Is it your time to break free from the chains of DEBT?

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This month I’ll have been debt-free for 3 years!!

After 23 years of being in debt and accumulating £50,000 across various credit cards; overdrafts and loans.

I never spent on material items.

The majority accumulated through investing in my business and robbing Peter to pay Paul when I started my coaching business journey.

But also I struggled to say no to weekends away, nights out, and the like even when I didn’t have the money. I wanted to please everyone!

And don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t in debt through lack of trying – I’d tried every budgeting app and accounting method and strategy available but nothing seemed to work for me. I just couldn’t make myself stick to any of them!

I was in the ultimate love-hate relationship. I hated debt and debt loved me!

Or so it seemed!

I wound up believing there was something inherently wrong with me and I was doomed to a lifetime of debt.

Nobody knew of course. Oh no!! The shame was too much!! I couldn’t tell those closest to me – What if they realized that I really was a loser??

All of that was until I hit that ‘enough is enough’ pain threshold that I made the no-nonsense decision to clear my debt once and for all.

I set myself a goal to clear my £50k debt in 6 months, with no clue how!!

But I did it!!

It took me a little over 6 months but hey, what’s a few weeks when I’d been silently suffering for 23 years!

Since then I’ve stayed out of debt, last week I paid my tax bill months in advance of when it’s actually due and I’ve never felt more in control of my finances than I do now.

That 6-month project was just the beginning of the journey into financial savviness!

I realize now how critical it is to focus on your finances frequently!

Success is a habit – not some chance occurrence and that applies to your money as much as anything else.

I now have the absolute blessing that I get to work with my clients on their money stuff and help people free themselves from debt.

It’s a mindset game first and foremost and the biggest shift we have to make is clearing the negative association and the shame.

So what were the significant shifts that helped me get debt-free so quickly?

I’m glad you asked!

Here are some of the key shifts that I had to make:

1) Make a Decision.

As crazy as that sounds, you’ve got to make a non-negotiable decision that you’re done with debt! I’d spent literally decades of my life trying to get a handle on my finances and pay off my debt and yet I always failed and I didn’t have the first clue why!

I know now that I hadn’t really committed to the decision to become debt-free. I always had one foot in the “I really want to be debt-free” camp and the other foot in the “Yes, but, it’s too hard” camp and the internal conflict was keeping me stuck.
You see there’s a huge gulf between wanting to achieve something and deciding to achieve something.

In that gulf exists fear, limitation and excuses. Reasons to stay in bed, instead of getting up and taking massive positive action!
But, by actually deciding, you’re leaping over that gulf and committing. It’s empowering, and it changes everything.

A decision takes you out of the realms of limiting beliefs and internal conflict because you’re making a declaration, setting an intention, that cuts you off from all alternatives – you’re burning the bridges to take the island, so to speak.

2) Acknowledge ‘What Is’

Acknowledging ‘what is’ means fully embracing where you are right now and becoming sensitive to your feelings.

Feelings exist to be felt but often we’re rushing around either too busy or too afraid to really feel our emotions. We try to distract ourselves and numb our bad feelings by spending more money or with food or alcohol but as the formidable Brene Brown says “we can’t selectively numb”.

In our attempts to numb the bad stuff, we also numb our ability to fully experience the good stuff!

If like me, you’ve been in debt for some time, it could be the case that you’ve become so familiar with the negative feelings that they’ve become background “white noise”.

In acknowledging ‘what is’ in the context of your current debt situation, I want you to allow yourself to feel the feelings that are coming up when you acknowledge your debt and, quite literally, sit with them. They’re likely to feel painful and upsetting, but feel assured that as you acknowledge them and feel them, you’re going to be able to neutralize your emotions, release them and in doing so start raising your frequency to be a match to greater empowering clarity and abundance

3) Harness Your Genius Power

We are the only species on the planet, as far we know, that has been endowed with the gift of imagination.

Your ability to imagine is truly your genius power! Take a moment with me to just consider it!

Your ability to mentally visualize an event and then actually experience that event viscerally in your body is phenomenal!
So, what do we go and predominantly use our imaginations for?


We imagine that people will judge and criticize us and so we shut up, sit down and shrink ourselves to stay safe

We imagine bills, bills and more bills piling up with no means to pay them and so we endure sleepless nights, racing hearts and gut-wrenching anxiety

We imagine desperate toe-curling conversations with our ex-boss, asking for our job back because our coaching business was a flop. Ok, maybe not that one, but you get the picture, all thanks to the genius power that is your imagination!

You must get yourself down to the spiritual gym, flex your focus and train your imagination. This, hands down, changed my life as you will discover!

There is so much compelling evidence to back up the powerful force that is your imagination and how it can support your goal achievement.

Successful men and women have known this for centuries, that when you focus deliberately on what you want, and you visualize yourself already having it you are literally crafting it, and calling it into your reality.

I visualized myself celebrating wildly being debt-free every single day! I printed credit card statements and wrote in big red letters PAID IN FULL on them and pinned them up around my house. I literally flooded my subconscious mind with the notion of being debt-free!

There were more steps in between but these were the initial big 3 that kick-started my journey.

From this experience, I have created my programme to help other people free themselves from debt and what has evolved is a beautiful community – a family.

Some of the members in the programme actually stayed well beyond clearing their debt because they love the weekly coaching and the safe community that has been created through their own vulnerability.

If any of my stories resonate with you and you want to create the life-changing shifts in your money mindset then I have a range of resources to support you on your journey:

You can sign up for my FREE course – Get Debt Free 5 Day Challenge by clicking here:

You can check out my book on Amazon: PAID IN FULL: Free Yourself From the Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life Now here:

Or you can cut straight to the chase and join my monthly membership community in which I’ll coach and support you personally to your debt-free reality:…/

Don’t let debt keep you small in life and business! You deserve to thrive!!

Sanae xxx


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