The Premier On-Line Coaching Programme for Coaching Entrepreneurs Who Want to Make A Difference, and a Living, Doing What YOU love

Be guided Step by Step to discover exactly how to attract and enrol clients with confidence and ease Within 6 WEEKS!

Welcome to the Build 'Like A Boss' Academy, the 6 week on-line group coaching programme

The essential steps to signing paying clients, even if you're brand new and don't even have a website yet

MODULE ONE- The Secrets of the Meteoric Mindset!  THIS is the tipping point that the major players practice every single day to get to the top and to STAY there.

  • Discover the exact mindset practice that took me from flat out burnt-out to 5-figure months.  You won't believe how simple yet powerful this is!
  • Confront your fears and limiting beliefs and re-write your dis-empowering stories for renewed self-belief and self-confidence
  • Learn my powerful visualisation technique for tapping into the source of your negative triggers and processing and releasing blocked energy - your body holds the answers to your deepest sabotaging beliefs
  • Craft your personal daily affirmations that WILL raise your vibration for calling in your success and abundance even if affirmations haven't worked for you in the past - I'll share with you WHY they haven't worked for you 😉

MODULE TWO-The Alignment Matrix.  This is the blueprint for tapping into your sweet spot and connecting it to your ideal client’s deepest needs!

  • We'll be diving into your story and the experiences that have shaped you to discover your purposeful mission and message which is the driving force behind your coaching business vision.
  • Feel unstoppable as you unleash, with clarity, your passionate Niche and you start living into the reality of building a business doing what you love and loving what you do
  • Create your dream Ideal Client Avatar and get crystal clear on her pains and frustrations  so you can begin to craft messaging that resonates with her and speaks directly to her deepest desires
  • Tap into your unique secret sauce, your zone of genius to develop your expert-positioning story - I'll share with you a super simple technique that will easily have your audience connecting with you and your WHY.

MODULE THREE-The Coaching Package Creation Clinic- You’ve got to have something to offer! And when what you offer is a true embodiment of your gifts, sales are a breeze!

  • Package up your knowledge and passions to  create your signature process to solve your ideal clients biggest problem and help her get from her A to her B
  • Design and name your coaching package using the fun 'power of 3' framework that makes promoting the pay-offs of your coaching so simple and effective
  • Slay all those secret doubts that sound like "what if I can't deliver?" and confidently promote yourself and your coaching with integrity and authenticity
  • Address your negative beliefs around money and start charging your worth (read: more) without feeling uncomfortable.

MODULE FOUR- Facebook Super Star Crash Course- Find out how to position yourself as the go-to expert on social media to skyrocket your engagement and build a tribe of raving fans

  • Find out how to position yourself as the go-to expert on social media and skyrocket your engagement.
  • Build your marketing content to speak directly to the hearts of your people and experience the excitement of gathering momentum in your coaching business as you start taking aligned action
  • Shine the spot-light on your fears of rejection; criticism and judgement that are holding you hostage and master the techniques that will have you showing up with confidence, conviction and having fun!
  • Be inspired and assured that you have exactly what it takes to succeed and feel supported to express yourself by the amazing community of like-minded women

MODULE FIVE-  Calls that close- I’m giving you my exact formula for easy sales calls. Find out exactly how to turn “I don’t have the money” into “Where do I sign?!”

  • Loosen the screws on your most deeply held limiting beliefs around sales and selling (you know the ones: "you can't trust sales people"; "Selling is sleazy"; "sales people are only out for themselves") that are not serving you in your business
  • Fall in love with your discovery calls as you discover the most effective way to build rapport and understanding with your client and help them see that you are the solution
  • Avoid the #1 mistake that so many coaches make on their sales calls that sabotages their best efforts.

MODULE SIX- The Ascension Plan – The tools for connection and consistency to keep your audience happy, engaged and BUYING!

  • Discover the core strategies to keep you in the game and operating from your highest and best self
  • I'll be sharing with you my secret to living a passionate life

PLUS:  Lifetime access to weekly Q&A and coaching calls with me in an exclusive members only community on Facebook!! Worth its weight in gold



Investment in the Build 'Like A Boss' Academy 

One time payment of $497

6 Weeks training Plus on-going access to the live weekly Q&A calls


If you sign up, you’ll get 12 months FREE access to my paid monthly membership community - The Coaches Academy - worth $589


If you are one of the FIRST FIVE women to sign up, you’ll get a FREE 45-minute breakthrough coaching session with me worth $500

A unique blend of deep dive self-discovery and actionable on-line strategy

Every module is packed with deep discovery exercises and actionable strategies that you can use right away to up-level your thinking AND your business.

  • Each module is perfectly paced and balanced between training and coaching
  • Worksheets and assignments to make the learning experiential to help you maximise your results
  • Each module is open for those who love to work fast plus the benefit of lifetime access, perfect for when life gets in the way

You started your business to do what you're passionate about and to help others lead happier, healthier, wealthier and more abundant lives!

Now you want to know EXACTLY what it takes to attract the clients, start charging your worth (read: more) and basking in the freedom of being your own boss.

The Build 'Like a Boss' Academy is the breakthrough programme that will help you create that reality:

      • Get 100% clear on your niche and EXACTLY who your ideal client is
      • Feel confident and excited to promote your work with crystal clear messaging
      • Know how to find and communicate with your ideal clients
      • Attract your ideal clients so that you don’t ever HAVE to “sell” anything. They'll raise their hand willingly, with little effort from you
      • Start leading a social media community that's fully engaged and passionate about your work
      • Build your meteoric mindset muscle for unwavering confidence and experience the crazy good power of focus and expectation!
Jen Hall Jen Hall, Jen

You need to get on this course, it's gold dust! Without the Build 'Like A Boss' Programme I would NOT have a business.  Before joining Sanaes programme I had no idea what was my niche. I knew I needed to get clear on who my ideal client was and draw out my unique gifts to help others share theirs! Sanae got me from confused to crystal clear!  I've never felt so empowered and inspired to be living my life's purpose and making money from doing it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. So much love, Jen xxx

Betsy Norman Betsy Norman, Hot Mess Moms

Sanae, I just want so say Thank YOU! You've taken me from the beginning where I didn't have a helping me explore my niche and ideal client and providing the business structures needed to feel confident...where you've helped my most is holding a space for me to feel comfortable opening up my journey...that is where the real transformation happened...Build 'Like A Boss' is an amazing programme, that is so clear, there is no mistaking what to do next and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made, I'm so grateful.

Yvonne Fox Yvonne Fox,

Build 'Like A Boss' has been the catalyst for a new 'me'...I have gone from zero clients (in a year) to now having 8!!  I can't believe how much has changed in such a short time.  I have complete succinct clarity in my Niche, and am now so confident - which converts my sales so easily.  This programme has made 2016 such a pivotal year as I now know exactly where I am going and what I need to do

Nikkie Burns Nikkie Burns, Nikkie

Sanae Floyd, I just want to say a Big Fat Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart! I went from having the ideas of wanting to start my business but not knowing what to do NOW having my business up and running, my coaching packages organised and MY FIRST PAYING CLIENT and 2 potential clients already.  Build 'Like A Boss' has been amazing! You're Amazing! I can definitely say now I have my 'forever coach'.  So truly grateful.

Lifetime access to all the materials and live calls

One time payment of $497


If you sign up, you’ll get 12 months FREE access to my paid monthly membership community - The Coaches Academy - worth $589


If you are one of the FIRST FIVE women to sign up, you’ll get a FREE 45-minute breakthrough coaching session with me worth $500

Is This 6 Week Coaching Programme Right For Me and My Coaching Business?

I want to help you make the best decision for you and where you're currently at in your coaching business journey, so here are the answers to the common questions that get asked:


1. How long is Build 'Like A Boss' Academy?

It’s a 6-week programme and we dive deep! I am with you every single week and check in daily in the Facebook group. So the programme is shorter than most masterminds, and value PACKED so you can be on your way to success in just 6 weeks.

2. How is it different from all the rest?

Build 'Like A Boss' Academy is meant to be a “one stop shop” to getting paying clients on-line.  You’ve got to cover ALL of the most important areas of success to get the results you want and it starts with MINDSET and ends with actionable strategies!

3. Who is this for?

This is for you if you are brand new and not sure where to begin, OR if you have been in business for 1-2 years and have hit a wall! We’ll get you to the next level.

4. I am horrible at technology and social media. Will I be lost?

Not at ALL. I feel your pain and I designed this course to be simple and effective for EVERYONE, even the tech challenged! You will NOT feel overwhelmed.

5. I am a little worried that I won’t have time for it! I don’t want to spend money on another programme and then get left behind.

Everything you need is all in one place in an exclusive membership site including every live call recording and you have LIFETIME access to all the resources.  You can pick this up and put it down as many times as you need to.

6. Is there a money back guarantee? 

No.  This programme works 100% of the time for 100% of the clients who do 100% of the work.

Building a business isn’t hard. In fact, it should be one of the most nurturing, spiritually expanding, amazing experiences of your life!

If you want my help to build your business with a solid foundation of success…
If you want me to show you how to break through to the next level….
If you are ready to get off the roller coaster, stop the struggle and finally breathe and ENJOY your work…

Join us for Build 'Like A Boss' Academy.  6 weeks of powerful, transformational success magic. Let’s do it.

Don't waste any more time mired in fear and overwhelm 

Amanda Kerin Amanda Kerin,

I thoroughly enjoyed the Build 'Like A Boss' Academy and have go SO much out of it, for my business and myself. I took the programme to get super clear on my niche, my offering and to know how to do discovery calls. I have got all that and more and have grown in more ways personally than I ever imagined.  I've had some significant  breakthroughs,  got crystal clear on my message, my offering and my pricing, got results - got calls booked in and they keep coming!

I have bust through my visibility blocks and have worked on my mindset after uncovering some deep rooted beliefs. Sanaes' questioning goes deep -  expect to move forward, she won't let you not!

It's been such a wonderful, insightful and incredible journey and I have loved meeting with Sanae and the wonderful group of ladies every week.

Stop going around in circles and wasting time, invest in yourself, and move forward with your business, you won't regret it.

Michelle Koe Page Michelle Koe Page, Unbreakable Moms

Sanaes' gentle, nurturing manner is perfectly suited for entrepreneurs who are ready to really launch their business but still have some insecurities and doubts about being able to do so (and also HOW to do so).  Her Build 'Like a Boss' Academy program is a straight forward, step by step process that lays the foundation for a successful business.  What I appreciated the most is that she includes the essential inner mindset work, as well as templates to use when creating your program and conducting discovery calls.

I truly appreciated Sanaes' availability to me.  All of my questions and battles with doubt and insecurities were promptly addressed.  All of my messages of triumphs were acknowledged and celebrated just as quickly.

The weeks in this program flew by and I didn't want it to end

One time payment of $497

Hi! I'm Sanae Floyd, the founder of The Build 'Like A Boss' Academy and I believe in building your business with passion and purpose

Alignment with your purpose and doing what you love is critical.  That's how you grow a thriving and profitable business.  Once you know EXACTLY who you're talking to, what their pains and frustrations are and how you can help them, and you're aligned with all of that, the landscape changes completely.  You become an inspirational leader, lighting the path for your people.

Build 'Like A Boss' is the programme that will help you draw back the curtain and dazzle a spotlight on the parts of you and your story that are the source of your greatest strengths for your business and your people"  Sanae Floyd, Business Breakthrough Coach and Success Siren

Sanae Floyd, the coach for coaches is a heart-centred strategist with 2 decades of experience in coaching corporate professionals and entrepreneurs increase their impact, their influence and their income. Quickly getting to the heart of the matter, she combines mindset and strategy to crush the timeline on getting the results you want.