in your messaging. Alignment releases the dam of stuck-ness and lack of clarity so you have access to all that freed up energy and vitality.

2. Content flows easily through you

You have an easy flowing stream of great ideas for content that come to you from an inspired place. You feel excited about sharing your message. I’ve had clients, who’ve gone through my niche Alignment Alchemy process, tell me that their content flows “through them” as though they’re channeling it.

3. Your messaging resonates with your audience

Clarity and alignment of course will improve the succinctness of your messaging. People will reach out to you and thank you for your post/ livestream or email. You’ll get people saying things like “Ooof! Your post was like you’re reading my mind!” “Are you inside my head right now?! Thank you, I needed to hear that today!”

4. Your confidence soars as you stop second guessing yourself

It’s like an awakening of sorts when the fog lifts and you have total clarity and alignment – you ditch all doubt as to your credibility or your ability to deliver results. You know that this is your jam so self-belief returns hundred-fold.

5. You start enjoying yourself!

Yep! Believe it or not, business can, and should, feel like a blast! So, you start having a lot of fun! Your focus becomes more present, you’re operating from your zone of genius, working more from a state of flow, and very importantly, you become less and less attached to the outcomes of your activity.

6. You Get More clients!

Finally, of course, you get an increase in leads and client sign ups.

It becomes a no-brainer.

As your energy and creativity are flowing, you’re more productive
As your confidence soars and you’re no longer stalling and second guessing, you play full-out;
As you’re having fun, doing what you love, no longer attached to the results…

…The results take care of themselves.

That’s how you know you’re in alignment with your true niche.

If you know you’re amazing at what you do, and you deliver incredible value for your clients but your messaging still feels wishy washy and you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped by now, then book a call with me today.

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Sanae x


3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying to Nail Your Coaching Niche

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying to Nail Your Coaching Niche

You’ve been told over and over that you must be clear and specific on your Niche and Ideal Client avatar. Any half decent business coach and mentor will tell you that, but whether they can help you get the clarity and specificity you need is another thing!

You may have hired someone to help you, or you may try to figure it out alone, either way there are some common mistakes to avoid.

These mistakes can be devastating. They can be, at best, expensive – in terms of time and money, and at worst, fatal to your business.  I’ve come across many coaches who have, or are on the verge of, throwing in the towel on their dream business. Why? Because no matter what they do to attract and enrol clients, nothing works.

This is devastating and it’s unnecessary.

I’m going to flag the top 3 common mistakes that coaches make when trying to nail their niche and identify their ideal client avatar:

Mistake #1: You’re resisting the process of narrowing your niche and specifying an ideal client avatar because of fear.

I’ll start with this most obvious one. Perhaps on some level you’re resisting dialing down too deeply because you know that what you offer can help so many different people.

I’m not doubting that this is true but when it comes to your marketing, this way of thinking won’t work.  This is a fear based response, it’s the fear of missing out!

The fear is telling you to throw your marketing net wide otherwise you risk losing out on potential opportunities to work with potential clients. This resistance will block your clarity, and since you attract the thing you fear, you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot.

I know it seems so counter intuitive to say in order to reach more people you have to narrow your audience, but it’s true.

The more specific you are, the more people you’ll attract.

This is because your clarity and specificity will infuse your content and your messaging will be so on point, specific and targeted that it will resonate much more deeply with your audience. This is when you get people private messaging you saying “Oh my god! Your post was like you’re reading my mind! How can I work with you?”

You’ll also attract those folks who see those parts of themselves in your clear messaging, they may not be a match to your ideal client avatar but that doesn’t mean you can’t still help them!

Mistake #2: You’re seeking your answers to your niche and ideal client externally.

Maybe you’re seeing what other coaches are doing successfully and thinking “I love what they’re doing, I could do that!” And you’re considering trying on the same niche.

Or you’re listening to other people who are telling you what you should do, or could do based on your career history or what they know of you, or their opinion of what would work well.

Or possibly, you’re looking at past clients you’ve worked with, and creating an Ideal Client Avatar from all of their ‘best bits’.

All of this is a mistake. Why? Because your niche and your ideal client are not concepts that you create and step into. Not at all!

Your niche and ideal client come from within. They embody your unique passion and your purpose. Your coaching business is a vehicle through which to express your highest self aka your gifts.

Every coach I speak to has the same desire and that is to help others. Whenever I ask the question “what makes success as a coach so meaningful for you?” The answer is invariably about fulfillment.

Your niche is an expression of your gift, your secret sauce. It’s that thing that only you do, in the way that you do it! When you tap into your true niche, you’re operating from your zone of genius, and that’s when you deliver the most value for your ideal clients.

Mistake #3: You’re choosing a niche that you perceive is going to be “profitable” 

It makes sense to choose a niche that is going to be profitable. Logically speaking, I get it. But it’s a mistake.

A recent new client told me how a previous coach promised to help her nail her niche and craft her signature offer. Part of the process was looking at what “category of people” will pay a certain amount for her coaching.  My client trusted this coach and went along with the chosen category of people because, logically? It made perfect sense.

But my client wasn’t “feeling” it, and shortly after the coaching ended, she abandoned that niche and ideal client type because she just didn’t know what to ‘talk about’ every day in her content, she felt stuck and uninspired. A waste of time and money.

Next #truthbomb for you:  It’s not your niche that is profitable! YOU are the profitable element of your coaching business by virtue of your alignment and your state of consciousness (Which I talked about previously in a livestream you can watch here)

People buy people. You determine the profitability of your niche by virtue of how you show up and how clear you are.

When you’re aligned with your true niche, you infuse everything you do with passion. Passion is a mountain moving energy and as Tony Robbins says “Passion is the genesis to genius

You’ll see coaches in any field, be it health, business, mindset, confidence, leadership, parenting etc who are rocking it and equally there are those who are struggling.  By rocking it, I don’t just mean making tons of money either, I mean they’re totally loving what they do every day, showing up, sharing a shit ton of value and having fun.

What’s the difference between the ones who are rocking it vs. those who are struggling?

The answer is Alignment with their true niche. It’s really a clarity, and an energy thing!

When you tap into your true niche, you tap into an energy source that is sustainable, influential and impactful. It enables you to kick fear to the curb and show up authentically and as Abraham Hicks would say, you’re tuned in, turned on and tapped into source!

Sanae x

If you’re frustrated because you know you have an incredible capacity to help others and yet you’re still not seeing the kind of results you’d hoped by now, then let’s talk. Book a call with me today and let’s talk about how I can help you get the transformational level of clarity and alignment you need.  Simply click on this link and schedule your call:


Increase your Income, without working harder and burning out

Increase your Income, without working harder and burning out

One of my favourite topics of discussion, and what I find so exciting about the work I get to do with my clients, is expanding consciousness and breaking through paradigms and programmes that are inherently limiting.

In this 15 minute video I talk about how you can increase your income, not by doing more, but instead by being more, that is by raising your states of consciousness to greater levels of ease and abundance.  Click on the image to watch, and enjoy!


Thanks for watching!

Sanae x

‘Must Use’ Phrases/Questions for High Converting Sales Calls

‘Must Use’ Phrases/Questions for High Converting Sales Calls

Do you want to hold powerful, high converting sales conversations with your prospects?

Would you like to create a deeper connection that ultimately makes working with you a no-brainer investment?

These are important questions, right?

So let me share with you 3 “Must Have” phrases / questions that will enable you to support your prospect to find that depth of clarity and urgency in order to make the empowered decision to say YES to working with you!

These are:

“What Else?”
This simple questions takes your prospect from their head and into their heart.

“What’s the Cost?”
This question amplifies the true impact of the problem and intensifies the urgency to make the change

“Which means that…”
This phrase inserted in connects what you deliver to the needs of your prospect.

Click on the thumbnail below to watch my 13 minute recording as I dive into how to use each of these in your sales conversations:

Watch this video for 3 Must Have Phrases

Comment below if there are any topics you’d love me to speak on that you may feel challenged by in your business or sales calls.

With love

Sanae xx

P.s Ready to close more sales? Book a strategy call with me using the button below. Let’s talk about how you can get the clients flowing in for real! It needn’t be the mine-field of melt-downs and resistance! Make 5-figure months your new reality:

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