Your On-Line Coaching Biz Requires Effort, Not Struggle (Or Strategy!)

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Losing hours staring out of the window or scrolling mindlessly on Facebook and then beating yourself up over it

Pretending to everyone that “I’m doing great” rather than asking for help

Getting caught up in ‘Make Millions With This System’ freebies “in the name of curiosity”
You don’t need me to tell you how shitty all that makes you feel.

And I can assure you now, another “strategy” won’t get you out of that swamp

Building your business and growing your income requires effort.

You need grit, determination, tenacity and courage

You also need patience and persistence and creativity and commitment

You need to be willing to put in the hours (and yes, you will be trading time for money initially)

But you also need to be crystal clear:
In your longer term vision and your shorter term goals (What are you shooting for?)
In what it is you offer (What do you do? Why would someone hire you? What sets you apart? Whats your expert positioning/ your zone of genius?)
In your target audience (Who is your ideal client? Where are they? What are their pains and frustrations? What do they want? What language resonates with them? What relates you to them?)
In your message and your mission (What’s the driving force behind your business? What impact do you want to have? How do you want the world to be different as a result of you having been here?)
Imagine waking up every single day with crystal clarity in all of that…being able to breathe because you’re thinking clearly and creatively
You know EXACTLY what you need to do today to make money and you’re doing it, in a way that feels good
Resources and opportunities show up for you because you’re showing up
You know exactly what you want and you easily focus on that, free from distractions and overwhelm
You’re confident because you’re so connected with who you are and all your strengths, talents and gifts

That’s not strategy, that’s psychology.

Have all that in place FIRST and then you can implement the strategy.

Love Sanae x

p.s Want my help?

My job is helping you get clear on all of those questions.
I’m talking Crystal.
And then, and only when you’re clear, do we work together to implement the strategy to attract your ideal clients and make money in your business, doing exactly what you love

Stop putting yourself and your dreams on hold.

The time is now.

Click on the link, apply for a consultation with me in which we get you clear on the vision to get you started.

I want clarity!


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