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Success in Sales: Authentic Client Attraction and Enrolment For Online Coaches

Success in Sales: Authentic Client Attraction and Enrolment For Online Coaches

You know you have to sell your coaching services, and yet on so many levels the process makes you feel awkward, icky and uncomfortable.


Posting and self promotion on social media feels forced and contrived, and you’re afraid of coming off as desperate even though you really need to make money and fast!


You very thought of spamming peoples inboxes out of the blue to “invite them onto a call with you” makes you shudder, even though you know you have what it takes to really transform their lives!


And then, when you do manage to get someone into a conversation with you, you feel out of integrity converting that lovely rapport into “would you like to buy my services?” And so you silently resolve to save yourself, and them, any embarrassment and NOT introduce your paid services at all.  Temporary relief followed by the realisation…


…You’ve just lost a potential client…The first you’ve had in weeks…And down the rabbit hole you go.

Yikes! Sound familiar?  I know I’ve laid it on thick, but I know this is no exaggeration for so many coaching entrepreneurs who have little to no experience of selling, and in particular selling through service.

Selling through service is about attracting genuine dream clients, who reach out to YOU and ask you how they can work with you.  It’s time to stand tall and stand out as the authority, the go-to-expert, the receiver of referrals.  No icky. No pushy. A 100% sleaze-free zone.

It’s time you got to feel like you again (and yes, I’m talking about your BEST YOU!), where you’re leaning into the ease of your authenticity and opening your heart to what is real and true to you.

That’s when selling your services becomes a joyful and natural part of the process and you fall in love with the client enrolment process, almost as much as the actual coaching!

How can you bridge the gap so dream prospects are reaching out to you?

Well, firstly I need to bust a couple of erroneous and misleading beliefs that do NOT serve you.  These come in a variety of guises but essentially translate to:

I’m showing up and being visible in order to get clients.

BUSTED!!!  If your visibility strategy is all about getting clients, you’re in trouble.  Why?  Because you’re going to be too attached to the outcome.  This means you’re likely to be over-analytical and self-critical, and in a state of internal conflict because you feel inauthentic and icky.

The truth is:

You have a message to share.
You have wisdom born from experience that others need to hear.
You’ve navigated your way in order to teach others how to navigate their way
You’ve found an alternative to the struggle and you’re passionate and purposeful about sharing it.

When you’re operating from that mindset, your enterprise, your energy and your enthusiasm is inspiring, impactful and influential and people are drawn to you, they take notice, they start following you.

I have to sell on my sales / discovery calls

This belief will trigger you into feeling inauthentic because all the time you’re thinking “I need to sell/ I need this sale”.  This clouds your ability to see the person you’re with, instead you’re busy being self conscious as you nervously try to demonstrate (Read: remonstrate) your value and imagining that you have to be something other than yourself.

The truth is:

When you’ve got your approach to your visibility nailed on, the discovery call is really a process of discovering whether the prospect is a good fit for you and your coaching.

You’re asking the questions.
You’re doing the listening.
The prospect is doing all the talking.
You’re giving a powerful experience of how it would be to work with you which leads naturally into your offer.

In fact, it would be really weird if you didn’t make your offer.  Like visiting your doctor, answering all the questions and then the doctor saying “I know exactly what the problem is and I have the solution…So, come back to me sometime when you’re ready to get better”…weird right?

“I’m not good /perfect/smart/ ‘fill in the blank’ enough” so who am I to coach others in XYZ when I still don’t have all my shit together in this area”?

This will keep you stuck forever! You’re afraid of judgment and criticism and so you toe the line and play small which goes against the core of who you are.  You know you’re meant for more and so this creates yet more inner conflict and turmoil.

The Truth is:

You only need to be one or two steps ahead of your ideal client to be able to help them powerfully.  You’ve done your navigating, and I’ll wager you took the long and arduous road which means you can help crush the timeline on your clients’ journey.

And, by the way, none of us have our shit together.  We’re all on a journey of growth, expansion, and self-discovery and as long as we’re committed to the evolution process we’ll be taking our clients with us.

Ok, so now you have those truths under your belt, let’s talk about the fundamental key to successfully selling your coaching services without feeling remotely sleazy (in fact, it’s the fundamental key to profound joy, peace and success in your coaching business and indeed life!! Deep right?

Here it is:



Ah, Alignment.  It’s kinda like magic and you can’t fail to know when you’re in it.

Alignment is a state of being and a state of knowing.

Alignment takes you out of your head and into your heart.

Alignment is clarity and confidence.

Alignment with your message and your soul purpose client means you get to stand out as an authority, standing in your power and declaring with conviction:

This is who I am; this is what I do; this is who I help and this is my purposeful why. 

 [I’ve created a 5 day course called Shine Your Light that is entirely FREE and that will help you find your alignment – you can enrol here: Shine Your Light Course]

Alignment means you’re crafting offers that are, not only an embodiment of your gifts, skills and knowledge but also are an exact match to the desires of your dream clients – a match made in heaven and a no-brainer for your clients

Aligning your beliefs with your desires eliminates resistance and allows everything to flow in.

Alignment feels like standing in the warm and radiating glow of the love of the entire universe.

You feel clear
You feel excited
You become unstoppable

And it shows. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your posts are getting attention. People are drawn to your energy

You start receiving messages from complete strangers thanking you for your great post and asking how they can work with you..You feel encouraged and inspired to show up more and before you know it, you’re on that perpetual UPward spiral towards exactly what you want…

>> Engagement
>> Authority status
>> Discovery calls popping into your calendar and
>> Soul purpose clients who know before they even got on the call with you that they were going to sign up to work with you.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s not.  It is, in fact, exactly how your coaching business really should, and can, feel and be.

You are the greatest client attraction asset in your business.  When you are standing in a state of alignment with your purpose, your mission, and your message and you’re taking aligned and inspired action, everything will shift in your favour.

I hope you’re getting a sense of my passion and enthusiasm for sharing this message. I’ve been in coaching and mentoring in sales for over 25 years and I know for a fact that it need never feel sleazy and inauthentic – if it does, something is wrong.

I also know for sure that while prospecting and cold out-reach works for some people, it’s never going to work for those who hate doing it, which makes it a waste of time and energy.

Your alignment is like the vibrational advertisement drawing in your dream clients.

Sanae x

p.s  “The BLAB Academy”  is for coaches who are passionate about coaching and making a difference in the world and who want to bridge the gap to confidently attracting and enrolling dream clients.

This programme is NOT just another cookie-cutter strategy that leaves out the most essential ASSET in your business – YOU! This programme IS about TRANSFORMATION…Yours and the transformation that you offer your clients.

It’s EVERYTHING you need to start signing paying clients and making your first £5k PLUS months, as an on-line coach (even if you’re brand new and don’t even have a website yet!).

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How to Release the Resistance so You Can Manifest Your Big Money Goals

How to Release the Resistance so You Can Manifest Your Big Money Goals

There’s so much you want to achieve and you’ve written out your big audacious goals.  You love taking action and feeling the satisfaction of making progress, as well as doing the mindset work and practising faith.

And yet, you find yourself swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to the other, between buoyant “Yeah!! I’ve totally got this!” to soul sucking self-doubt and fear “Who do I think I am?? I can’t do this! I’m not good enough!

It becomes a mental, emotional and energetic rollercoaster and when things are low…they are really low, to the point that you introduce resistance and start talking yourself out of your desires and dreams, pretending that “Meh, I didn’t really want it anyway

Sound familiar?

Resistance comes in the form of sabotaging behaviours, procrastination and overwhelm. Resistance shows up as the voice in our head that whispers “Give up now. You’re not good enough

I’m all about helping you get into alignment with your truth so you can release the resistance and find your way back into the delicious flow of forward momentum, without your foot on the brakes!

Here are some mindset shifts that will support you to manifest your big money goals.

1: Stop referencing your money goal as “big”.  It may be a little 3-letter word but it can act like a chock under the wheel of your forward motion and money manifestation.  When you describe your goal as “big” it sends a message to your brain that what you want is going to be difficult to achieve and involve a lot of hard work.   Big is just a relative measure and yet it adds a ton of resistance to your path.

2: When you find yourself getting overwhelmed, do a Les Brown on yourself and start affirming that “It’s possible”.  “It’s possible that I can achieve this goal” loosens the grip of “I can’t…” and softens resistance because, of course, it is possible.  There’s no argument with that.  Anything and everything is possible!!

3:  Focus on the outcome not the “how”.  We never know exactly how we’re going to achieve the things we want -that’s half the excitement!!  As Martin Luther King said “you don’t have to see the whole stair case, just take the first step”.  This applies daily as you pursue your goals – just take every day, step by step.  I also love what Deepak Chopra says about the unknown “being the fertile soil for infinite possibilities”.  

4: Get into the feeling of the why behind the what.  You know what you want but have you ever considered why you want it?  Of course, you have, right?  BUT have you gone 7-Levels deep into why you want what you want?  This exercise is so powerful for connecting you to your true why and will propel you into a profound state of purpose and passion. Here’s the gist of it: Ask yourself why you want what you want 7 times, each time basing your question on the last answer given e.g.

Q1) Why do you want to make £10k per month?

A) Because I want to be able to relax and not worry about money

Q2) Why is it important to you to be able to relax and not worry about money?

A) Because there are so many things I want to do and making £10k would give me more freedom to say yes to those things

Q3) Why do you want more freedom to say yes to the many things you want to do?

A) Because I want to take my children to the beautiful cities in Europe and explore and have more adventures.

And so on…7 times.  Why 7?  It just works.  It takes you from your head to your heart and gets straight to the core of your passionate why.

5: Turn your money manifesting into a game and have fun with it. Create charts that you can star or tick off each day that you complete an activity and reward yourself at mini milestones.  If you know that running keeps you high-minded and positive then that is going to be a huge contributor to your goal attainment so include it on your to-do list that you tick off each day.  It’s not all serious heads down type of work that will get you there, it’s more about who you’re being, and becoming.

6: Visit the spiritual gym every day!! Meditate to bring peace, calm and clarity to the proceedings. Read inspiring books to open your mind to what is truly possible for you and practice self-awareness i.e “What am I thinking and feeling right now?  Is it serving me or am I thinking in opposition to my goal?

7: Finally…Know that you’re not alone.  You don’t have to clench your jaw, and your fists and try and control everything!! Relax!!  You have infinite intelligence working with you at all times – nudging you in the direction of everything and anything that will support you in your journey, giving you those inspired ideas and insights of what to do next and “gathering all of the co-operative components together” (Abraham Hicks) that will help you achieve your goal.

You’ve got this!! Keep going.

Peace and Love

Sanae x

P.S Want help to build your dream coaching business and achieve your goals?  Let’s talk about how I can help you make that happen as I’ve helped countless coaches and service based entrepreneurs

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7 Super Simple Hacks to Boost Your Productivity; Problem Solving and Prosperity!

7 Super Simple Hacks to Boost Your Productivity; Problem Solving and Prosperity!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your big dreams and goals?  Do you sometimes doubt your ability to get it all done and the more you think about what you want, the more paralysed you become?


When you have big dreams and so much you desire to accomplish and achieve, feeling stuck and unable to move forward can feel intolerable.


I get it!  And this is why over the years I’ve jumped on any solutions to help me get out of icky sucky stuckness in my business and enabled me to power forward, and accomplish so many of my big goals.

Here are my favourite 7 SUPER SIMPLE hacks to seriously power up your productivity, your problem-solving prowess AND your prosperity!

Sounds like a bold promise? In truth, they’re all linked.  You are energy and when you’re in the energetic frequency of productivity, you’re in a state of flow. Flow means you’re in alignment and alignment is a state of receptivity.

Receptivity means you’re open to receiving answers, opportunities and inspiration. You become a match to the resources, the solutions and the people that will help you progress faster than you could have imagined!


In no particular order:

1 – Become a Magnet to the Solution

The Law of Attraction states ‘That which is like is drawn’.  When you feel stuck, unproductive or you’re worried about something i.e Where the next client is coming from you’re caught up in the problem… Which keeps you in the problem.

The key to becoming a magnet to the solution is to decide on what you want and placing all of your focus there.

Focus on productivity, resourcefulness, inspiration and creativity. Affirm those things and as you feel the shift you can start to attract answers and the solutions you seek.

If you’re really feeling unproductive and you’ve been sitting staring at your laptop for hours. Don’t spend another minute there!! Go do something productive that feels easier.  You can clean the car, tidy your wardrobe or some such activity that will shift you into a state of productivity. Then you can bring that energy back to your laptop and back to your work. It’s called Energetic Shapeshifting and it’s powerful!


2 – Exercise makes you smarter!

Exercise makes you smarter and more productive!! 10 – 15 minutes at least of high-intensity cardio releases a chemical cocktail of feel good hormones into your bloodstream as well as pumps more oxygen to your brain.

When we’re stressed we get “cotton wool brain! We can’t think clearly, because during stressful situations we’re in fight or flight mode, not creative, analytical and reasoning mindset!  Stress makes us reactive rather than response-able and so we get easily overwhelmed and down the rabbit hole we go!!

Whether you dance around your living room to high vibe music, go running or walk the dog, it doesn’t matter! The important thing is to just get moving!


3 – Put Your Game Face on Everyday!

When I first started my business I loved the idea of being able to work in my pyjamas. During my first year, I met another coach online who quickly became one of my closest friends and business confidantes’. We laughed and celebrated the fact that we were on zoom calls with each other in our dressings gowns!! Oh, the joys!!

It didn’t take very long for us to both recognise that this was naive and not serving our productivity at all!

If you’re intent on showing up every day in your highest and best, being productive, creative and slaying your day? Then you’ve got to communicate that to your brain!!
How?   Well, it starts with getting dressed and putting your game face on, whatever that looks like for you, whether that’s putting on makeup or just getting washed and ready as though you’re going to work.  You don’t have to be formal, yoga pants is fine, as long as you’re not wearing what you wear to sleep!  Your brain associates your P.J’s with slumber days and sleep, NOT ninja productivity and badass problem-solving!

4 – Write a Magical To-Do List

I have to credit this wonderful exercise to Rhonda Byrne who wrote and directed The Secret. I love this and it really is powerful!     You get to decide and create a truly outstanding day and it starts first thing in the morning.

As you plan your day and think about what you have to do, take 5 minutes to write a gratitude list as though you’re reflecting back on everything working out perfectly and give thanks for it all.

For example:
You have to drive somewhere for an appointment so you might write “Thank you for the wonderful easy journey, the roads were quiet and I made perfect time”
You have some content you want to share on Social Media so you might say “I’m so grateful for the creative inspiration that resulted in a great post that resonated with my audience, so many people reached out to me because of it! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”
If you have a discovery call booked in you definitely want to add “I’m so grateful for the discovery call that went so well today and I’m excited that I have a new client as a result!”

5 – Scrap the “To-Do List” and create a Purpose Driven Action plan ( I learned this approach from Tony Robbins)

We all have to-do lists. Whether you’ve got them written out or they’re swirling around in your head (ahem, causing untold stress as your brain is working overtime trying to retain everything!)

But a mistake that many of us fall into is we make “completion of the To-Do list” the goal!!

That’s never going to create a sustained state of excitement and enthusiasm! Why? Because it’s NEVER ending!!  Haven’t you noticed that? You get so close to ticking it all off for one day and like water splashed on a gremlin, it starts reproducing more and more and more!

Let’s say you have a list that looks something like this:

Write Social Media post and Blog
Create next week’s content
Write the Landing page
Collect kids from school
Clean house
Drag self to Yoga Class

What’s WRONG with that list?? It’s boring!! It’s uninspiring and I for one am already diving into the biscuit barrel for some light relief!

The solution?  Turn your To-Do list into a PURPOSE DRIVEN ACTION PLAN.

Nietsche said, “A man with a why can bear anyhow”.  When it comes to transforming your mind-numbing to do list into an exciting, fulfilling and enriching purpose-driven action plan you’ve got to find the why behind every what.

Now let’s transform that previous To-Do list:

  • Write a Social Media post and blog and Create next week’s content.


Because I’m passionate about sharing my message to inspire and empower my audience and add value to their lives. I want to create an impact through my writing and stand out as an expert in my niche!

  • Write my landing page.


Because I have gifts, skills and knowledge that can transform my clients’ lives and I’m passionate about fulfilling my life purpose and helping others through my services

  • Collect kids from school; clean the house.


Because I want to create a safe, harmonious and loving environment in which my children feel loved and supported and our home feels like a sanctuary for us all to spend precious time together.

You get the picture…

Now can you feel the enthusiasm and excitement growing? Imagine coming at your activities from this place! Your energy will be a magnet for miracles!


6 – Eliminate Distractions!

Everyone complains that they don’t have enough time and we all want more hours in the day but time is the one leveller! Time is the one thing that every single entrepreneur, business owner, successful or otherwise, has in common!  We all have 24 hours in a day. What you do with that time is the difference that makes the difference.

You have to take an honest inventory of where your focus and attention is being distracted and therefore diminished. Did you know that one 5 minutes check in on your social media feed in the middle of working on a project, is actually more like a 30 minute disruption?

Research has shown that it takes an average of 23 minutes for your brain to recalibrate itself to the same level of concentration it was at before you decided to take a sneaky peek at your Facebook feed, or your emails.

The solution is to set a timer, switch off all notifications, turn off your phone and work in focused blocks with breaks in between. It’s called the Pomodoro method and will see you uplevel your productivity and diminish overwhelm like nothing else!


7 – Focus on Contribution and service

This final hack will power up your productivity, your problem-solving prowess and your prosperity so fast you’ll be amazed!!

You started your business to help people and you’re passionate and purposeful about it! Where things go wrong and we lose focus is when we start operating from a place of lack, scarcity and fear.  This low vibe energy infuses everything you do and causes you to become attached to the outcome.

Instead, follow the advice of the late great Dr Wayne D Dyer and ask every day “How can I serve today? What can I give today that will create the most impact for my audience?” Create from that mindset and the Universe will ask you in kind “How can I serve you?”

And you will start to receive inspiration, creativity and resources to help you move forward, gathering momentum every step of the way.

I hope you enjoyed these 7 simple hacks! Leave a comment below and share your top tips too!!

Peace and Love

Sanae xx

P.s. P.S Want my help? Book a strategy call with me today and let’s jam out how you can take your coaching business, and your life, to the next level of freedom and fulfilment:

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4 Principles to Live By For Greater Success and Satisfaction in your Life and Business

4 Principles to Live By For Greater Success and Satisfaction in your Life and Business

Success is not some random result. Success is a culmination of consistent activities done well, over time.

All too often we know what we “should” be doing and yet we stall and self-sabotage as though we’ve always got the brakes on.

It’s so frustrating!! Especially when you know that there’s so much more to you than you’re currently living, so much untapped potential (which, by the way, is unlimited)

So how can you release the brakes,  make massive progress on a consistent basis, have enormous amounts of fun and all without burning out?

Well, I’m glad you asked!  Let me share with you what I’ve come to realise about developing that success mindset that accelerates progress, nurtures growth and enables you to move mountains in your accomplishments.

These principles have served me in my life and my business, enabling me to reach my goals and manifest incredible outcomes and experiences that I once believed were impossible for me.


1. Clarity Of Vision

Michael Beckwith says “Fear pushes you, while vision pulls you“…I know right? Chills!

You’ve got to be clear on your vision and it’s got to excite the hell out of you!  When you’re on purpose with your vision, it’s going to feel like it was downloaded into your brain, that it came from an inspired place and whether you’re going for it or not is never in question.  You’re going for it, no matter what!

Clarity of vision gives you focus and direction – it pulls your forward and taking action will feel natural and authentic.  Knowing WHY you want what you want is essential to keep your skin in the game when things feel tough.   And they WILL feel tough at times.  You can learn to relish the tough times because you come to recognise them as signs that you’re growing and expanding beyond your current limitations!  As long as you keep going!

2. Consistency

Consistency! We all struggle with this at times because it causes us to grow and that triggers all sorts of dormant limiting beliefs that were quietly festering beneath the surface!  It’s like we’re poking a sleeping bear!  As the bear gets aroused, it gets angry and tries to pulls you back down to sleep! That’s the voice in your head that starts telling you that “Its ok to stop.  You’re too much!  You’re not enough! You can’t do this! You don’t have time today.  C’mon, give up.  Who do you think you are? etc etc etc”

At times, that voice can be so compelling and some of what it tells you feels unbelievably true.  It gives the best defense against your personal growth, against you breaching your unconscious vows of loyalty to your old stories and family paradigms.  Develop awareness of the voice and support your consistency through conditioning as per point #4 below.

When it comes to practicing consistency, my best strategy EVER is tracking.  Tracking has been a total game-changer for me and as a result, I now have a greater level of self-trust in myself that I have the ability to follow through on my promises to myself.  Before I developed my consistency muscle,  my limiting belief was that “I never stick at anything”.  This infected every area of my life and was so destructive.

Tracking helps you stay focused and its a way of holding yourself accountable until the new habit is ingrained.  Some things you might track on an ongoing basis because Tracking IS the habit, for example I highly recommend tracking income.

Examples of habits I’ve tracked include:

💥 Consistent daily social media post🤳
💥Running 🏃‍♀️
💥A 30 day month of sobriety that turned into 7 months! 🧋
💥My money to clear my debt🤑
💥 A daily quota of words to write a book📖
💥 Mindset work 😇
💥 30 day vegan diet 🥕
💥 Reading 52 books in a year 📚📚📚📚
💥 Visualising

Every one of these experiences enhanced my life and created shifts in my subconscious whether it was about opening up to new possibilities, increasing confidence or expanding my awareness.

Nothing changes until YOU change and you get to DECIDE moment to moment what your priority is and direct your focus accordingly.

Whatever activities you commit to,  give yourself a minimum of 30 days straight.  Whether that’s doing videos or live streaming, creating written content, blogging, emailing your list, writing 2000 words per day for your book, reaching out and adding 20 new connections daily on LinkedIn, exercising or committing to a daily discipline of mindset work.  30 days will help you gain traction, gather momentum and start enjoying real results.

3. Congruence

In order to create the results you want, you’ve got to become the person who is already living those results.

Your beliefs and behaviours have got to be congruent with your desires. If you desire greater financial abundance and yet you have a belief that sounds like “money is the root of all evil” or “wealthy people are greedy or selfish” or “having money is not spiritual” (and you’re spiritual) then you are incongruent and you’ll self-sabotage. Your action taking will hit the wall.

To go back to the analogy at the start of this blog, our desires are the accelerator and your limiting beliefs are the brakes. In order to accelerate, you’ve got to ensure you have congruence.

So ask yourself:
In order to create the results I desire, what would I have to believe?
In order to create the results I desire, who would I have to become?
What can I do to Act As If I already have the results I desire?
And then really own the answers for yourself.

4. Conditioning

It’s never enough just to intellectually know what you need to do, you’ve got to condition it into your nervous system. We are emotional beings and so when you can condition your emotional states to be more self-serving instead of self-sabotaging then you’ll truly become unstoppable.

You do this by creating new emotional associations to what you want through exercising the power of focus.

For example, it’s going to be very hard for you to follow through on doing “live streams” every day on behalf of your business if your conditional habit of thought is fear-based. If you’re afraid of judgement or rejection, there’s only so many times you’re going to be able to push through before you decide it’s too painful and quit.

Instead, imagine ‘going live’ feeling the excitement that you’ve finally overcome your fears, focus on and feel the elation of having people reaching out to you saying “hey, it was like you were speaking to me, how can I work with you?” Focus on and feel the joy of getting your message out into the world.

Do this for a few minutes a few times a day and as you anchor in this new empowering state, within a few days you’ll have conditioned yourself to be unstoppable when it comes to showing up!

In conclusion, decide what you want to create and go for it! Have your big vision in mind every day but also stay present every single day to what is immediately in front of you.

Success is a culmination of doing the right things consistently and doing them well and it all begins within you.

So, get clear on what you want and why you want it, flex the muscle of consistency by taking action every single day, align your beliefs and behaviours with your desires to overcome the resistance and condition yourself emotionally to empowering states of being.

You got this!!

Peace and love


P.S. – Let’s talk.  About YOU. About your coaching business. What’s working. What’s not working and how you can create the results you truly want.  Book your strategy session with me today:

© Sanae Floyd 2022. The information contained herein is provided for information purposes only; the contents are not intended to amount to advice and you should not rely on any of the contents herein. We disclaim, to the full extent permissible by law, all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any of the contents herein.


How to Make $10K Per Month as an Online Coach

How to Make $10K Per Month as an Online Coach

Getting to $10k months represents a great income milestone for many coaches in their business. It comes with a sense of having ‘arrived’ in your business, you finally feel like a serious business owner, and that you’re being taken seriously. It also means you have the financial flexibility to clear debts, reinvest in your personal growth and your business and have more disposable income to have fun with your loved ones.

If you’ve been bouncing around anywhere between $2k – $5k in income, and your client and cash flow from month to month is hit and miss, the idea of making that next level leap to $10k plus, can feel daunting and pretty overwhelming. Some coaches desire it, but can’t even imagine that it’s possible for them.

So, I want to dispel some of that fear and overwhelm, and show you how it absolutely is possible for you, and it really doesn’t have to be hard…In fact, I want you to see this as a natural evolution for you in your business. For many of you, you’ve been called to read this because you’re already ready to uplevel and intuitively, you know it.

The good news is that if you’ve already had some success in your business, and you’ve attracted paying clients into your services, then the move to five-figure months doesn’t require a huge shift in your strategy.

Increasing your income consistently is more of an inner game. You’ve got to own the value of your skills, talents and gifts; you’ve got to believe in yourself and feel confident that you ARE the expert in your niche.

As you emanate confidence, this powerful energy literally infuses into everything you do and say. You show up with an influential and impactful energy, and your audience will feel it, even if not consciously, and as a result they will have more confidence in you.

That said, what I’ve consistently found over the years is that in order to consistently cross the 5-figure line in your monthly income there are 5 key areas that you must evolve and uplevel:

5 Fundamentals to uplevel to 5 -figure Months as a Coach in the Online Space:

# 1: Uplevel Your Mindset.

As soon as you decide that you’re going to increase your income to $10k plus months some interesting things are going to get stirred up internally.

If you’ve never earned that kind of monthly income before then you may experience some doubts about your abilities; you may wonder ‘how’ you can ever achieve it and some fear is likely to get kicked up.

This is all perfectly normal, natural and to be expected. When you’re aiming to achieve a result that is beyond your current experience, you’re stepping into the ‘unknown’. Your brain is wired to keep you safe and while it seems illogical, an increased income represents unfamiliar territory and feels very unsafe to your reptilian brain.

Not only that but you’ve likely got your own baggage and blocks around what it means to earn more money that stem from your family money stories. These blocks will arise by themselves as you begin to work towards achieving your goal. They’ll show up in the form of negative thoughts and feelings, having been activated from their previously dormant state.

To uplevel your mindset, your new $10k monthly income has got to feel familiar, safe and normal. You’ve got to uplevel your beliefs to match your desires.

When your beliefs and your desires are congruent, that’s when you can easily attract the next level clients who are ready to invest in you at the next level.

# 2: Uplevel Your Ideal Client Avatar

You’ve cut your coaching teeth and worked with some incredible clients who love and respect you as you love and respect them. But nothing stands still – especially in your business.
During an uplevel, many coaches experiences a slowing down in their business (ok, I’m being diplomatic – many coaches experience what feels more like a slamming on the brakes in their business!). This feels confusing and scary, and the temptation to back-peddle and try to replicate what previously worked well is overwhelming.

But to fall into this temptation is a mistake. While it feels scary, the slowing down in your business is often a sign that you’ve outgrown your current ideal client and you’re being called to grow.

After all, you are evolving and uplevelling as a Coach, so it makes sense that your ideal client has to evolve and uplevel with you.
This is important to understand because if you’re not continually growing and being challenged by your clients you’re likely to get complacent, bored and frustrated.

Uplevelling your ideal client will inform your messaging and your new uplevelled coaching offers.

# 3: Uplevel Your Offer

This is critical to increasing your income and creating greater ease in your business in general.

If you’re currently in the $3 – $5k income ball-park then you’re probably already confidently selling packages that are around the $1800 to $2.5k price point, which is great.

Raising your rates to the $5k; $7.5k and even $10k price points requires a next level offer.

Offering high ticket solutions means being able to clearly articulate the problem you solve and demonstrating a clear pathway to the solution.
When your prospects can see that you have the route map to help get them from where they are to where they want to be, they will have the confidence and trust to invest in you.

Uplevelling your offer doesn’t mean throwing in random content, or lengthening the coaching programme. This is a mistake that risks overwhelming your prospect, and is more likely an indication of insecurity to charge more on your part. However, incorporating additional value added deliverables that are relevant and supports your ideal clients growth and progress is something I do recommend.

For example – one of my clients is a Confidence Coach for women in the Corporate world. As part of her high ticket offer, she included a personal branding session with an expert branding style consultant. This boosted the value of her offer and complimented the overall coaching experience and outcome, and her clients LOVED IT!

# 4: Uplevel your Visibility Strategy

I remember years ago being in a masterclass hosted by Russ Ruffino and I had one of those #facepalm moments. I’d felt stuck for some time around how to demonstrate my value and get recognised for my expertise. I was looking for the magic pill – the secret!

I don’t remember the exact words but Russ basically said that if you want people to see you as the expert, then show up as the expert. That was a real lightbulb moment.

In order to be seen and recognised for your expertise and knowledge, then you’ve got to share your expertise and knowledge! Teach your audience what you know, that will truly add value to their lives.

Experts teach. It’s as simple as that. Your job is to own your gifts, knowledge and experience and share it with your audience, with confidence and conviction.

There are many alternative ways to leverage your authority and expertise. To compliment your consistent content on your Social Media and your list (if you have one), write blogs and articles, get featured and published in relevant publications in your niche; give interviews on podcasts, radio and as a guest expert speaker on summits, events and in other communities where your people hang out.

This way you expand your reach, touch more lives and help your ideal clients find you in new and varied ways.

As you step more into your greatness and own your value and you feel confident in your ability to deliver, this confidence will inform and infuse your content.

# 5: Uplevel Your Approach to Sales

In the early stages of your coaching business, you probably relied heavily on faith. Faith that you’re on the right track, faith that it’s all going to work out, faith that your Ideal clients will somehow find you.

You needed faith in yourself and your ability to truly help your ideal clients get amazing results and transformation. Faith is our best friend until we start experiencing the fruits of our labours!

When you evolve and uplevel as a coach and as a business owner, what was once held by faith becomes knowledge, through experience. This knowledge becomes you, it’s imbued as a part of who you are, and as with all knowing, it produces a state of certainty. Certainty is a very powerful energy.

When you bring certainty to your conversations with prospects, you’re never worried about the outcome, you never feel attached or defined by the outcome. As you’ve completely let go, you’re simply coming from a place of pure service.

You may be having the same enrolment conversation that you’ve always had, but your energy of certainty is empowering and your prospect will feel supported, safe, held and heard, maybe for the first time in their life. In this way, they’re able to make a bold decision to invest with full trust and confidence in both you and in themselves.

Everyone seeks certainty, including your ideal clients and you will bring that certainty to the table.

When I work with coaches in my Coaches Business Accelerator programme, these are the exact areas in which I support them to uplevel and evolve. This is where the transformation takes place.

Here are a couple of client testimonials to show you what’s possible for you too:








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To your evolution and growth,

Love and Peace

Sanae xx

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