How to End the Struggle as a Coach and Start Attracting Clients

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When you’re a coaching entrepreneur pursuing your calling, making your business work feels like survival. Often, it really is a matter of survival when you’re the sole breadwinner and reliant on a steady client flow to pay the bills.

So when things aren’t working, and you’re not signing clients, in spite of your efforts, the anxiety is agonising. It all feels so personal! The lows are the lowest of the low!

I remember I stopped talking to my mum during my meltdowns because she’d implore me to go back to work saying “Why are you doing this to yourself??!” Of course, I had no intention of returning to work, I knew this was my soul’s purpose and so I rode the storms.

If you’re resonating with me here then I want to share with you 3 powerful and simple principles that completely changed the game for me…

As in, turned on the prosperity tap and saw clients flow in and enabled me to grow my business to a 6-figure coaching business.

Principle #1 – Alignment With Your Message

Now you may be just a few degrees left of your true north but those degrees make all the difference.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of dialling into your message and knowing exactly who you’re talking to in your marketing.

I know it’s counterintuitive when you want to help everyone but the truth is, if you want to cut through the noise and attract the right people, you’ve got to be super-specific.

Being able to articulate the problem you solve and describe the pains and frustrations better than your ideal client can set you apart as a credible solution. You can do this because you’ve been where they are! You’re the perfect person to guide them out of their pain on account of the fact that you’ve done it for yourself.

Just a side note to clear any confusion: I’m not talking about turning people away. As you show up with this clarity and alignment in your message and you’re speaking to your ideal client in your content, you will attract people who don’t match your ideal client profile but they do have the problem you solve. We’re not turning them away! If you can help them, then do so!

Principle #2 – Alignment with your desires and your beliefs.

You’ve got big dreams and desires, right? Maybe you keep chopping and changing your goals, depending on your confidence levels on any particular day (this was me!)

“I feel good! Yay! My goal is a 10k this month!” to “I’m so anxious, I just want one client! ONE will do for now!!” [cue: fall to knees with arms outstretched to the sky!]

Or maybe you’ve had the same income goal for months and months [even years] because you’re still striving to achieve it.

Either way, this second principle is about ensuring that your belief system is congruent with your desires and goals.

If you have beliefs that run counter to your desires, then your beliefs win every time, as in, you’ll experience your beliefs, not your desires.

If you want money but you have a belief that having more money is greedy, or that you’re somehow undeserving or that when you have money, people take advantage of you, then you’ll always struggle to make more money.

If you’re launching a group programme and you know it’s brilliant, but in your heart, you don’t believe anyone will sign up, then guess what?
It won’t matter how brilliant your programme is, you’ll always have one foot on the brakes during your launch and people won’t sign up.

Equally, if you have a shred of doubt in your ability to deliver the results you’re promising, then you’re going to repel clients because your subconscious mind is protecting you from being “found out” as someone who couldn’t deliver!

It’s critical that you raise awareness of those stories and beliefs that are incongruent and unsupportive of your goals and desires and rewrite them.

Principle #3 – Alignment with Universal Laws

There are universal laws governing our world, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Circulation, the Law of Reaping and Sowing, to name a few of the most commonly known laws.

If you’re operating counter to any of these laws and you’re in resistance, things aren’t going to flow for you.

If you’re in a constant hypervigilant state, then by virtue of the frequency you’re emitting, you’ll attract more to feel anxious about

If you’re feeling lackful and scarce, you’ll attract more lack and scarcity

If you’re pushing and striving and feeling impatient for your success, then you’re holding yourself apart from your success. Impatience is the energy of “I’m not there yet” which will keep you “not there”.

Also, if you’re delaying paying your bills because all you see in your account is just enough to pay your bills and you prefer to see the money there because it makes you feel safe, then that’s a vibration of ‘unsafe’. You’re emitting the belief that money is finite, scarce, that there’s not enough.

This flouts the Law of Circulation, you’re creating a block to the natural order and flow.

It’s truly amazing when you stop clinging to money and you act from a place of gratitude for the services received and faith that all your needs are met.

Pay all your bills in good faith, knowing that the universe abhors a vacuum. Money will flow in to fill the vacuum when you act in faith.

I remember a client being so upset because she hated receiving money from her spouse – She was a mom and she was desperate to build her business to contribute to the household.

She would get so frustrated about receiving money from her spouse. She was restricting the flow of money because she wasn’t in an attitude of gratitude. Understand that the source of the money is irrelevant.

If you could imagine that the source of the money is from the universe and that people are the conduits through which you’re able to receive that money, you’d fall to your knees in gratitude, wouldn’t you?

If that sounds a bit too ‘out there’ then I invite you to try it on as a new belief for a while!

After all, you get to choose your beliefs and what you believe is true for you. So, why not decide to create a whole new set of beliefs that support you and make you feel inherently abundant, supported and loved?

And then enjoy what flows in as a result.

Lots of love

Sanae x

P.s if you’re ready to cut through the noise and attract your dream clients with more ease and fun, then book a call with me and let’s talk!


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