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Over the years of doing this coaching work, the greatest of all breakthroughs that occur, are those that break through old subconscious patterns of behaviour.

Those are the habitual ways of being that manifest the situations, circumstances and events in our life that cause us to feel stuck, overwhelmed and spinning our wheels getting nowhere fast

Our conditioned emotional states that inform our decisions and our responses at key moments, often shackling us in fear and keeping us from stepping into our full potential.

Following the BREAKTHROUGH the new found conscious awareness strikes like a lightening bolt. The sudden recognition of the source of the behaviour pattern feels like the breaking dawn of a new day.

From darkness to light

This type of coaching is not for the faint hearted – you’ve got to be willing to look beneath the surface and accept full creative responsibility for everything in your experience.

Change begins with awareness and then acceptance.

It’s how I managed to breakthrough my own limitations and fears to take the leap from corporate to starting my own coaching business (overcoming a chronically debilitating lack of self belief to being a confident speaker and in control of my monkey mind!)

It’s how I was able to breakthrough old habits of behaviour that created inconsistent income, feast and famine in my business and how I managed to overturn my 23 year subconscious pattern of debt dependency to becoming paid in full and a #1 Bestselling author of my book of the same name PAID IN FULL and best of all…

…It’s how I attracted my soul mate partner into my life – finally feeling fully worthy and deserving of love instead of attracting relationships that were heart breaking and soul destroying.

If you’re ready for the next level success in your coaching business (and your life) then my deep dive 1-2-1 breakthrough coaching might be just what you’re seeking

Here’s what you can expect from our time together:

  • Crystal Clarity on your souls’ purpose and spiritual gift (and total alignment with your coaching business)
  • Unbridled confidence and conviction in yourself and your potential
  • Mastery over your subconscious mind and tuning yourself to prosperity
  • You’ll discover how easy it is to engage and embed your new empowering beliefs as you notice almost immediate shifts in your reality 
  • Release the blocked emotions that play havoc with your peace of mind
  • Develop the powerful tools and techniques for raising your vibration to match the signature vibration of your goals and desires
  • Kick-start the flow of next-level-you clients and cash into your business 
  • Craft a tailor made marketing and sales plan for your coaching business
  • Kick fear to the curb as you go after exactly what you desire 

This is powerful deep transformation that will expand your beliefs of what is possible for you as what you want begins to show up for you!
What my Clients say:

[Sanae] had a real gift of being able to look inside of my soul and almost ‘see’ where my blocks are and help me to remove them” Tish Hawkin – Resilience Coach

“[Sanae].. reached deeper inside me to extract my story and values than I have ever dared go before. The results were magical and I am so so grateful” Jo Jo Ellis – NLP and Confidence Coach

“Sanae is a brilliant coach. She’s so intuitive and goes DEEP at helping you drill down and seamlessly align who you are (and your message, talents and gifts) with your business. And excavate anything holding you back so you know exactly what you need to do (from within also) to get to the next level” Robyn Post – Money Coach

“Sanae’s ability to get to the heart of your personal blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs is her amazing gift. She takes Coaching to whole new level with her wisdom, guidance, and insight. If you’re not experiencing the success you want, you need to call Sanae. It’s the greatest gift you could give yourself” Dr Maryhan Baker – Parent and child Coach

This is for you if you’ve hit a wall in your coaching business growth and you’re feeling the strain of it. Whatever you try, nothing seems to get you the results you desire and deserve (this could go on forever until you decide to re-write your blueprint and expand your beliefs of what is possible for you!!)

Ready for the breakthrough to unleash your full potential and experience the results you’ve been seeking?

The time is now:  Click here to book your call with me today


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