Breakthrough to your next level income goal in your coaching business

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Let me ask you a couple of questions about your current coaching business income goal.

Have you had the same goal for what feels like years because you’ve not yet accomplished it?

Are you consistently falling short of your income goals, no matter what strategy you implement or how hard you work?

If so, I’d going to invite you to do something that may seem counter-intuitive (the best ideas usually are!) but is actually a really powerful shift to increasing the amount of money you earn in your business.

Let’s do this together.

First, write down your current monthly income goal. Not the amount you “need” to cover your bills but the amount you “want”

Now double it.

Write down the doubled amount.

Focus on that new figure you’ve just written down.

Allow yourself to entertain the idea of that new figure and imagine how you’ll be feeling earning that.

How proud will you feel? How accomplished and fulfilled?

How will you celebrate? Whom will you celebrate with?

Step into the feeling of that new income figure.

That figure is the actual amount you ought to be shooting for.


Because you’re here to grow and expand.

I know, I know! You’re thinking “Well, Sanae, I haven’t hit my first income goal so how will doubling it be a solution??”

If you’re stagnating at a particular figure, it’s no longer getting you excited, it’s time to up-level it. We’re vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. When you’re giddy and excited about the newness of this new goal, you raise your vibration and create more momentum.

Does the doubled-up figure scare you?

If the answer is “hell yeah!!” then I’m coming right over there with a bottle of champers to celebrate with you!!

Why? (so many questions!)

Because you’ve just raised up to conscious awareness previously (hidden) subconscious beliefs around money! Those bad boys have been triggered up to the surface so now you can deal with them.

When you were on your previous goal, you weren’t being triggered enough to raise awareness (read: comfort zone)

That scared feeling is something to celebrate!!

When you go big you unearth the blocks, you feel excited, motivated and you GROW.

Perhaps making more money makes you feel icky. You happily renounce your desires because you say “I’m not doing this for money – I’m here to be of service and help people”

And yet, you’re not thriving financially. You’re going without or robbing Peter to pay Paul every month.

Look at it this way:

When you diminish your goal and hold yourself small not only are you undermining your value but you’re doing a disservice to those who need you.

Money is a currency of exchange of value and currency is energy.

You’ll earn the equivalency of the value you’re giving. The more money you’re earning is a reflection of the value you’re delivering to the world – vibrationally you’re limitless.

When you can reframe it in this way you step into the higher more expanded version of you.

Doubling your income goal shifts your focus and stretches your imagination.

And if you played along here, you’ve just stretched your imagination, you can’t go back now.

You’re welcome.

Sanae xx


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