Essential Marketing 101 for Coaching Entrepreneurs who want to Attract Clients Organically

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Hey Coach,

In this fluff-free post, I’m going back to basics and sharing with you key principles of marketing that will help you increase focus and show up, large and in charge, so you can attract your dream coaching clients!

Sounds good?

Cool! So without further ado let’s dive into the 7 Ps of Marketing 101:


Avoid “spray and pray” marketing! This is when you share the same post in multiple groups and across all your platforms at the same time.

This is a sign that you’re either operating from fear and desperation because you need to make money and FAST! Or you’re following what someone else told you is a way to get clients.

Either way, it comes off as icky and inauthentic and will more likely put people off you.

Instead, be very intentional about why you’re creating content and reframe the purpose so it’s less about you getting what you want and more about giving and helping others.

Create a schedule that includes the themes of the various groups you’re in and be congruent with those themes in your content.

Your purpose in marketing is to share your message and your gifts and fortunately, social media provides us the ideal platform now to do exactly that.


Don’t be afraid to narrow into a very specific Ideal client avatar. The more specific you are with who you serve, the more powerful and resonant your marketing will be.

Knowing your audience is the foundation of all your marketing and offer creation. How old is your ideal client specifically? At what stage is she at in the life cycle? Is she at the start of her career or facing a career transition? Is she married? Does she have children? If so, how old are they? What are her fears, hopes, and dreams? What keeps her awake at night?


What is the #1 problem that you solve?

Your ideal clients are consumed by this problem, it weighs heavily on them and it’s all they can think about. They may feel alone and isolated and like they’re the only one with this problem and they’re not likely to engage in your content for fear of other people “finding out”.

When you articulate the problem you solve, as well as describe the symptoms it causes, then you’re able to craft attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping headlines and content.

This is when people reach out privately to you with the words “I loved your post, it was like you were reading my mind. How can I work with you?”


Many coaches launch themselves into the online space, posting content every day to attract clients without having their coaching packages laid out. This is a mistake because it creates split energy.

You want to sell, and yet you don’t know what you’re selling!

Take some time to craft your offer from start to finish.

How will you take your clients from their A to their B? What’s the length of your signature offer? 90 days? VIP day? 6 months? What are your rates? What’s included in your offering i.e email access to you? Voxer / Whatsapp access? Assignment Worksheets? In-person meetings or zoom or both?


When you know who your people are, you’re better able to place yourself where they are.

Choose the most appropriate platforms rather than scatter yourself everywhere which is exhausting and a waste of time.

Also, be selective of the best times of day for your audience.

If you’re a coach for busy full-time moms, you’re not going to post around the school run time of day for example. You’re also likely to get more traction from Facebook and Instagram than from LinkedIn.

If you’re a leadership coach for CEO’s then your best bets are most likely professional networking events and LinkedIn.


Positioning yourself as a credible expert is a fast path to attracting premium clients ready to pay your premium rates to work with you.

Question: How can you most effectively rise above the noise and position your authority in your niche?

Answer: By teaching!

Demonstrate your expertise by delivering value and teaching what you know!

You can do this through all of your content, blogs, vlogs, and emails. You can be a guest expert on podcasts and get featured and published in your industry-specific publications. You can create free mini-training courses, cheat sheets, and reports that pack value and leverage your expertise in the minds of your target audience.


It’s worth remembering the axiom that says “people buy the why” whenever you’re promoting your services or when you’re on a discovery call with a prospect.

You’re not selling coaching, or EFT, or NLP or RTT, or any of the other amazing tools and techniques that support your efficacy as a Coach. Your clients are certainly not buying those processes either.

Your client wants the pay-off that your coaching services will give them. They want to get a different result in their lives so that they can feel a certain way. When you can describe the pay-offs, in other words, the benefits of working with you, your words will resonate and have a greater influence on your prospects’ decision to invest.

So there you have it, Grasshopper!

I hope you can see from these principles that there’s no need for fancy sales funnels and that [nonexistent] magic formula strategy to attract a steady stream of dream clients

All you need to succeed is already within you right now!

I’m serious.

The key to your success lies in you mastering the art of being yourself and connecting to your passion, your purpose, and gifts!

It’s not always so easy to do. It’s not easy to show up and be truly you, raw, vulnerable, passionate, and authentic. We’ve built up layers and layers of defense to protect ourselves from being really seen because of erroneous beliefs we picked up such as “I’m too much” or “I’m not good enough”

When the truth is that the more you show up as who you really are, the happier and freer you’ll be. And the more people you’ll attract who resonate with you.

The more authentic you are, the more inspiring you are because your true nature is a powerful force.

“ Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do…And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  – Marianne Williamson

Go forth and shine your big beautiful light,

Sanae x


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