Does talking about Money make you squirm?

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Money is a highly charged emotive subject. People feel guilty when they have it and shame when they don’t.

As Tony Robbins says “Money is explicit…raw…garish” Not light words!

We don’t think twice about asking personal questions about our dinner guests’ health and love life, but you’d silence the room if you asked them about their income or, heaven forbid, their debts (and very likely not be invited back for dinner ever again!).

And yet the subject of money is pervasive. The lack of it drives us nuts, makes us white with fear and when we’re not making it, we believe we’re failing… and the pain of it feels so real.

And there’s so much STRESS!!

And whatever meaning you’ve attached to money and debt is dictating your results.

I should know. I’ve been in a toxic relationship with money and debt for 23 years. The lowest point?

£47,788 in credit card and consumer debt (Just for curiosity – sit with that for a moment and just notice what comes up for you as you read that figure – I know stories of folks who have committed suicide over less).

So back to the point. Whatever meaning you’ve attached to money and debt is dictating your results.


Because your thoughts determine your emotions, your emotions dictate your behaviors and actions, and your behaviours and actions are determining your results and outcomes.

So if you’re unhappy with your results, it’s time to become more self-aware.

Evidence of money blocks include:

❌ If you’re constantly implementing strategies and yet not making more than a few hundred pounds / dollars each month – there’s a BLOCK.

❌ If you see someone posting “Wooohoooo!!! I’ve smashed my £50k month goal!” and you feel jealous or defeated – rather than overjoyed and inspired – there’s a BLOCK (you cannot feel jealous and then expect to attract money – they’re two different frequencies!)

❌ If you find it hard to talk about money on your sales calls when you’re presenting your solution to your prospect – if telling them your fees makes you feel uncomfortable and squirm – there’s a BLOCK.

❌ If you think that you’re undermining your spirituality by wanting to make money and be wealthy – there’s a BLOCK

❌ And if you’re perpetuating debt and getting deeper year on year (like I was) – there’s a BLOCK.

The way to transform your circumstances is to unhinge the blocks, change your meanings and soften the emotional charge around money.

It’s the equivalent of bringing yourself into a neutral (healthier) state around the subject of money and debt.

Which removes the stress response in your body and enables you to think clearly, objectively and empower yourself into a state of open possibility and positivity.

Since I have transformed my own mindset around money and debt and therefore my results, I understand the journey. It’s not easy.

Part of my mission is to help millions of people around the world free themselves from toxic debt, starting as it does with freeing the mind (I even wrote an Amazon #1 Bestseller on the subject 😉 )

It’s also why I include deep dive money mindset work in my Signature Premier Programme for On-Line Coaches -The Build ‘Like A Boss’ Academy (Doors have just opened ready to go live on 7th October)

Not only am I going to be teaching you how to expand your financial set-points to attract more but I’ll be working with YOU to overcome your emotional blocks around money.

I can’t wait to get started with the next group of fabulous ladies beginning on the 7th October 2019

What is the Build ‘Like A Boss’ Academy?

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And of course, the powerful mindset shifts that will help you release those fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving the results you most want.

Your only job now is to decide that you and your dream coaching business is worth it.

Do not miss this opportunity!! Want more details, go here: The “Build ‘Like A Boss'” Academy

And let’s get you not only comfortable talking about money, but comfortable making lots of it too!

Sanae <3


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