You must break this Habit to have true success in your coaching biz

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Are you someone who identifies as a high achiever? You get shit done, move mountains and you’re not afraid of hard work.

You move quickly from one project to the next and often you struggle to quiet your active mind.

Maybe, as you look back over the past few years, your business represents a series of so-called ‘one-hit wonders’. For example, the occasional big money month, and the odd exciting speaking opportunity and possibly you’ve experienced the excitement of getting published…

But for some reason, you’ve never been able to maintain consistency and take these successes to the next level which creates a feeling of stagnation.

Very possibly, you struggle to complete anything and you’ve got many projects and courses that you started and never finished.

If any of that sounds familiar to you, then the habit you absolutely must break in order to uplevel your success and create consistent upward growing results is the habit of being a hyper-achiever.

Being a hyper-achiever is a state of being, born out of habitual chronic beliefs that really don’t serve you.

In truth, being a hyper-achiever is self-sabotage! It’s a stealer of joy and satisfaction!! It’s a success repellent!!

Am I being overdramatic?

You might think so because your ego is very compelling. Your ego will celebrate your hyper achiever tendencies and make you believe it’s a self-serving positive characteristic because you get big shit done! You’re a mountain mover, motivated and driven…

And yes, all of that is true.

But only in the short term. This trait means your drive and energy is unsustainable because you burn out. You start to develop internal conflicts in relation to projects, in which you start to feel dread rather than excitement as you anticipate the familiar patterns of burn out and overwhelm that comes from being the hyper-achiever.

That’s a huge amount of internal conflict that keeps you stuck and stagnating long term

As a hyper achiever, you’re operating from a place of never feeling good enough. You’re constantly striving for the next win, the next success to prove yourself to the world and feel worthy of love and approval.

Achieving anything against the current of low self-worth is like pushing a boulder uphill. It’s exhausting!

As a hyper achiever, you never celebrate your successes. No sooner have you reached your goal, you’re off to the races again, planning the next big goal. This means you never anchor in the feelings of success, which in turn means you’re never training your brain and neural pathways to know what success really feels like.

And that means success (whatever it means to you) is always somewhere out there. It’s like you’ve got a carrot dangling that you’re constantly chasing.

Being in a place where you’re never feeling satisfied will attract more of the same, that is, more dissatisfaction

You’ve got to break the habit of being a hyper achiever in order to truly thrive and grow your passion-fuelled, purpose-driven business.

Here’s how:

Celebrate all your wins, no matter how small, every single day.

The more you celebrate, the more satisfied and happy you’ll feel, and the more you’ll attract exciting reasons to celebrate!

Enjoy the journey.

Prioritise the joy of the journey over the joy of reaching the destination. I love Abraham Hicks who share a story about how Esther and Jerry Hicks went river rafting one time. The rapids were fast-moving and looked scary and Esther thought about carrying her canoe along the shore, downriver, and then putting it in the water 100 yds from the end and considering it ‘done’

Of course, they’re not going to do that because they came for the fun and exhilaration of the journey!!!

And so did you! You’re here to experience the delicious journey to success, every step of the way, so stop postponing happiness and throw yourself into the joy of the journey.

Be Present

Start operating with greater present moment awareness. Throw all your energy and focus on what is immediately in front of you. Minimise disturbances and stop driving yourself to distraction by scattering your attention every which way.

Once you recognise that the traits of the hyper achiever equate to being a repellent to true success, you’ll feel more compelled to break this insidious habit.

And with focus and awareness, you can break this habit and start attracting more joy, more ease, more progress and consistent success into your business and your life.

Love Sanae xx

P.s. If you want to accelerate your business growth and cut out the years of trying to figure it out alone, then please book your strategy call with me today!


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