Is Your Coaching Niche Aligned With Your Passion? And Does it Even Matter?

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I have purposefully played with this blog title to get the words that truly encapsulate what makes or breaks your coaching business.

By ‘make or break’, I mean the difference between thriving, operating from your genius, talking and teaching what you love, and serving amazing clients who light you up or…

…Scraping by financially, living in a state of perpetual panic, self-doubt, and fear, and battling with the rising thought of giving away 35+ hours of your week to an employer…Hells bells!!

Those words? Coaching Niche. Alignment. Passion.

Mmmm, just allow those words to land a moment.

You might be at the early stages of your business in which case you may feel conflicted about profit vs. passion.

Perhaps you’ve been advised to find that niche that is most profitable and because it makes sense (to your fear-based ego) you’re trying to shoe-horn yourself into this niche. But it just feels ‘off’ and the mantra “need to make money” is so loud in your head that it’s drowning out the voice of your soul.

Or maybe, you’ve been in your business for a while, and you’ve invested in all sorts of coaches and business courses and implemented various strategies to varying degrees of success.

But now you’re feeling somewhat blown about, you’ve lost sight of ‘why’ you started your business in the first place.

Wherever you are in your coaching business journey, if you’re not having fun, working with clients, and making money doing what you love, there’s a problem.

And most of the time it boils down to the fact that your coaching niche is not aligned with your passion.

Your niche is ‘that thing you do’, your superpower, your unique genius.

It’s what differentiates you from the sea of other coaches out there. It may be similar to what others are doing but when you’re aligned, none of that matters.

You own your genius. You recognise your uniqueness. You stay in your lane because, why wouldn’t you? It’s so fun in your lane and you recognise that everyone else has their own lane. Bye-bye comparisonitis!!

As for passion?

Passion is that powerful drive, that divine and delicious inexhaustible energy that moves mountains. You become a force of nature when you’re passionate.

Passion can also feel painful when it has no clarity and direction. It pulsates within you and mid-meltdown you find yourself crying out “I’m so passionate about helping people but I just don’t know how to express it…!!!”

Enter Alignment.

Ahhhh, it’s like turning a key and hearing the locking mechanism click into place. Everything. Just. Clicks. The fog lifts, the sun’s rays beam down and everything is crystal clear, to the point of, dare I say it? Obvious.
So many of my coaching clients give a funny sort of half-laugh, and say “My God! It was staring me in the face this whole time, yet I would never have imagined it…” when I take them through my alignment process. It’s really beautiful.

Alignment creates the clear channel through which the energy of passion can now flow. Watch out world!! You become unstoppable!

Still, concerned that your passion won’t pay? Still thinking it’d be wise to “do the same as that other coach, who’s clearly thriving so she must have the secret formula…“?

Ok…let’s keep going…

Here’s a truth bomb for you:

You, yes YOU, are the greatest client-getting asset in your business.

Nowhere else is this more true than in the online coaching space where you’re selling your packaged-up skills, your knowledge, and experience.

People buy people. It’s true. They may not do so consciously, but they do.

You’re never not attracting based on who you are and the energy of what you’re putting “out there”. If you’re retorting “Yeah but Sanae, I’m NOT attracting clients right now!” With love I say, you’re still attracting, you’re just attracting no clients.

When you’re having fun, showing up, sharing, and teaching what you love to share and teach, and doing so with integrity and sincerity, you’re attractive. Like a magnet.

Your passion is inspiring, your message is impactful by virtue of its clarity and you become influential.

Influential in this context means that your energy and your message creates a state-change in your audience. They’ll want to take action, AKA reaching out to work with you.

This is what makes good motivational and inspirational speakers so powerful – their passion creates a state change that drives you to want to change and to take some new action.

Because you’re operating from your true passion and staying in your lane, you’re being 100% authentic. This is vital. Being inauthentic is draining because your energy is being used up to keep your fear and insecurities in check.

To succeed in your business long term, you need to harness that flow of life-sustaining energy.

When your coaching niche is aligned with your passion, you know exactly who you help and how you help them. You know what keeps your ideal clients awake at night and how it feels to live with the problem that you solve.

This means you create content that resonates with your audience, your packages are on point and irresistible, and you become recognised as the authority in your niche. As one of my past coaches once said that I love: “you become the hunted, not the hunter”

If these points weren’t enough, let me sneak in another.

When you’re aligned with your passion, your energy field shifts to a new higher frequency. Out of static low-level anxiety and stress and into a magnetic coherent frequency of joy, love, and peace.

It feels amazing! And even when you’re confronted by challenges, which will happen on this entrepreneurial trip, you feel confident in your ability to handle them with grace.

So yes it matters.

I rest my case.

Sanae xx

P.S. If you’re wanting to give yourself the best chance to hit the ground running in 2022, and you want to master your mindset, your message and your marketing strategy from a place of pure alignment then don’t waste another second!! Book a strategy call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you make it happen.


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