How to Comfortably Crack Consistent £10k Plus Months in Your Coaching Business

How to Comfortably Crack Consistent £10k Plus Months in Your Coaching Business

Breaking the Feast Or Famine Income Cycle is The Key to Comfortably Cracking Consistent £10k Plus Months in Your Coaching Business

And it’s Achievable Only Through The Coaches Business Accelerator Method


You’re living month to month, in a state of survival and you feel embarrassed that you’re no further forward in your coaching business than you were 12 months ago

You see other coaches celebrating 5-figure months and you have no idea how they’re doing it.

You’ve raised your rates, but keep discounting them because you’re still attracting the “I can’t afford it” folks 

You’ve invested £0000’s in courses but never got anywhere near the ROI you were promised and this has left you feeling unsupported, overwhelmed and ignored

It’s getting harder by the day to justify your dream business to your family, as you’re feeling the pressure from them to “get a proper job”

And all of this has left you feeling completely lost and confused about who you are as a coach, who your ideal client is and even what your expertise is!

☝️ Does any of that sound familiar?

If, you’ve spent thousands ££££’s on courses and coaches, yet your business is still more precarious, than profitable…

And you’re wondering “What’s the point?” of all the mindset work you’re doing because nothing is changing…

Then it’s very likely that you’ve hit the limits of your subconscious set-points

The only way to guarantee continual progression, growth and consistent 5-figure months, without working harder and burning yourself out

Is to breakthrough these limits, and expand your wealth consciousness.

Simultaneously, upgrading your psychology AND your strategy (that is working your inner and your outer game) is the surest and fastest path to creating the financial freedom and flexibility that you dream about, and that you and your family deserve…

And it’s the ONLY way to:

  1. Break out of the feast or famine income cycle so you can confidently make future plans, bring in hired help to support your business growth and sleep better…
  2. Overcome underearning and attract premium paying clients into your high ticket offers, so you can get off the hustler hamster wheel, and enjoy more leisure time…
  3. Feel empowered around money so you can set aside for savings, and taxes, and get ahead of the game  In front, on top and in control…
  4. Create the systems that enable you to enjoy growing your business steadily, instead of habitually self-sabotaging and feeling like you’re constantly “starting over” and
  5. Finally feel like the professional business owner and expert coach you long to be!


This is exactly what the Coaches Business Accelerator Method will help you achieve.

You’ve probably heard that as human beings we operate from our conscious mind just 5% of the time, and the other 95% of the time, our subconscious mind is in control  

The subconscious mind is a vast collection of learned, habitual patterns, programmes and paradigms…created in childhood to ensure our safety and survival

We unconsciously developed beliefs and behaviours in order to be accepted, approved of, and pleasing to others…

To our primitive lizard brain, rejection means certain death

And these beliefs and behaviours define the limits, known as ‘set points’, of how much wealth, happiness and success we allow ourselves to experience, or feel we deserve.    

For most of us,  our set points wreak havoc on our best attempts to grow flourishing, profitable coaching practices

No matter how hard we try, or what strategies we apply, any wins are few and fleeting because we inevitably self-sabotage…

Leaving us feeling powerless and defeated, as we helplessly recreate the same results year on year.

You can never create beyond your current level of consciousness.

Believe or not, the feast or famine income cycle is keeping you safe, by keeping you the same!  

Like a ball and chain keeping you from soaring to your highest heights and fulfilling your potential.

It’s NOT your fault

It’s your conditioning.  How you were raised and taught to think, feel and act in relation to money, wealth and success is determining your results.

Oversight of this fact is the No.1 reason why so many of those business courses you invested your hard earned money into failed to deliver the long term results you were promised.

BUT when you expand your consciousness by upgrading both your subconscious set points, AND your business strategy simultaneously,  you BREAK the feast or famine income cycle, forever…

Thereby, taking back your power to create whatever results you choose!

Let me share with you how I came about the Coaches Business Accelerator method.

Around the 3 years in business mark, I began to feel extremely frustrated by a pattern I noticed repeating that was blocking me from growing my business.

I’d have a “good run”… You know, creativity and inspiration were flowing, productivity was on point, and the clients were signing up…

And it felt great! Like I’d finally cracked it!

But then… I’d pull the plug.  

I never meant to, of course.  Creativity would simply dry up and I’d suddenly feel stuck and insecure…  

Or I’d kick back and relax, telling myself “You can afford to!” 

Either way,  I simply could NOT mobilize myself until my back was against the wall again.

Neck-deep (and getting deeper) in debt, no cash coming in, I became desperate…

And did silly things like discount my rates, hustle into the night and throw myself at the mercy of shiny marketing objects…

Therefore, reinforcing my limiting beliefs and further enmeshing me in the feast or famine income cycle

I was secretly so worried that I’d never be create the income that would enable me to move home

I had a dream of moving to the South Coast, living by the sea and being closer to my mum and step-dad

And every year, that dream just seemed to get further and further away

It was crushing, and I was exhausted

I call the next part of my journey the “petri-dish” phase.  

I was fortunate.  In March 2018 I hit rock bottom.  I probably would have yo-yo’d like this forever, had I not.

A payment I was trying to make of less than £100 got declined.  I hadn’t realised how close I was to my £18k credit card limit. 

I’d exhausted all the limits on my other credit cards. 

I hit the deck. 

Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I was consumed with shame.

Long story short.  Within 48 hours I made a decision. Enough was enough. I needed to change, and I instinctively knew that it had to be from the inside out. 

And so I set about discovering how to rapidly expand my consciousness, while working on my business and my finances…

I took action and I tracked, observed, analysed and interpreted.   I was like a mad scientist! 

But something incredible happened.

Within 7 months of operating in this “consciousness expanding experiment”:

  • I cleared my debt (which was exactly £47,788) 
  • I made a whopping £29k in one month, but not just any month!  It was the same month that I had a leisurely week off, holidaying in the Cotswolds with my family
  • I finally overrode my crappy lack of discipline, and was systematically managing my finances, which meant I could pay myself monthly,  hire my virtual assistant and, set aside money for taxes.
  • I wrote and published a No.1 Amazon Bestselling self help book sharing my “getting out of debt” journey
  • I ticked off a couple of bucket list items too!  For instance, I flew to Amsterdam to meet friends at an Abraham Hicks event; I booked myself onto a 5 day Spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona, and I took my children to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park during the half term break.

 Not bad for a single mum, 100% reliant on her coaching income!

And the best part? 

I felt amazing!  Like, ALL of the time!  

The constant low level anxiety was gone and my new habitual state of being was profound joy, ease and flow, the likes of which I’d never experienced! 

I implemented the principles I’d discovered with my clients, and they too got amazing results

Take one of my clients,  Meera Remani for example…

When Meera started working with me through the Coaches Business Accelerator method 18 months ago…

She was selling €1800 coaching packages…doing everything right, and yet she was struggling to generate consistency

Within 3 months, she was earning between €6k to €8k per month…

Today, she’s selling €9k packages and a “slow month” for her is €15k.

Oh, just a side note…

After lockdown, in 2022 I bought my dream house, 10 minutes walk from the sea…

And 3 minutes walk from my mum and step-dad!

Knowledge is power, but without application, knowledge is useless. 

The Coaches Business Accelerator method works because of it’s two-pronged approach to growth. 

We focus on the consistent application of simple, time-tested and effective strategies for growing your business…

While simultaneously doing the inner work to expand consciousness,  slaying the saboteurs and expanding your set-points,  along the way.  

By working from both ends of cause and effect, you’ll never hit the wall again.

As you follow the step by step strategy, you’ll be operating from your genius, enrolling more clients and making more money…

And you’ll be feeling AMAZING…!!

At some point, you’ll breach your set points (as usual) causing an ‘activation’ of  your subconscious saboteurs (we want this to happen!)

Your saboteurs are like sentry guards, patrolling the perimeter of your current self-identity, “protecting you” and  keeping you small, and safe within it’s confines 

I’m sure you’ll be familiar with your saboteurs! They manifest as…

– Procrastination, even on things you want to do;

– Perfectionism, preventing you from finishing anything;

– Overwhelm from too many projects;

– Imposter syndrome keeping you from your big ideas and

– Overthinking and second guessing your every move, and stalling your progress

Or they simply whisper in your ear “Who the hell do you think you are?”  Driving you under the duvet in despair!

Whereas once upon a time, these saboteurs would have caused you to slam on the brakes in your business

Now, you’ll be outwitting them!

Through a powerful blend of leading-edge mindset processes and practical application, you’ll easily be able to challenge your subconscious habits, rewire in new and expansive beliefs, and modify the behaviours that have kept you stuck all these years

Thereby freeing you up to create phenomenal transformation in your results, not just in your business, but in all areas of your life!

As one of my wonderful clients said:

“A lot of business coaches fly through mindset work and slap an empty affirmation on deep-seeded limiting beliefs leaving you feeling like a total failure when their ‘fail-proof’ business strategy fails to make you a millionaire.

But not Sanae!  She works with such integrity and skilfully peels back layers upon layers of self-doubt and self-sabotage until you get to the root cause of your struggle.  At times it was a painful journey but I felt so supported every step of the way. Sanae is so skillful in what she does, sometimes I felt like she could read my mind and feel my pain.

As a result of working with Sanae I have experienced a massive personal transformation. I have spent years living in fear and lack and now I can see and feel joy in everything I do.

There are no words to explain what a change it has made to my personal life, how I see and feel about myself, my relationships with others and how I run and approach my business. I am now super clear on my direction and strategy for my business…

Most days I still hear her voice saying ‘It is EASY. You just need to believe it. It is meant to be EASY’.

And so it is

I could not recommend Sanae enough”  Simona Dimsaite Melkune.

The  Coaches Business Accelerator’s two pronged approach: 


Master Your Success Psychology

  • Shame Release: Healing your shame around finances; debts and receiving money
  • Cause and Effect: Uncover the core beliefs that block you from reaching your potential
  • Consciousness Conditioning: Re-wire your subconscious mind for greater success 
  • Master your money mindset to eliminate the push / pull patterns when it comes to earning and spending
  • Prosperity Practices: Develop the disciplines to support your consistent progress and growth

Raising Your Frequency, Becoming financially empowered and open yourself up to receiving , and handling more and more success!

Master Your Success Strategy

  • Alignment Alchemy: Guaranteed precision, clarity and alignment on your target market, your unique gift (aka your expert niche) and your credibility factor.
  • Perfect your messaging so your content resonates and attracts your dream clients
  • Build your optimum profit-making portfolio of irresistible coaching packages
  • Implement the credibility marketing strategy so you’ll rise above the noise as the Go-To-Authority in your niche
  • Become a sales superstar and convert prospects into paying clients with rock solid confidence, authenticity and integrity

All of this setting you up to £10k plus months operating from your zone of genius


The Coaches Business Accelerator is a rolling 12-month immersive coaching and mentoring experience that supports you every step of your journey. 

As soon as you join you will get access to: 

  • 1 x private 90 minute activation call with Sanae Floyd to remove the brakes and truly kick start your journey.
  • 12 x private 30 minutes laser coaching sessions held monthly
  • Live WEEKLY Group Coaching Clinics hosted by Sanae Floyd and other programme experts, who will expertly coach you past your fears and overwhelm and guide you to achieve your business dreams
  • A vault with 24/7 access to:
  • Step by step training to grow your business and master Balance, Productivity and Profitability
  • Mindset practices to shift your state anytime and support your growth, and…
  • Masterclasses on managing your time, your money and your progress so you’ll always feel in control and on-top of your game
  • Live Copy Critique Workshops each month, for personalised feedback and suggestions to ensure your copy is optimised for maximum conversions, and is fulfilling it’s aims
  • Personalised Sales Audits to help you master your sales conversations and make high ticket closes in a way that feels aligned with you and your personality
  • Access to monthly live Money Manifesting Sessions, slaying your hidden money blocks and expanding your wealth consciousness 
  • Weekly accountability to keep you on track with your commitments and raise awareness to your sticking points (there’ll be no more hiding or playing small!)
  • A Supportive Community to share and celebrate your successes with like-minded entrepreneurs on similar paths.
  • Guest Expert Events and masterclasses from top pro’s in their game to help you on your journey to becoming a highly profitable and highly professional business owner

Join my Inner Circle and Accelerate your Coaching Business Growth in 2023.

If you’re interested in taking your business to brand  new heights in 2023 then it’s time to book a call with me and discuss your unique business:

I can’t wait to speak with you

Peace and love

Sanae x

Stuck and Uninspired? 4 Tips to Get Your Content Creation Juices Flowing!

Stuck and Uninspired? 4 Tips to Get Your Content Creation Juices Flowing!

Do you find yourself staring at a blank screen, wondering what to post about?

You know that “content is king” and you really do want to show up and get visible so your ideal clients can find you and yet when it comes to it your mind goes…


You wind up wasting hours , breaking your head over what to say and then in a last minute rush you just post something random that you hate.

It’s so frustrating when you’ve got a burning desire to create an impact, to serve, and make a difference with your knowledge, experience, and gifts…

And yet you’re STUCK on what to say every day on Social Media!

Let’s get you unstuck!

I want to help you because this is so important to the success of your coaching business.  No matter what stage of the journey you’re at, the truth is still that content is king (and as one of my coaches says “Consistency is queen”).

We’re in an information age right now, and people are consuming more content than ever before, in order to help them make a decision to buy.  That includes you, your content and services.

Marcus Sheridan in his content marketing book “They Ask, you Answer” cites research that shows:

“Consumer buying patterns have gone through a monumental shift over the past decade…on average, 70% of the buying decision is made before a prospect talks to the company”

The good news is that your sales conversations become much easier – since they’re 70% sold on your already!

But this does mean getting out of your own way and giving your ideal clients what they need to help them make the decision to work with you.  Your content is what builds that vital know, like and trust that you’re always hearing marketeers talking about!

And it’s not just WHAT you’re putting out there, as in expert positioning content, it’s also how you’re putting yourself out there. Your ideal clients will be attracted to your energy, your authenticity as well as your message.

Ready to show up and shine your light and attract your dream clients?

Of course you are!  So, without further ado, here are my TOP 4 TIPS to help you shift your state and get into creative genius flow!

  1. Change your STORY

I’m talking about the mental dialogue that is going on that is keeping you stuck right now.

Whatever drum you’re beating is what you’re creating in your experience. You’ve got to STOP telling the story of “I’m stuck, I don’t know what to talk about! What’s wrong with me? It’s all been said before…” etc etc etc

These statements are embedded commands to your brain and it will keep you stuck! Your experience will reflect back to you everything you’re affirming so choose your thoughts and words wisely!

Try affirming these for starters:

“Creativity flows through me and to me and I always know what to say”
“I love writing content, it always resonates with my ideal clients now”
“I’m unstoppable!! I love creating content with so many new ideas!”

When you change your stories, you change your life!!

2) Change Your State

Changing your state by changing your physiology is massively powerful for moving stuck energy in your body and releasing the stress that is blocking your creative flow.

When you’re stressed, blood, and therefore oxygen, flow to your creative prefrontal cortex is impaired and your ability to think clearly and creatively is reduced. Ever heard the term “cotton wool brain”? That’s what it’s like trying to think under the influence of stress!

Personally, about 90% of my content comes to me as inspired downloads while I’m out running. I feel like information is coming ‘through me’ and as soon as I get home I have to capture it – or sometimes I’ll record it into my phone while I’m running! It feels inspired and easy so whenever I’m in a creative funk, a run is my fix all!

If running isn’t your thing, jumping about to great music will do it, or a walkout in nature, or anything that moves your body and gets your blood pumping!

3) Change your Mindset

Shift your mindset from “What can I get?” to “What can I give?” This one simple shift in perspective is a game changer!

It’s easy to get caught up in negative overthinking when your creativity isn’t flowing as you’d like it to be. We lose focus on why we’re doing this work in the first place, the why that wants to serve and support others.

Realize now that your content creation is less about you, and more about helping your ideal client. Consider the fact that somebody needs to hear from you today, and they need some of your expertise, knowledge, and wisdom.

This alone is a powerful energy shift because it shifts from needy and desperate energy to one of contribution and service.

When you give, from a place of authenticity and integrity, the Universe responds in kind.

4) Clarity and Alignment with your mission and your message.

It would be remiss of me not to mention this fundamental piece of the coaching business jigsaw, after all, helping coaches get the clarity and alignment required to attract dream clients is my specialism!

When you’re clear on your mission and your message, it’s really akin to being aligned with your passion and your purpose. The positive energy flow is palpable and it creates by far the biggest shift that I see in my clients’ clarity, creativity, and confidence.

So consider the possibility that your ‘stuckness’ is a symptom of a lack of clarity in your mission and your message and that will give you a focus to work on right now.

Dial-in with specificity on exactly what you do [your niche] and who you do it for [your dream client], making sure that you’re clear on where they are now [the problem you solve] and where they want to be [the outcome you deliver]. This is a gamechanger for creating content with ease and that will resonate and convert prospects into paying clients…

To support you, I have a FREE 5-video series training and workbook that you can download that will help you join the dots of your own story and get the clarity and alignment you need to show up with clarity, confidence, and credibility and start attracting your dream clients!

I hope this article helps you to get unstuck.

If you want to crush the timeline on making £10k months your new normal in your coaching business then you can book your strategy call with me here and let’s talk about how I can help you make that happen: I want my strategy call with Coach Sanae!

Love Sanae x

Don’t waste any more time trying to figure this out on your own. I’m taking on new clients and if you’re ready to be my next success story, book a call with me ASAP!

Is Perfectionism Stopping You From Getting Visible?

Is Perfectionism Stopping You From Getting Visible?

Do you battle with perfectionism when it comes to being visible?

When it comes to recording a video that you planned to be a 20 minute task, does it become a 2 hour task, with countless takes, after which…You’re still not happy with the end result?


Perhaps you’re prone to spending too much time working on a project, only to abandon it on completion.  Or maybe you don’t abandon it but you just never actually promote it, because you judge it as “just not good enough”

And maybe, you have a library of content and resources that you’ve created, that never sees the light of day!

If you’re constantly striving for perfection in your work, you’ll always feel frustrated, over-critical and disappointed with yourself.

Striving to be perfect, can also often result in frustrating bouts of procrastination.

The fear of NOT being perfect, and the need to avoid the bitter feelings of disappointment can be immobilizing, causing you to slam the brakes on your productivity.

It’s a no-win situation. Perfectionism is a saboteur. Period.

It’s also a false ideal. Especially in business.

In striving to be perfect, we labour under the false notion that, at some future point, we’ll be done.  That some day, we will achieve perfection.

This of course is a lie and leaves us no room for improvement and growth.

The truth is, we’re constantly growing and evolving. As the saying goes “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

And I know that as a coaching entrepreneur, you value personal development, growth and expansion.

So how can you overcome perfectionism, and actually enjoy the journey?

  1. Practice presence.   Narrow your attention and awareness into whatever you’re doing in the moment. As you focus on the one activity in front of you, and you give it all your attention, you bring a higher quality of consciousness to the work. It’s very zen, and takes some practice but the more time you spend working from this still state of mind, you access more inspiration, more creativity and more JOY in the journey.
  2. Focus on your ideal client.   Before you start any piece of work, tune in to your ideal client and consider how your work will positively impact them.  They need to hear from you, they need your wisdom.  What you share in your video, or your article, your lead-magnet or your email might just be “the thing they need to hear today”.  Remember, they’re dealing with their own shit so they don’t care about your hair being out of place, or about the background on your video.  They’re in pain and they need you to show up!
  3. Celebrate EVERYTHING you do!!!  I love this practice and I often get clients, who struggle with perfectionism, or a chronic belief that “I’m not doing enough” to send me a list, every day of 10 things they accomplished that day to celebrate.  Celebrate getting up without hitting snooze once!  Celebrate writing a post on Social Media!  Celebrate cooking a meal! Celebrate writing an email to your list! Celebrate tidying your desk! Celebrate making a new connection on LinkedIn!  Celebrate EVERYTHING!!!

Celebrating everything trains your brain to get a bigger kick out of the “smaller” every day activities. You don’t need to chase perfection or major accomplishments to feel good. Life just starts to feel good anyway…and by virtue of the Law of Attraction…you attract more and more to feel good about. My clients who this daily, find that within 10 days they experience really profound and positive shifts.

4. Change your Stories.  Perfectionism isn’t a behaviour. It’s a way of thinking about yourself – Andrew Hill
Understand that you can change your internal critical programming through firstly raising awareness to your inner critics voice, and then replacing the negative ‘stories’ you tell yourself about yourself, with affirmative thoughts and beliefs. Know that you’re amazing, and fall in love with yourself exactly as you are!

5. Ship! Ship! Ship!  This simple shift in mindset was a game-changer for me personally.

“Shipping isn’t focused on producing a masterpiece…Picasso painted more that a thousand paintings, and you can probably name three of them” Seth Godin.

Focus on creating, and shipping your work with no attachment to the outcome. Whether shipping means for you selling your course, publishing an article or going live on social media. Do it, ship it and then come straight back to your desk to create the next piece of work.

The irony of perfectionism is that it’s ultimately self-defeating! Making mistakes, and learning from them, is part of being human. It’s how we grow and it’s how we get better at life, business and relationships.

A couple of months ago I joined a comedy improvisation group and we’ve done a couple of live shows, to real audiences! One of the many lessons I have taken from it is when you step out, onto the stage, commit to whatever you’re doing and follow through wholeheartedly.

That’s where the magic happens.

And if it fails? You fail forward. Always.  Tag me in your next livestream 😉

Peace and Love

Sanae x


11 Ways to Stand Out as The Go-To Expert In Your Coaching Niche

11 Ways to Stand Out as The Go-To Expert In Your Coaching Niche

You don’t need to be qualified with a string of coaching certifications to start your coaching business, however, if you want to attract and enrol premium clients, you do need to be able to showcase your expertise and credibility!

Positioning yourself as the credible expert is vital if you’re ever going to stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise on Social Media

This is something so many coaches struggle with, but once you get this nailed, it’s game-changing!

In this article, I’ve highlighted key actionable strategies and techniques to help you showcase your credibility and position yourself as the expert you are, regardless of whether you’re a veteran online entrepreneur or you’re just starting out.

I’m not sharing anything that I haven’t implemented in my own online coaching business over the past 7-8 years so these are all tried and tested by yours truly!


Don’t resist being super specific!  Getting yourself known for that special thing you do and who you do it for is critical in the early days of your coaching business journey (once you’re more established you can begin to extend your services if applicable).

It may seem counter intuitive to narrow your market. Especially in those early days, when it’s likely that you’re not charging very much for your services and you need lots of clients to make ends meet!

However, the truth is that the more specialist and niche you are, the more you’ll attract the right clients, those who see your value and need your specialism to solve their problem.  Plus the more specialist you are, the more you can charge! People love to pay premium for your specialist knowledge!

The way to make this easier is to ensure that what you specialise in, is also what you’re passionate about. Don’t make the mistake of trying to shoe-horn yourself into a niche just because you perceive it to be ‘profitable’.

If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing then it’s going to be very difficult to follow through on all the strategies below this one with any level of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment.

“Passion in the genesis of genius”
Anthony Robbins

When you’re passionate and aligned with your specialist niche, and you’re clear on your ideal client, you ignite what feels like a superpower. You literally unlock new levels of creativity, resourcefulness, and receptivity to ideas and opportunities and you feel like you can move mountains!

In 2015 I established myself as an online Sales Coach for Coaches, my background was in Corporate sales.  My speciality that helps my clients to sell effectively is my ability to dial into my clients story and help them find alignment with their passionate niche.

I was very quickly dubbed the “Niche Whisperer” by my clients and my business sky-rocketed as I received regular referrals and recommendations, all from Social Media, as people got to know me for what I did, and reached out when they needed help to clarify their Niche and ideal client.

If you’re unclear about your niche, or who your ideal client is, then please feel free to access my free 5-part video series called “Shine Your Light” (you can open in a new link to download it here: “Shine Your Light” ) which will help you get this really nailed down.


Is there congruence in your profile description and your branding across your various platforms?

As you’re showing up and sharing your stuff, folks will ‘check you out’ especially if they resonate with your content.  Your people want to know more about you and they’ll also be looking to see that the person behind the content matches up with the message being shared, even on an unconscious level. This all builds greater trust and connection.

Ensure that your profiles across all your Social media platforms align and reflect a consistent message and also consider what your personal Facebook profile is reflecting about you. Would you want your prospective dream client to see your drunk photos or potty-mouth posts? Maybe, maybe not, there’s no judgment. Profanity may be a part of your brand, think Katrina Ruth or Gary V.

In essence, be congruent and authentic and consider your profile from the perspective of your prospective clients so you don’t risk undermining your credibility.

3.Consistent Visibility

Ever heard of The familiarity principle? It’s the tendency we humans have of developing a preference for things (be they people, products, ideas, etc.) the more we’re exposed to them.

So, how does this apply to you?

Well, as you show up consistently with great quality content, consistency in your messaging, and you’re positioned correctly where your ideal clients ‘hang out’ you’ll become a familiar face in the crowd.

At first, your people notice you, then they start taking notice of you and then they start following you.

Don’t be disheartened by a lack of engagement either. You’re not in this business for the vanity metrics.  Have faitih, and trust your people are watching.   Your ideal clients are dealing with their own issues, and don’t want the world to know that your post resonates with them so they’re not likely to comment on your content.

What matters is that you push through your hang-ups and continue to show up no matter what it looks like on the outside. As one of my clients says here, she was a “stalker”!

I stalked Sanae for about 6 months after seeing one of her posts that completely resonated with how I was feeling. However, I wasn’t ready to put my hand up for help at that stage, I thought there must be a way for me to sort this out myself (as most of us do!) All I can say is that if I’d worked with Sanae sooner I would have fast tracked my progress”
Karita Beard: Empowerment Coach

My clients are so surprised when they get messages from prospects who become paying clients saying they’ve been “following them” or “stalking their content” for months. This makes me laugh as I say to them “Why are you surprised? You did the same to me before you reached out and hired me!”

Perhaps one of your biggest challenges right now is coming up with high-quality content on a consistent basis.

If that’s the case then take a few minutes to watch my quick training on how you can create a robust content strategy that delivers real value, leverages your expertise, and stops you wasting time wondering what to talk about every day!

How to create a robust and relevant content strategy:

Many coaches worry about being repetitive and so waste energy and lose time trying to constantly come up with new creative content.  The reality is that repetition of your core message in your content is critical for positioning your expertise and building your credibility.

Repetition builds trust as people get to know you for what you do and as such, you build your reputation.

Not to mention, Social Media news feeds move so fast so there’ll always be new eyeballs on your stuff (and your die-hard followers will hear what they need to hear when they need to hear it!)

4.Seasonal Content

How might specific times of year impact or trigger negative emotions in your ideal clients?

How can you add value during those times? For example, if you’re a health coach, how might you help your audience navigate the excesses of Christmas or Thanksgiving? Or does Valentine’s day trigger your lonely hearts if you’re a Dating Coach?

Offering seasonally relevant content for your ideal clients is very powerful for leveraging your credibility and your expertise and is an opportunity to get published and featured in publications that your target market read.

For example, the 3rd Monday in January is known as Blue Monday here in the UK. Among several reasons this day got its name, is the fact that it’s the day that people start receiving their credit card bills from their Christmas shopping sprees and they feel guilty, depressed, and anxious about how much debt they’re in.

I wrote a book about how I overcame my toxic relationship with debt and a big part of my work now is supporting entrepreneurs to empower themselves around money and to free themselves from debt.

So I make it a point to speak about it, write articles addressing this issue and comment on other posts around this time of year to share my personal experience with debt.

Following on from this I was invited to speak on Sharing the Vibe Podcast and also invited to speak as a guest expert in some other communities for Coaches on the topic of money mindset.

Check out my book here and my FREE “Get Debt Free” 5 day course to kick-start your debt free journey.

5.Describe your ideal clients’ pain in your posts

When you can describe your ideal clients’ pain better than they can, you automatically stand out as a credible expert with the solution.

Think about it.  Haven’t you ever searched good old “Dr Google” to find out about some “unusual’ physical symptoms you’ve experiencing? You land on an article that describes your symptoms plus a few more that you weren’t aware of, but now that you’re reading about, you’re feeling them…!

So, what do you do?

You keep reading!

You keep reading, seeking answers, and assuming that the author knows the solution on account of their accuracy in describing your symptoms!

It’s the same with YOUR content.  When you’re super clear on your ideal client and their pains and frustrations, your content will take on a whole new resonance. See next point

6.Expert Positioning Post Framework: Problem, Pain, Prescribe

This is an amazing framework that helps you craft a post or a blog that leverages your expertise. Not only are you connecting to your ideal client emotionally, as you’re describing the problem and all the symptoms of the problem but you’re also adding value by offering a solution i.e the prescription.

Here’s the basic structure:

Problem: Define the problem that your ideal client is struggling with i.e “Are you struggling to get paying clients? It’s fair to say you know your power and how you can help others, yet you’re struggling to “sell” your services because you’re fearful of coming off as pushy and sleazy”

Pain: Paint the picture of how this problem is affecting her life i.e How it’s impacting her life, her health, and well-being, her relationships, her career, her confidence, and her self-esteem. i.e “Every morning you wake up with a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. It’s been weeks since you signed a client and you’ve no idea where the next bit of cash is coming from. Whenever your spouse asks you what you’ve been doing all day, you get defensive and wind up arguing because you feel like he’s not supporting your dreams.  You feel isolated because your loved ones just don’t “get it” You’re starting to feel like an imposter…”

Prescribe: Offer some nuggets of wisdom that will help her solve this problem. i.e “Here are my top 5 tips to magnetise your dream clients and close more sales…”

7.Get Comfortable on Video and Live-stream

Show what you know!! You’re the expert so show up and BE the expert!!


Leveraging the power of video and live-stream to teach!

I have never had to do any cold outreach, (which I hate) because my ideal clients reach out to me. Through consistent visibility, sharing wisdom, and teaching, on video I’m constantly positioning myself as an expert in my niche and my ideal clients reach out to me.

I know that doing videos and live-streaming may fill you with horror, it certainly did me in the early days!! I tried everything to help me feel more ease around it such as EFT, hypnosis, NLP techniques, and the good old JFDI strategy!

In the end, my business was at the ‘do or die’ stage! I needed to show up, and I needed to show up large and in charge, or else I’d be looking for a “proper” job, which was so far from what I wanted.

I guarantee that once you push through the fear and start sharing value via video and live-stream you’ll soon see the positive impact on your influence and your income. Video enables people to connect with you and your energy, much faster than any other medium.

Another key point, that I cannot emphasise enough (in fact this is a game-changer), is the importance of your mindset and your energy when it comes to putting your stuff ‘out there’.

This was a hugely rewarding shift in focus for me personally. When I was having a tough time and I was feeling desperate for cash I created blogs and vlogs from a place of ‘what will this get me?’

The focus of all my activities was on getting clients and as a result, my energy was ‘off’. I felt rudderless with no sense of direction and flow. I became attached to the outcome and so when nothing happened (which was inevitable considering my ‘off’ energy) I became even more desperate and needy. A self-perpetuating downward spiral.

Once I transferred my attention to giving value and contribution, everything shifted. I felt back on purpose and my confidence and self-worth were fuelled by my belief that my message was seen and heard by whoever needed to see and hear it.

Ironically, this focus shift resulted in more inquiries from prospective clients because they were connecting with my authenticity, my energy, and my enthusiasm.

So, focus on contributing and giving and you will not only feel amazing and up-lifted, but you will also evoke the law of reciprocity.

8.Guest Expert Opportunities

Reach out to relevant podcasts and offer yourself up for guest expert interviews.  Also contact hosts/admins of Facebook groups who share the same audience and offer to do a guest expert interview or masterclass into that group. Avoid stepping on any toes by ensuring the group hosts’ services complement what you offer, rather than clashes with.

I’ve been able to help so many more clients who found me through my free masterclasses and guest expert interviews in other hosted groups.

I was invited to be interviewed on the Sharing the Vibe Podcast on the topic of money matters last year after I published my debt story. The podcast was so much fun and I noticed a spike in sales of my book after that.

9.Get featured and published

Write expert positioning articles of value and submit them to publications that are relevant to your target market.

Articles that share how you navigated and overcame a challenge with key lessons learned are always popular.

I’m no expert in ‘How to get featured and published” but what I do know is that I let the fear of not being good enough, hold my back from even trying for years!

The moment I thought “oh what the hell!” and I sent off an article – it got published as a feature article!

Gather a list of the relevant publications that you know your audience is reading and write to them! Most of them have a “Contact the Editor” link. Make sure you follow the specific instructions and write a separate article for each publication.

Then you have the joy of embedding the logos of your featured publications on your website and on your social media to add weight to your credibility!

10.Social Proof

We Brits are never very good at tooting our own horns but this is something you just need to get over because sharing client wins and success stories are extremely powerful for your credibility in the eyes of your prospects. Your clients are doing the talking for you.

Brand new to your coaching business? The workaround is to offer free coaching in exchange for testimonials. Share the love!

Side Note: I always take a screenshot of all my client messages of success and thank you’s, as well as the formal testimonials, and store them in my smile-file.  You might have down days when things feel tough and it’s easy to slip down the rabbit hole of wondering “What’s the point?” Trust me, when you’re having one of those moments? Just flick through your smile-file and you’ll soon be brought back to yourself again as you remember “Ah, this is the point”.

11.Collaborate with Other Experts

You can offer your services to another coaches’ group programme, course, or even to their 1-2-1 clients. As an example, a business coach might outsource to a branding expert to help her 1-2-1 clients with their business branding or to share a brand training to her group clients.

One of my clients coaches corporate women to improve their confidence and executive presence in the boardroom.   She partnered with a personal brand stylist and their collaboration was profitable and increased their reach too.

Whether you offer to collaborate for a fixed fee or commission-based, or even if you run some free training sessions within another paid community, you are still raising your visibility and your credibility.

I have various guest experts for my group coaching clients and their masterclasses enhance my clients’ experience and many of my clients will go on to hire them for their particular expertise.

I was the Sales Expert Coach in the 7-Figure Marketing and Business strategist, Luisa Zhou’s Employee to Entrepreneur Program which enrolls over 200 students each year. Being associated with Luisa and a part of her team of specialists leverages my credibility and I reach more people and receive referrals from people I may not have otherwise reached.

The key here is to build strong relationships and connections that you nurture. Most of my collaborations have come as a result of either coaching them or being coached by them and as a result, a strong bond and rapport have been formed over time.

A final word

I hope you found this helpful and you’re feeling inspired to take some action to get yourself out there loud and proud!!

I will just add, you’ve got to want to win at this online game with every fibre of your being because while the rules are simple and there’s a low bar for entry, it’s NOT easy!!

It takes guts to show up and it takes perseverance and persistence to push through the tough times, the doubts, and the fear.

Make a decision right now that you’re gonna really go for it and don’t ever quit. This is how your success is guaranteed.

Be authentic and share your knowledge, skills, and wisdom in the best way for you. Find your groove, your strength, and play to that.

You’re in this for the long game and forcing yourself to be someone or something you’re not, because you think that’s how you’ll succeed, is exhausting and unsustainable.

People love, and are craving, real and authentic humanity and integrity, and what you put out into the world, is always reflected back to you.

Thank you for reading!

Sanae x

If you’re ready to accelerate your coaching business success and take your impact and income to new heights then book a call with me today and let’s discuss how I can help you make your coaching business dreams a reality: Book A Strategy Call with Sanae

5 Qualities You MUST Cultivate for Greater Ease, Peace of Mind and Flow as You Grow

5 Qualities You MUST Cultivate for Greater Ease, Peace of Mind and Flow as You Grow

In order to successfully grow your coaching business, you know you need courage, tenacity, resilience, determination, confidence etc

And there is absolutely no denying the validity of these qualities to shift the needle on your growth, and support you at every stage of the journey.

I’d also add here that you’ve embodied and demonstrated these qualities in spades throughout your life. You know you have them, after all, they got you here!

Throughout your life, you were rewarded and celebrated for them. Go go go! High achiever!

You certainly need to have courage, resilience and determination when THAT voice shows up.  You know the voice. It starts chattering, waking you up in the dead of night, saying stuff like “It’s not working!; I’m not good enough! Why on earth did I think I could do this!?

All we were ever taught to do was to push past that voice, to push through the tough times!

However, there are some essential qualities that are less cultivated, and little celebrated, in our Western culture.

And yet, they are essential for your business journey, if you want to avoid burn-out and if you want greater ease, peace of mind and flow as you grow

The old way of pushing, striving, hustling that go you here…won’t get you there, it won’t get you to your next level of growth and expansion.

So what are these qualities that I’m talking about?

Here they are, they’re in no particular order of importance although I have saved the one that had the biggest impact on me till last 😉

1) Presence power

We’ve learned about goal-setting, and keeping the end in mind. We face forward, taking massive action towards our dream destination. We reward ourselves only for what we deem to be a “good day” i.e one in which we were super-productive.

The problem with this is that our moment to moment activities become reduced to a means to an end. We’re not actually experiencing life in this moment. We spend too much time in the energy of impatience thereby not producing our best work, let alone enjoying the journey.
This is when we fall prey to overwhelm and we identify with the mental chatter because we’re not able to detach from it.

Your power to create is in the NOW. This moment, right here, right now. Staying present is equivalent to putting your higher self in the driving seat. You operate with greater awareness, consciousness and presence power.

2) Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is accepting fully, and without judgement, where you are right now.

It is what it is.

When you consider your financial situation, do you wish it were different? Do you judge yourself as being incompetent? Or maybe you’re ashamed because you have debt?

If so, this kind of thinking keeps you locked in to the stories and patterns that created the situation in the first place.

You’re thinking from the problem.

Self acceptance enables you to calm the nervous system and access greater depths of compassion and creativity – enabling you to think from the solution.

3) Trust

Trust yourself and others.

Firstly, trusting yourself and heeding those intuitive nudges, inspired ideas, and creative downloads that come to you when you’re feeling high and happy.  You’ll recognise them because they feel like TRUTH…

The problem is, we’ve been conditioned to be “realistic” or logical and so you start talking yourself down from your high filling yourself with doubt.  That voice shows up again: “Who do i think I am!? I can’t do that!”

I work with coaches who are deeply committed to, and passionate about, helping others.  They’re using their hard won widsom, knowledge and experience to help people transform their lives, just as they themselves have been able to.

But often there’s a deep inherent lack of self – trust because of those past experiences.  Because of past hurts and betrayals.  It’s mostly subconscious but they just have a sense of self blame for allowing those past experiences to happen to them.

When it comes to trusting others, life has taught you to be wary.

Or, perhaps you’ve invested in business courses  and didn’t get the results you were promised, and as a result you’ve lost trust in those that tell you “I can help you”.  You will attract more to feel wary about!  And you’ll likely hold back from getting the quality support you do need to grow.

Not only is this value of TRUST and in particulate self trust critical to cultivate, so you can take action on your inspired ideas and move the needle on your business progress…

But also, if you want to attract clients that trust you and your ability to help them?  You’ve got to trust yourself first.

4) Faith

Faith is believing in the unseen and the unmaterialised.  We grew up hearing “I’ll believe it when I see it”…

But faith is believing first. And then you’ll see it.

If I didn’t see myself running a business, working on my own terms and serving clients, back in 2014, I would NEVER have resigned from my job.

I’d been in corporate financial services for 17 years, since graduating from Uni!  I knew nothing else, I was institutionalized.  But I believed in my business with absolute faith, and that’s the only way I was able to quit my job and take the leap into the unknown.

Faith will keep you going when the going gets super tough.    You’re being called to grow constantly, and you’re going to meet with challenges at every turn, including confronting your deepest fears and insecurities.

Faith is knowing that everything is ALWAYS working out for you and your success is guaranteed, just as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

5) Security

This was a big one for me.  I had to learn this one “on the job” so to speak.  I had faith, and I quickly learned to trust myself, but security was one I learned while on my knees, mid-meltdown!

I was riding the income rollercoaster of feast or famine.  I never knew where the next bit of money was coming from, which was scary as a newly divorced, single mum of 2.  I relied on my coaching business to keep the roof over our heads and pay the bills.  I scrapped about, robbing Peter to pay Paul and borrowing on my credit cards.  Life felt inherently unsafe.

I wanted more money in order to feel secure.  I needed my mortgage to be paid on time, in order to feel safe.  I was trying to control and manipulate everything around me in order to feel secure.

It was in one of my darkest moments, that I had some kind of lightening bolt epiphany.  I heard the words “Source to self.  Source to self. Source to self” over and over.  I had the realisation that I was giving my power away by seeking external experiences to feel safe and secure.

I AM THE SOURCE TO SELF of everything I need and desire!

We can never attract that which we don’t inherently feel.  It’s only when you feel secure, that you’ll attract more security and more that is a match to that energy of security.  When I got this, it was instantaneous transformation!  I realised that I had to let go of the need to control, and go within to heal those parts of me that felt unsafe and insecure.

You are energy.  You are spiritual.  A vibrational being.  And you ARE the source of everything you desire.  You’ve got to feel it, and then you’ll become it, and then you’ll attract it.

Sanae x

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