Caution: Tumbleweeds Ahead…

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Sometimes this journey is so fraught and painful.

You’re doing everything you can to attract paying clients and gain some traction.  Perhaps it’s your first handful of paying clients…or maybe you’ve had a period of success but it’s all ground to a halt for some crazy unknown reason.

In the face of seeming crickets and tumbleweeds you may feel like throwing the towel in…

DON’T GIVE IN!!”  Is my message to you whenever you feel like this.

I did this live stream in my group last Friday because one of the ladies in there reached out to me as she felt like giving up.  She was holding on to her faith with her fingernails!

Keep going…Watch my replay here to see what is REALLY going on…(pssst it’s good news!)

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So, you see.  Mastery is a myth.  You simply master your current level and continue to grow and expand

The secret is to keep going, keep taking action, making the calls, reading the books, creating content, giving value, sharing your message and speaking your truth no matter what!


…You’re genuinely stuck, stalling and feeling overwhelmed?

Then I have something you are NOT going to want to miss!!!

I’m launching my 4th Round of my premier programme for coaching entrepreneurs.

This is the programme that will see you slaying through the bullshit, working in a business that you love and starting to understand how it feels to make your first $3k and $5k months.

I don’t say that lightly and I’m certainly not pushing any cookie cutter formula or one-sized fits all nonsense.

I personally work with you, the individual, and your business for 12 weeks.

Even if your business is just an idea…that’s ok…I’ve taken clients through from “vague idea” to “up and running, packages and pricing sorted and my first paying client!!!” in that 12 week time period.

We cover mind-set (and all those fears), clarity in your niche, ideal client, messaging and marketing.

I provide support with your copy, your content and your call-to-action invitations.

You’ll receive a masterclass and support from my Social Media Strategist and Visibility Coach so you’re standing out from the rest of the “sea of coaches” out there and learning how to find your audience to target effectively

I bring forth my 16 years in sales management and sales coaching to support you with all your money and sales blocks.

Ever thought “I hate salemen!” ? Or “Selling feels so sleazy”…?

Because, if you have I’m here to tell you, that kind of shit is going to block your flow and sabotage your ability to get out there and shout from the rooftops that YOU are the solution for your ideal clients pains and frustrations.

Women now pay me £thousands…”

Do you see posts like this and wonder “HOW???”

How do these coaches get paid thousands??

I get it.

I was the same.  Back in 2014 I needed intense coaching just to step into charging $100 per hour, I was dying inside quoting $75!! (my rates are now $1k per hour)

There’s no formula or blueprint for this stuff.  It’s about self-worth and becoming the 6-figure coach that you want to become even before you’ve become it.

Throughout my programme, as you craft your message, create your packages and learn how to show up fearlessly to attract your tribe, I work with you continually to help you expand your self-worth, your self-esteem and your self-belief.

“Your net worth is never greater than your self worth” T. Herv EKer – The Millionaire Mind.

Build Like A Boss will help you achieve just that because I know the power of your self-worth and when YOU take yourself seriously and own your worth, others will do the same.


Your investment is $2250.  We start on 14th March 2017 at 6pm GMT.

Numbers are strictly limited as I always give my whole self to each of you when you work with me.

For all the details of what you’ll get, click here:  BUILD LIKE A BOSS

No more wishing and wanting ladies.  It’s your time.

>Sanae x



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