Why Your Coaching Business Journey Is A Spiritual One

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Discover why your coaching business journey is a spiritual path:  Lessons on Trust, Faith, and Alignment with Your Purpose. If you’re feeling alone, lost, and struggling in your coaching business, know that you’re not alone. In this blog,  I want to remind you that business is a spiritual game, and the key to success is connecting with your passion, operating from your zone of genius, and letting go of what no longer serves you.

If you’ve been in your coaching business for any length of time, you’ll most likely relate to what I’m about to write:

Your business will bring you to your knees. It’ll break your heart, chuck you into the weeds and leave you exhausted, spent and despairing.

There’ll be dark night of the soul days, and times when you’re so consumed with fear that you can hardly breathe. The lows are lower than any lows you’ve ever known.

And to top it off, you’re on your own. Isolated.

You can’t talk to your loved ones. They already think you’re crazy. They already think you should quit and get a “proper” job.  Instead all you can do is watch them go about their merry day.  They’re not hyper-vigilant with stress about where the next bit of money is coming from and how they’re going to pay their bills. Bastards.

And then there’s everyone else on social media. Rubbing your face in it with their wins and successes and fuelling your fear that you’ll NEVER get there.  Your heads a shed.

You spend a day crying it out. Releasing all that pressure that’s built up over the past weeks.  And then, confusingly for everyone who doesn’t get it…
Within 24 hours, with renewed determination, drive and persistence you get back up and start all over again.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

We all go through it. Many many times over a number of years. No one has the monopoly on these dark despairing times. You’re never alone.

And I want to reassure you that you’re NEVER alone.

Let me share with you, as a result of my own on-going journey,  what I’ve come to know for sure:

Business is a spiritual game.

> >>The highest state to be in in your business is to be connected, deeply, with your passion.
That’s the intrinsic energy that derives it’s source from within

> >>When you’re in alignment with your purpose, and you’re operating from your zone of genius, you’re in service.
Giving of your gifts and invoking powerful laws of reciprocity

> >>Those dark moments of pain are guiding you to lean in to great levels of trust, faith, surrender

>>>The governing Law of Cause and Effect is constantly mirroring back to you your beliefs – limiting or otherwise…Your results never lie.
If you’re not getting the results you desire, in spite of your action taking, then your beliefs are blocking you.

>>>Letting go of all that does not serve you. Worrying.  We’ve been conditioned to believe that worrying is somehow going to solve the problem. So we lie in bed, all night, worrying. That pervasive lie just cause us to feel overextended, exhausted, stressed, foggy headed and disempowered.

>>>Changing your mindset around money

We’ve been raised in a society that teaches us to desire money to the point that we feel fear of lack…and then when we have it, we feel fear of loss. It’s a double-bind and it keeps people in scarcity.  Money responds to your energy – it’s either attracted to, or repelled by you.  Your job is to clean up your energies, smooth out your vibration, and expand your wealth consciousness so you’re on the same frequency as it.

As the great Rev. Michael Beckwith says “You can be the right person, doing the wrong thing and still get the right results. Or you can be the wrong person, doing the right thing, and still get the wrong results”
“Right person” meaning coming from a place of positive intention, service, compassion for self and others and of course love- for self and others.

You’re walking a truly spiritual path and there’s no turning back.

Find some space and silence for yourself
Lean in to trust and faith.
Let go, surrender

Your success is guaranteed.

Sanae xx


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