A Day That Will Change Your Life

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Join Business Breakthrough Coach Sanae Floyd For A Day That Will Change Your Life!

Dearest Coach,

Are you ready to finally get clear about your true purpose?

Have you had it up to here with worrying that you’re not “enough?”

Are you hesitant to go after clients because you loathe sounding too pushy or sales-like?

Do you want to find out once and for all how to combine your passion with your profession?

I totally get it. I used to feel the same way…peddling furiously in my new coaching business but not feeling aligned with what I was doing, and not knowing where to go next. And then it happened. After months of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ just to make ends meet, my breakthrough arrived.

It became clear to me that what I had been missing in my coaching business was the vital alignment between my passion and my business.

That clarity changed EVERYTHING.

I knew what I had to do. I became so excited about showing others that my own story made me qualified to help them with theirs, that my passion had nowhere to go but OUT – out to the world, reaching people who were drawn to my message.

And I’ve never looked back!

Now I want to help you draw the passion out from deep within your soul and learn how to use it confidently and purposefully, by inviting you to join me for my SALES CONFIDENCE VIP INTENSIVE PROGRAM.

It’s 5½ hours of one-on-one time, held virtually, in which we dig deep to uncover not only your strengths, but the emotional blocks and negative beliefs that have been holding you back! This is time dedicated solely to you. You’ll leave feeling energized and with a newfound clarity about what you can bring to your clients…and how best to share that with them for easy sales and business fulfilllment!



Get total clarity! We’re going to find out what your niche is, where your passion is rooted, and what makes your heart sing!  Your ideal client is out there, and I’m going to help you focus on finding who she is. Learn my ground-breaking technique for sharing your story in a way that totally resonates with your perfect customer.  Some of my own clients have signed their first client within days of learning this method!

Sanae is just AMAZING…In just over an hour she made me feel confident in my story and gave me the clarity I needed to move forward in my business and provided me with invaluable information! Before working with Sanae, I was struggling…I didn’t know how I could effectively tell my clients how and why I was qualified to serve them.  Now I have a tool that will help me to tell my story and take clients on a quick journey through my life.  If you are struggling, do yourself a favour and get in touch with Sanae! You will not be disappointed!!” Nicole Allard, Intuitive Clarity Coach, USA

“I used Sanae’s technique and booked a client within 24 hours of speaking with her in an intensive coaching session. I still can’t believe I have booked my first coaching client! Have I really done it? Yes!
You can’t give yourself a better gift than working with Sanae. I was trying to research something that was right under my nose. The simple realisation of my story and the way she helped me see it made a radical shift in how I would ever view sales conversations. She is awesome! SERIOUSLY!
”  Sabita Saleem, Abacus Consulting, Pakistan


After a short break, we’ll take what we learned in session one and put it to use. Learn exactly how to communicate and create content that attracts your ideal clients.  From your programmes to your posts, we’ll position you as the expert and you will learn how to design persuasive “call to action” posts. You’ll never feel stuck for what to post again! You’ll learn how to be creative and on fire every single day!

  • LUNCH – We’ll take a 30-minute time-out to enjoy a meal and get ready for the afternoon’s schedule.
  • SALES MINDSET SESSION (60 minutes)

The moment you became an entrepreneur, you entered the world of selling, for better or for worse! Whatever negative beliefs and stories you’re harbouring around selling – and your ability to sell – will sabotage your success. I’ll pull the rug on ALL your limiting beliefs and reframe your stories to empower you! The techniques I’ll teach you will have you in LOVE with the idea of telling the world all about what you do. You’ll feel such a vital conviction in your mission and your message that you’ll

never come across as the “icky salesperson” you fear so much. You’ll be on fire and feeling more passionate than ever about reaching and helping your ideal client! After all, sales are nothing more than a transfer of enthusiasm!

  • DISCOVERY SESSION (60 minutes)

Following a quick break to regroup, we head into one of my favourite parts of the day. This is so much fun – you’ll be amazed at how elegant and authentic a sales conversation can actually be, whilst being so powerfully effective that your clients will be hungry to say “YES!” to your offering! Use the technique I’ll teach you and your client will do all of the talking!  You’ll leave this session conditioned for sales AND success!


Before we conclude our time together, we’ll recap what we uncovered during the day and point you toward where to go from here. You’re going to feel a relentless drive to get started with your new mission right away!

And don’t worry – after our day together ends, I’ll stay in touch! We’ll have a 45-minute follow-up session about a week later, and you’ll have unlimited e-mail support from me for a full 10 days after your VIP session. Now that a fire has been lit within you, I’m NOT going to allow it to go out!

Here are some love letters from other fantastic women who have worked with me one-on-one in the VIP Program:

The Sales VIP Intensive Program has brought real focus to my coaching business in such a short time.  Working with Sanae, I’ve been able to pinpoint the needs and pains of my clients whilst keeping wholly connected with my passion…It also helped me uncover and quash my beliefs about selling, enabling me to move on easily to my charging structure and my worth as a coach.  I feel so much clearer on this now and even got an opportunity to practice my sales pitch with Sanae’s sales expertise on hand.  The whole day lifted my confidence hugely…It was such a worthwhile investment working with Sanae on her VIP intensive!”  Janice Keyes, Mind over Matter Coaching Ltd. UK

“I had such an amazing experience with Sanae Floyd in a VIP intensive. She helped me pull my strengths, passion, and experience into phenomenal coaching packages. What we put together has just blown me away…as she said, it was all me – those are all my words! It far exceeds what I  imagined it could be and I am so excited to offer such value and know the impact I will be able to have on so many women. I have finally been able to see what was holding me back, and I now feel so much freer and lighter!”  Peggy McGill, Network Marketing Coach/ Consultant, Akron OH, USA

“Prior to my VIP Day, I was struggling with a huge amount of negative beliefs around money – especially about not feeling good enough to receive it, and guilt for desiring it. These fears were blocking me from making myself visible and generating an income – a big problem when you’re running a business! Having a full day with a business expert like Sanae, with her full attention and support for myself and my business, felt like utter luxury – I didn’t want it to end! Not only does Sanae have a brilliant business mind, she is also a wonderfully kind hearted woman, and I felt at complete ease in her presence. By the end of the session she had helped me wipe away all my fears, and I felt so clear, confident and excited! I would whole heartedly recommend a VIP Day with Sanae to any compassionate, heart-centred coaches who are struggling to find paying clients due to their fears, negative money beliefs or lack of clarity in their business. Sanae is a rare find – a business powerhouse with a tender heart and presence!” Faye Hurley, Founder of Worthy Woman

Don’t waste another day fretting over being “enough.” You are MORE than enough! You have so much to offer – let me help you bring out your unique abilities so you can share them with the world!

Your investment in this incredible experience – a day that will transform your business, and your life – is just $997 (Virtual) or $1497 in person in a beautiful setting in Yorkshire with lunch included if you want to get away from your office for an exquisite day.


Simply click here to set up your VIP day – complete the application and book your initial 30 minute business consultation with me and let’s get you started on the work you were meant to do:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Sanae x

Sanae Floyd

Sanae Floyd is a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with a 20 year background in performance management, coaching and training.

In 2014, she set up her own Coaching business and has since help hundreds of Coaching Entrepreneurs across the globe increase their impact and their income.



Apply for a 45 minute discovery session with me to discuss the next steps.


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