Discipline is Freedom: 5 Disciplines You Can Start Today To Liberate Yourself From Limitation

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I know that business can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. You work so hard, often living in a state of overwhelm and hyper-vigilance, either worrying about where the next client is coming from or getting a client and worrying that it was a one-off fluke!

Business needn’t feel like this!

In fact it’s totally possible to have it be simple, graceful, and fun, even welcoming of the harder times as indicators of what needs to change and where growth is beckoning you to.

Discipline is what is needed to enable you to build your body of work and your spiritual muscle so you can continuously produce results and grow with clarity, confidence, and conviction

Here are 5 disciplines that you can implement immediately that act like foundations to your creating your rock-solid business and mindset:

Systems: You’ve got to create systems, structures, and a schedule for your days and weeks. This saves you from wasting so much time and precious mental creative energy wondering what to do next. Plan your week with your desired outcomes front and centre of your mind as you’re planning and organising; schedule in the times you’re going to do your mindset practice or your content, map out your content calendar;

Service: Serve! If you want more clients and you want to grow your business and you want to be successful then come from an attitude of service and do it to the best of your ability. Don’t get caught up focusing on what you can get from your activities, rather focus on what you can give. Every single coach who is passionate about helping others has a message to share and has the expertise that others need. So, go out there my love, and deliver it without attachment to the outcome. Practice the discipline of service.

State: State management is a discipline that means being very self-aware. If there’s something you need to do that is good for you and your business and you find that as you’re about to do it you start hearing the monkey mind telling you all the reasons why you needn’t bother doing it today, why you’re not in the mood, why you’ll be judged and criticised then you’ve got to master your state. Your state is a reflection of your focus. If you choose to go down the rabbit hole with your monkey mind then you won’t follow through. But if you’re self-aware and you separate yourself from that noise and choose to focus on all the reasons why you MUST follow through, you’ll liberate yourself bit by bit.

Self-Improvement: Go within daily and self-observe. Move the goal-posts out regularly so you’re constantly stretching your old programming and welcome when things feel uncomfortable. It’s constructive discomfort because you’re growing. Notice when things are working and when things aren’t working and build your systems to support what works.

Support: Ask for support, get help, hire a coach. We all have blind spots and we all get in our own way so having the support of a coach or mentor you trust and respect is going to be invaluable.

What if you “can’t afford” to hire a coach?

Firstly, stop telling yourself you can’t afford a coach – that’s such a dangerous mindset because you attract what you are! If you’re someone who says you can’t afford to hire a coach, you’ll attract the “I can’t afford you” folks to you too.

The solution is simple. Decide that you’re going to hire a coach and get clear on how much you’ll require to hire her or him. So many people flatly rule out working with a coach because of money and they don’t even know what the investment amount even is!

As soon as you know how much you need, then you can make it happen. Be clear and set the intention. Invest monthly so it’s manageable. There’s always a way.

These disciplines take practice and er, ahem, discipline! But they’re well worth the effort.

Sanae x

P.s If you know this is the year that you’re ready to ditch the struggle cycle and start making some serious money in your business then book a call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you make that happen.


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