When Your Fear of Visibility Spikes.

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“I am experiencing the biggest crisis of confidence!  I want to hide under the duvet!  I feel like I am in that scene from Notting Hill when Spike opens his front door to the snapping paparazzi of the world’s press… except unlike Spike, I am completely naked!”

 This is pretty much verbatim my melodramatic and anguished call to my friend after I had uploaded a video clip onto face book and sat back and waited to die. I didn’t die of course. 

 But I did confront the fear of visibility that so many coaches experience when they are seeking to launch their coaching business in to the world, whether that is through workshops, video uploads and live webinars, articles and blogs.

 As coaches, you want to get yourselves out there but there is fear associated with such exposure.

 The fear of visibility comes from a fear of being rejected, judged or criticised.  it comes from a fear of not knowing what to say or believing that you have nothing new to say, I’ve had clients tell me “it’s all been said before”.  To which I say yes, but not with your voice and from your heart and with your unique kaleidoscope of colour and experience and perspective added to it.

 There is also a very real fear of coming across as too “salesy”.  To which I say yes, the moment you became an independent coach, you entered the business of selling but you don’t have to become all Barry Scott on me i.e “One session with me and the Pain is gone!” 

 Increasing your visibility is vital to attracting your ideal client.  However, the aim of your increased visibility is more about building your profile; attracting a following; giving people a chance to get to know you, the person; it’s about becoming familiar and trusted and becoming an authority in your field of expertise.

Research has proven the more often people see something, the more comfortable they are with it, they become more trusting of it.  Trust builds with increased familiarity. 

 “…the more familiar an item is, the more attractive it is.  People prefer faces they’ve seen ten times to equally attractive faces they’ve seen only five times”. Dr Elliot Aronson “The Social Animal”.

 How can you begin to increase your visibility?

 Well, it certainly isn’t by being “salesy”.  It’s about sharing your intellectual property and giving value. You understand the needs and pains of your ideal client; perhaps you come from a place of empathy and deeper understanding because you have “been there” too. 

 Well, let people know that. 

 Your messages will be more impactful and influential when you can speak from a place of complete comprehension and unity.  If this is you, ask yourself the question “What do I wish someone had told me back then, when I was going through it?” Then base your message around your answer. 

 This is where I start getting impassioned because I know that your clients are out there and they need you and your powerful coaching.  Give your clients the opportunity to hear what you have to say so they can start to get to know you and recognise you as the solution to their current situation.

 It’s your unique intellectual property and your unique way of presenting it that will attract your ideal clients.

 I can’t give you a surefire formula for success, but I can you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time”.  Herbert Bayard Swope, Pulitzer Prize winner, Editor and Journalist.

 So what happened to my visibility crisis? Well, I didn’t die.  Instead I experienced personal growth, I made new connections and I attracted new and wonderful clients to serve.

 If you’d like to experience a breakthrough in your business, one that will have you shouting from the virtual rooftops with such passion and purpose that the fear of visibility simply dissipates then take action now…click on the link and book your complimentary breakthrough session now:

















  1. Navneet

    Awesome blog! Can totally relate so thank you.

  2. Navneet

    Awesome blog! Can totally relate so thank you.


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