Develop Your Success Mindset with These 3 Simple Shifts That You Can Apply Today!

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Gah!! When it’s bad it’s really baaaad! And when it’s good? It’s off the charts freaking Uh-maziiiiiiiing!!!!

What else could I be referring to but the entrepreneurial journey, right? Ha!

What I’ve come to know from my 7 years as a coaching entrepreneur in the online space is that nothing is really really bad or really really amazing but that thinking makes it so. Or maybe I got that from William Shakespeare, either way, it’s turned my roller-coaster ride into more of a joyful turn on the super-waltzers (which btw I LOVE!)

And I want you to enjoy your journey more too because having fun and being in joy is ultimately the most effective producer of the results you desire and deserve

So let’s talk about developing your success mindset.

Your ability to ride the waves, retain sanity and stay in your lane as an entrepreneur depends on ability to manage and master your mindset.

All too often, when we get derailed, it happens so subtly at first that we don’t even notice! Not until something shows up in our external reality that reflects back to us in a way we can’t ignore!

For example, if your leads start drying up and you let slip the odd complaint about it here and there, and you start contemplating dis-empowering questions like “What’s going wrong?” and “Why isn’t it working?”

Instead of bouncing into renewed action while doubling down on your mindset work!

And then one day you wake up with an empty diary, money running low and gripped by confusion and fear!

Can you relate?

It’s insidious how easy it is to get caught up in the vicious loop of thinking crappy thoughts which makes you feel awful, which in turn determines your actions and your behaviours which ultimately drive your results…

And because those results inevitably fall short of what you want, you have crappy thoughts… and round the loop, you go!

It’s critical to break the cycle at the point of your thoughts because this is where your power lies. Your power to create the results you want starts with your mindset.

Here are 3 mindset ‘states’ that you must become aware of and exercise personal power over in order to set yourself up for greater success, without the struggle and strife!


1) Mentations

This is what I call that crazy negative mind-chatter that builds and builds into a cacophony of noise that threatens to bring you down! It deafens you to all that is love, empowerment and self-compassion.

Every word you say, and think, carries a vibration that harmonises with everything on that same frequency. You’re literally perpetuating your negative experience so the worse it gets, the worse it gets.

Every time you say “I can’t”; “It’s hard”; “I’m not good enough” and all the other variations of this theme, you give your brain an embedded command that shuts you down.

It’s also been proven that negative words weaken your muscle strength by up to 50%!! No wonder we feel so diminished and small when we think and speak in negative terms.

You can break this habit by consciously choosing what words you want to focus on, think and speak every day by using positive affirmations and incantations.

Put sticky notes everywhere with empowering statements and words and say them out loud as often as possible.  Read them out loud before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up when your brain is still in a sleepy alpha-brainwave state which is when your subconscious is receptive to new programming.


2) Mental Movies

If you’re resisting taking action and fear is holding you back, then you need to bring awareness to the mental movies you’re playing

For example, if you’re worrying about money and you’re stuck in fear about where the next client is coming from and that’s paralysing you from taking positive action, then what’s the mental movie you’re playing?

Instead of seeing yourself showing up, sharing your gifts, making offers, contacting leads and having a great time signing clients, you’re probably dramatising your scary bank balance, picturing nasty debtors beating down your door and the faces of your loved ones judging you, or worse, pitying you!! That’s enough to drive anyone into despair.  It’s not real but your subconscious mind doesn’t know that, so it’s no surprise that your nervous system is being triggered!

And yet, once again, this is something you have absolute conscious control over if you choose. You have the choice.

Sometimes awareness alone can snap you out of the mental movie but if not then consciously zoom out of your current scary mental movie to put some distance and objectivity onto it.

Then use your superpower imagination to create a new movie that excites and ignites you! Get emotionally involved with your new movie, make it bigger and brighter! You can support yourself by creating a vision board or even scripting your new movie in your journal.


3) Motivation

Motivation is something we say we need more of, but really? Do we? Motivation may feel great in the moment it hits. You know, when you’re all fired up and punching the air and declaring “Yessss!!! I’m gonna do this!”

Until you wake up the next morning and some excuse pops in as to why today is not a good day to start whatever it was that you were so excited about yesterday!

Motivation is often too short-lived to create any sustainable mountain-moving momentum (Mmmm, all the Mmmm’s). If there’s one thing you need for success in your business? That’s sustainable mountain-moving momentum!

So what do you need instead of motivation?

I’ve found that inspiration goes way further. Inspiration comes from within. It’s the deep drive that fuels your fire and keeps it burning bright even when you feel like throwing in the towel. Inspiration comes from being so connected to your purpose, the why behind the what.

I love Dean Graziozi’s exercise “7 levels deep”. This simple process helps you uncover your deeper why and I love taking my clients through this because when we get to the 7th level, very often there are tears of emotion and we know we’ve hit gold.


So, my love, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you can relate, comment below! What strategies do you have for getting out of a funk and into your highest and best?

Love Sanae

P.S. If you’re totally done with the struggle and you’re 100% ready to crush the timeline on your coaching business success journey, and you know you want an expert coach and mentor by your side, then book a strategy call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you make that happen today. 


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