Coaches are Top Sales Professionals

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Take heart.  Let me begin by reassuring you that you already have the skills used by the top sales professionals, in fact, your sales skill-level easily out trumps theirs. 

The top sales professionals are successful because they create an open and inviting discussion and they know how to I) Ask skilful questions and II) Listen carefully. 

Well, in case you need reminding…

  I.    You are a natural at asking “Tell me about you” and then waiting for the answer

 II.  You ask perceptive, insightful and incisive questions skilfully for a living

III.  You practice global listening and engaging in rapport building body language as a profession

 IV.   You are an expert in creating an environment in which you invite a person to feel comfortable to open up to you and talk about their challenges and their hopes and dreams

V.      You observe Covey’s 5th Habit “Seek first to understand”.

You seek first to understand your prospective client, to really know what they are concerned about, what it is they want to be rid of,  to change or to improve and the reasons why. You listen out for the things they are not saying by observing their body language and changes in their state and you get curious.

You ask them what they really want and you find out what it is costing them to stay as they currently are.  What price are they paying in terms of their emotional and physical health, their wealth and their well-being?

You are doing what comes naturally to you, you are learning about the people in your world through the art of communication.  And knowing that you can help them, well, it is a dis-service if you don’t offer them your service, your professional capacity to help them. 

 They can but say either yes or no.  


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