How To Craft a Coaching Package That Sells Itself

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The fastest path to hitting those delicious 5-figure months as a Coach in the online space has to be your coaching package.

Specifically, a coaching package that:

a) literally sells itself
b) that is fun and easy for you to deliver and
c) you only need to sign 2 or 3 clients into each month to hit your income goals

Too many coaches get this wrong and struggle to make ends meet because they’re trying to sell their coaching by the hour or by a batch of sessions i.e “Buy 6 sessions for just £x”

This is never going to work for you because…shhh come closer…[hushed tone] Your people don’t want to buy your coaching…

It’s true! Nobody actually wants to pay for coaching, but what we all want is the TRANSFORMATION that your coaching delivers.

Does that make sense?

Also, your audience is likely to be overwhelmed and stressed out so you don’t want to overload them with too much by over packing your packages.

OK, so if you’re selling transformation and you want to shout from the rooftops all the benefits of working with you and yet you don’t want to overload and overwhelm your ideal client with too much, what’s the answer to crafting an amazing coaching package that sells itself?


It’s The Power of 3!! [Cue: Epic instrumental music ]

The power of 3 is a psychological concept that states that our brain best receives and processes information when it’s delivered in 3’s. Think Goldilocks and the 3 Bears; The 3 Wise Men; The 3 Blind Mice etc etc

2 bits of information and we feel like something is missing. Over 3 and our brains compute 1, 2, 3, many…and stop paying attention to conserve energy and prevent overwhelm.

The relevance and benefit of this to you in your business is if you can can create a coaching package that embodies the results you deliver into 3 outcomes that are a match to your ideal clients’ top 3 desires, it will be a no brainer offer for them!

Let me break down the 3 simple steps:

What outcomes do you deliver?

When I started my coaching business I had a big list of powerful outcomes that I knew I could deliver for my clients

The clarity in her niche, ideal client avatar and message.
Creating a coaching package; positioning value and standing out as an expert
Overcoming visibility fears, self-doubt and insecurities;
Being able to attract leads from social media, increase her magnetism and close more sales;
Feeling rock solid confidence when talking about money, charging her worth and overcoming objections etc etc etc…

The list went on.

When I listed everything I suddenly felt stuck on how I could effectively communicate all of this without overwhelming my ideal client!

This is when I harnessed the Power of 3!

I realised that if I could categorise all of these outcomes into 3 concise outcomes that resonated with my audience then I’d be able to articulate my value without compromising on any aspects of what I can deliver.

What is important to your ideal client?

Once I’d created my list of outcomes, I then focused on my ideal client and what she wants. I imagined her complaining to her loved ones about what she feels she’s lacking and how painful that feels for her.

I recognised that she wants CLARITY!! This is outcome #1 because, without clarity, there’s no direction! Without clarity she won’t know who she’s talking to in her content, her messaging will be all over the place and it’ll be impossible to craft an offer that sells because she won’t know who it’s aimed at!

As a result, she feels stuck and small and her inability to put herself out there in a strong way is making her feel doubtful and anxious. This is NOT like her!! She’s normally so confident!!

Ah!! Outcome no. 2! She wants CONFIDENCE! She wants to show up on video and put herself out there fearlessly owning her worth and magnetising her dream clients.

Bingo! Outcome no. 3! My clients are coaches who want CLIENTS!! Without clients, there’s no business, right? So she wants to confidently close sales calls with a structure that feels easy and authentic.

What’s your BIG promise?

What is the ultimate result that your ideal clients want? Whatever it is, make it the 3rd outcome so that the sequence makes chronological sense.

When you consider Clarity: Confidence and Clients the sequence follows my process. Clients are the big result for my coaching clients and come after the clarity and confidence outcomes have been nailed.

Now what?

Get excited!!  Once you’ve followed the above process, you’ve effectively created the basis of your irresistible offer. You know what all the outcomes are that you can deliver, you’ve categorised them into 3 main outcomes that speak directly to your ideal client’s pains and desires and you have the framework for your coaching sessions.

You can drill down into the details but now you can speak with clarity and confidence about those 3 key results.

This is your signature offer.

What I love about this process is that you can create variables of this offer to meet your ideal clients wherever they are on their journey.

For example – I get clients who know exactly who and what they do but their biggest challenge is sales. So I can take them into my sales VIP programme and all we can concentrate on is mastering that 3rd outcome of ‘clients’ which contains all my sales knowledge.

You can create offers that help them get started and offers that help them on that milestone where you know many people get stuck and plateau!

Your turn!

Why not grab your journal and craft your coaching package that sells itself now?

Let me know how you get on

Love Sanae

P.S If you’re ready to accelerate your coaching business dream and you know you need help then book a call with me today and let’s talk about how I can help you.

Work with me and I’ll walk you through the exact mindset and strategy that I implemented for, not only myself but also for my clients to reach their 5-figure income goals.

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