The Critical Ingredient for Success in Your Coaching Business

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You know you’re great at what you do in your business, but your confidence has taken such a knock and you’re struggling to articulate what you do and what sets you apart as a credible expert.

If you’re a coach who is passionate about helping people and yet you’re struggling to attract the right clients (yer know, the ones who are ready to invest with you), no matter what you do, it can feel very confronting.

When nothing you’ve tried has worked, in spite of all those investments in business growth courses and fancy funnel strategies, your deepest fears get triggered.

And we all know what happens when you’re in fear!

You can’t think straight!

You go into a panic, lose sleep worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills, and operate from a hyper-vigilant state.

In this survival mode, our default is to be wide-eyed, scanning the environment.

In other words, we put our focus on the outside world.

For example, you might start over-analyzing your website copy, chopping and changing your messaging, and putting out desperate discounts in your business.

You likely feel drawn to shiny offerings, urgently seeking a magic solution [and relief from the mental noise].

Or you fall into the soul-sucking cesspit of comparisonitis – everyone seems to be doing so much better than you, right?

So you lose your voice trying to emulate theirs.

STOP!! You need to hit PAUSE. Take a breath. Regroup. Come back to yourself.

The solution is right here. The solution is love!

The fact of the matter is…

…You can have the most brilliant business strategy in the world, but if you don’t love what you do, you’ll fail. As within, so without.

I’m talking about connecting with clarity and alignment to your passion and your unique purpose.

You’ve got to let go of what everyone else is doing, ignore what people are telling you that you “should do” and scrap the idea that the only coaching niches that are profitable are those that help others make money.

All of that is a mistake.

The truth is that when you’re operating from those higher states of passion and purpose, you become a force of nature; a channel for ideas, creativity, and divine inspiration.

You become unstoppable and your confidence soars because you recognize what it is about you that makes you credible.

Fear dissipates as you find your authentic voice!

You’re able to harness your personal power by taking aligned action and your energy surges from deep within, so you no longer feel depleted or emotionally drained.

You drop your needy attachments to the outcomes because you’re loving every day of the journey, you’re in the flow and having fun!

As you show up with this new level of clarity, confidence, and conviction in your abilities, you draw to you everything you need to reach your goals – the resources, the opportunities, and of course, the clients.

“So, why all the struggle?”

Many coaches struggle to connect with, and articulate, their passion and their purpose because childhood experiences have taught them to hide.

Perhaps you were scolded for being “too much” or “silly” or “not good enough” whenever you expressed yourself freely and so you learned to diminish your unique voice and your gifts.

And over the years you’ve conditioned yourself to fit in, to conform, and not stand out. To deny your gifts, contain your passions, and quiet your authentic voice.

To do anything else felt unsafe.

But that’s all past now.

You’ve been guided to this particular growth path for a reason.

You’re here because you were never meant to be contained and your soul is yearning for more.

This isn’t about any particular strategy, one size fits all bullshit.

This is about you, connecting with you, and aligning with what you’re here to do in the world.

Do that, and you’ll thrive!

Sanae xx


P.S. – My zone of genius is helping you articulate yours.

If you’re done with the struggle and you’re ready for breakthrough results in your business then book a call with me and let’s talk about how I can help.


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