How to CREATE coaching programmes that speak directly to the heart of your ideal client

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Do you want to create a 3 month programme but worry about how you’re going to fill the time?

Here is a simple 3 step process for creating a coaching programme that is irresistible to your ideal client as well as being an embodiment of all of your unique skills, knowledge and talents

1) Get clear on your Ideal clients pain-points and frustrations

2) Define the solution. Create 3 ‘headline’ outcomes that your Ideal client will get as a result of working with you (ensuring that these outcomes address the main pain-points)

E.G One of my clients’ headlines are “Recover” “Revive” and “Thrive”.

Use words that will resonate with your Ideal Client

3) Under each of those 3 headlines list EVERYTHING you know about how to achieve that outcome:
**Consider what YOU did to get that result for yourself?
**What are your strengths that enabled you to achieve that?
**What skills and techniques do you know that would deliver that same result?
**What previous life skills / experience / knowledge do you have that you could introduce here that would support the achievement of that result?
**What other resources do you have that you could use with your client that supports that result?

You now have the framework for a Coaching package that is a true expression of all of YOUR unique gifts and talents. It’s your chock full toolbox. You may not need all of those tools but you’ll have them ready.

At this point my clients say “Wow! I’m gonna need longer than 3 months!!”

Sanae…helped me pull my strengths, passion and experience into phenomenal coaching packages. What we put together has just blown me away. It far exceeds what I imagined it could be and I am so excited to be able to offer such value and know the impact I will be able to have on so many women!” Peggy Mcgill Coach.

Let me know how you get on!


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