Consistency in your Coaching Business is Key

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The biggest struggle I see with so many female coaching entrepreneurs is maintaining consistency.

Consistency in the flow of clients and cash into your coaching business
Consistency of energy and activity
Consistency of mental focus and positivity

And each of these aspects affect the other…

Starting each month without knowing where your next client is coming from can feel scary.
You exert mental energy and focus on staying “high vibe” which is exhausting over time and impacts your creativity and activity.

Then you sign a client and you have a burst of positive energy that carries you along…for a little while…

Until the start of the next month, when you wake up not knowing where your next client is coming from…

And so it goes on.

I ran my business like this for almost 2 years and whilst I was “successful” in terms of income, I burned out and I was teetering on very thin ice…which did eventually crack.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was digging a grave for my business as I got complacent with my focus.

It was October 2016 and I was going on a family holiday that was a big deal – I was taking my children to visit relatives in Japan. Their grandma is Japanese so they would be seeing, for the first time, exactly where she grew up.

I promised to them and myself that for the full 2 weeks I would not work.

In the months preceeding the holiday I started to worry about the “state” of my business. I started to think about how my client in flow was entirely dependent on me “showing up” day in day out.
Don’t get me wrong – I love creating videos and producing content every single day and I felt so fortunate that this is how I worked but in my imagination, the impending holiday spelt “DOOM” for my business.

“If I don’t show up for 2 weeks, I’ve effectively disappeared” were my exact words to my friend.

And this is exactly what happened.

I stopped signing clients.

Let me be very clear. I stopped attracting and enrolling new clients into my coaching business NOT because I went on holiday…but because I was focusing on that being an inevitable result of being off-line for 2 weeks.

I struggled in my business for almost 4 months and in January of this year was ready to close the doors on a business that I thought was a failure.

What saved my business was a realisation that come through a powerful coaching conversation in which I recognised how I’d lost momentum with my mental focus and positivity.
This naturally impacted my energy and my activity and therefore, devastated my client and cash in-flow.

Within days of switching my focus I filled my ‘Build Like a Boss’ group coaching programme and made $13k. 

I learned something in that experience. That you need to have a system for generating clients that isn’t simply called “showing up and seeing what sticks”

Make “showing up” the fun part of your business. I get such a buzz from writing and creating blogs and vlogs and that still attracts attention.

Have daily “client-getting” activities that are specific and measurable that keeps you focused and that you enjoy

Utilise your expertise and create challenges, masterclass trainings and webinars aimed at your ideal clients pains and frustrations and remember to include clear call to actions to fill your diary.   Invest in Facebook Ads to fill your training classes and broaden your reach (and most definitely outsource if you don’t know what you’re doing!!).

You CAN create consistency without burning out.

Sanae x 

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