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Hey Beautiful!

Are you a Coach who has already quit your job and is working full time in and on your coaching business? Have you been following some strategies and so far have been unable, for whatever reason, to create an income capable of sustaining yourself and your family?
Do you have big dreams and income goals and yet, right at this moment in time, achieving £10k month represents a quantum leap in your progress?

When walking away from your coaching business dream for an “easier life” is absolutely NOT up for consideration, not because you’re stubborn but because this is your purpose and your passion, then business, and life, can often feel heart-breaking when things aren’t working. When the clients aren’t streaming in and the money isn’t forthcoming you can’t help wondering if there’s something inherently wrong with you!

And that’s just Bullshit!!

You absolutely CAN run your dream coaching business that sees you thriving in a life-style that up-lifts and inspires everyone around you, and has your loved ones jaws hitting the floor in awe at how you’re succeeding!!!

Your success is 10-20% strategy and 80-90% psychology.

You can be working your butt off and implementing the most brilliant client getting strategies, but it’s your subconscious financial set point that is determining your income results. If your subconsious financial set point is set (for example) at £40k you will earn £40k year in, year out. You might have an £80K year and feel unstoppable but the following year your income will bomb to bring you back to your sub-conscious set point.

I should know. I fell victim to my subconscious set point a few years ago and it damn near saw me closing the doors on my beloved business and feeling like a total failure!!

The biggest piece of work that any of us needs to do in order to increase our coaching business income lies in expanding our subconscious set-point.

The good news is there are principles, exercises and specific processes that if followed will see you breakthrough your current upper-limits – permanently.

Every time I’m ready to up-level I take myself through these processes and they are the same ones that saw me overcome my 23 year debt cycle to become paid in full and breakthrough to my next level income ceiling.

A 10k month is a highly sought after income milestone and yet one that is so elusive for the majority of coaches – no matter what they do.
Perhaps you can relate. Either it *never* seems to happen OR you work your butt off, achieve it to great celebration only then to see your income bomb for the next 4 months! It’s agonising!

So, if you’re done with the noise and overwhelm and you’re ready to make progress in a straight line with support, accountability and processes that are 100% effective to help you breakthrough your upper income limits then I have something very special:


I have created a unique 7 month client case study package that combines all of my breakthrough coaching, business and sales mentoring PLUS a coaching process designed to deliberately expand your inner mindset for increased income.

This is a one-to-one programme. You and me working closely together for the next 7 months in your business and on your mindset.

We will cover:
Fundamentals in business and sales:

You will have confidence, focus and direction and will be taking consistent action with support, feedback and accountability every single week.

You will be clear on your messaging and who you’re targeting as we dial into your niche and your ideal client avatar.

You’ll experience unparalleled confidence as you connect to your passion and your purpose for coaching

As you step into your creative zone of genius and craft your coaching packages and lead-magnet you’ll feel proud and empowered, realising *finally* that you know more than you ever realised before!

You’ll have a focused visibility and content plan to keep you on track week in week out.

Mastery over your Subconscious Mind:

The mindset processes will get you clear on your purpose and your bigger mission.

We’ll use advanced scripting techniques that harness all of your energy into a powerful laser focus so you’ll start creating results faster than you imagined possible.

Through deep dive process coaching I will guide you to clearing your subconscious limiting beliefs around money and your ability to achieve whatever you want.

We’ll uncover those stories that have been perpetuated over the years that are keeping you from living the life you dream about.

Paid in Full and prospering:

You’ll experience an expansive freedom and joy that releases resistance and increases your capacity to earn more money, without the need to hustle and grind.

You’ll develop your skills for tapping into your super powers of your imagination and your intuition.

You will begin the process of unhooking yourself emotionally from any debt you may have that is holding you from your limitless self.

What is included:

  • One -to – One coaching and mentoring with me throughout June – December 31st 2019 (24 sessions)All calls are recorded for you.
  • Unlimited email coaching support between June – Dec 31st 2019
  • Weekly Accountability check-ins, milestone markers and success reviews.
  • Lifetime access to my PAID IN FULL AND PROSPERING programme that will support your on-going growth
  • A copy of my #1 Bestselling book “Paid in full:
  • A personalised “The 10k CODE” Journal to script your dreams and track your progress!
  • On completion of the programme a luxury VIP Spa Sanctuary hamper with champagne will be delivered direct to your door so you can celebrate in style!!

Why am I doing this?

First and foremost because I’m on a mission to uplift the coaching community and help coaches to live their passion and their purpose to the fullest. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned along my journey.

Secondly, I want to produce client case studies that track a process to produce clear results and may feature in my next book.

This is what The 10k CODE is all about.

So long as you are committed to taking action, to do the work and to be willing to stretch your imagination and take 100% responsibility for everything in your experience then this might just be your golden ticket.

Your investment is a one off payment of just £5k. (there is no monthly payment option on The 10k CODE – monthly payment is £1,500 so would revert the programme to the normal investment of £10,500)

Your investment gets you an incredible 7 months of One-to-One business, sales and mindset coaching and mentoring with me plus the additional bonuses and weekly
accountability check-ins and milestone markers to keep you on track, focused and productive.

There is no monthly payment plan available for this discounted investment and this is for fast action takers only.

It is application only and applications MUST be received by me before MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY 15th May.

If your application is approved we will be scheduling your 90 minute Activation session
week beginning Monday 20th May 2019 so TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE HERE.


Complete your application NOW!! You will have an opportunity to ask questions on your application form.

Numbers ARE STRICTLY LIMITED so please GRAB this with both hands!! APPLY FOR THE 10K CODE

As soon as your application has been reviewed I will contact you to arrange a call to discuss your next steps and if this is the right fit for you.


I’m so excited about this programme and the opportunity to get so up close and personal with you and your beautiful business for the next 7 months!!
As my case study client you will have my undivided attention for the rest of the year so we can ensure that 2019 ends on the highest possible success as we celebrate together!!
I Can’t wait!!
Apply NOW!! Do not miss this!!


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