Discover Your True Coaching Niche and End the Struggle for Clients Once and For all

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I believe you were born with a gift. Everyone is. But at some point, we learned to dumb down, because we were told that we’re too much or not enough. But it’s that gift that you need to tap into and bring into the light in order to truly thrive in life and business.

If you’re struggling to stay consistent with your visibility because you don’t know what to talk about every day…

And you’re constantly chopping and changing your message because it always feels ‘off’…

And you’re feeling like an imposter because you can’t articulate what makes you the credible expert then chances are you’re not 100% clear and aligned with your niche.

The fact that you’re a health coach, a personal performance coach, a business coach, a success coach, a transformational coach, a confidence coach or whatever title you assign, still doesn’t define your niche.

It’s critical to your success as a coach in business that you take the time to align and define your specific niche.

Why is this so important?

Because there are a lot of coaches out there, so you need to be able to differentiate yourself in order to rise above the noise.

When you’re clear and specific in your niche you’re able to clearly identify your target ideal client, you’re able to explain exactly what you do and how you do it.

You’re able to easily and clearly articulate the problem you solve and your message becomes crystal clear.

Nailing your niche also helps you to step into your power as a credible expert with confidence because your niche comes from your unique story.

Your marketing will take on a whole new resonance for your audience, they’ll feel like you ‘get them’ and they’ll raise their hand to work with you.

And finally, your niche is an embodiment of your unique gifts and your purpose, so when you’re clear and aligned with your niche you’re also clear and aligned with your passion and your purpose.

You feel it as an energetic shift. It’s like everything just clicks into place and you feel amazing!

So, let’s talk about Niching.

I want to use the analogy of Darwin and his 18 species of finches that he studied on the Galapagos islands (I knew studying my A’Level in biology might come in handy one day!)

So here goes…

Let’s say the Galapagos Island is The personal development or coaching industry

And there are different types of trees on the island, so we can liken the trees to the different platforms on which we coaches can hang out i.e. Facebook; LinkedIn; Instagram

On these trees and surrounding areas are many different species of birds, that is coaches of all different varieties

Stay with me…

Let’s say that the Finches, that Darwin studied, are the health coaches. This is where many coaches stop because they believe this is their niche.

However, we know that Darwin’s Finches evolved and occupied specific niches – they became specialists in their niche.

Some finches specialised in fruit so they developed beaks that looked like a parrots beak to best eat fruit.

Some finches niched into tiny bark dwelling insects so they developed long thin beaks that could drive deep into the wood.

Some finches niched into nuts so they developed hard, pointy beaks to crack open shells…

You get the picture.

So health coach maybe your umbrella title but what is YOUR specific niche?

You may help your clients with many aspects but if you were to dial into your one thing, what would it be?

What is the one thing that you know is the difference that makes the difference to your client’s success?

What was it for you that changed everything when it came to your personal health journey?

What do you do that nobody else can do, in just the way you do it?

In my case, I’m a business and sales coach and my niche is niching!

Clarity and alignment with their coaching niche is the difference that makes the difference for my specific clients and then all the marketing, messaging, sales and mindset all sit on top.

I was once dubbed the niche whisperer on account of my ability to help my clients, and I liked that term because it alluded to the nature of what I do as a gift.

So what is your gift?

In order to truly nail your niche, you’ve got to let go of what everyone else is doing or talking about, ignore what people are telling you that you “should do” and forget those niches that you’re trying to shoehorn yourself into because you perceive that it’s going to be profitable.

All of that is mistaken.

You’ve got to look within.

Dive into your personal story and look at your own struggles and identify the themes and patterns that link them together. Look at what you did to overcome them.

Then consider all the times when you felt so alive, so passionate, so happy. What were you doing? Who you were being? What was going on during each of these times that contributed to them being such peak experiences for you? Again, seek out the themes and patterns.

The way to truly thrive in your life and your business is to tap into your gift, bring it into the light and align your business with it – this is alignment with your passion and your purpose.
It’s all within you now waiting to be lived, breathed and shared with the world.

Love Sanae

P.S. Need my help to tap into your true niche, to align your coaching business with your passion and your purpose so you can scale your business while operating in your zone of genius?

Then book a call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you make it happen!


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