BREAKTHROUGH the feast or famine Yo Yo income cycle in your coaching business

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I’ll never forget the angst and confusion caused by the sudden flat-lining in my coaching business client and cash flow.

Up till then, I’d been on the up and up, loving my business, serving clients and feeling on top of the world. In September 2016 I hit a whole new monthly income high by making £19k! I’d never made that much in a month before, in fact, it was more than half what I’d previously earned in a whole year in my 9-5 job!!

You’d think I would have been ecstatic, but I actually felt numb. Of course, I told my coach and she celebrated for me but I was all a bit “Meh”. Not blase exactly, but just kind of blank.

I was spending money like water and invested in a 5-figure retreat so the money didn’t last. I just assumed I’d “made it” and took for granted that this success would continue.

You know where this is going…It didn’t continue.

What happened next almost cost me my business. I didn’t sign another client until March 2017. 5 Months on the famine end of the cycle!

It was agonising! I started to believe that it was over for me, that my business had somehow run its course, that there must be an expiry date on coaching or some such nonsense.

I cried. A lot! I back peddled furiously, slashing my rates, throwing out crazy offers and analysing all my content trying to find where I went wrong. Those were some dark months!

It was a time of deep soul searching, and fortunately, I had a major breakthrough in late February and, as I referred to it at the time, “I turned my prosperity tap back on.” Within days of this breakthrough, clients started flowing back in and I had a £13k week. What followed was greater peace of mind and increased client and cash flow on a more consistent basis.
The relief was indescribable.

So, what was the breakthrough?

I discovered how my internal subconscious beliefs were dictating my results and that as soon as I made some critical shifts internally, my external results shifted too.

This led me to a deeper understanding of the power of the mind and in particular the subconscious.

Since then my business has grown from strength to strength. It’s not all plain sailing, but that’s not what the growth journey is really about. We accept that dissonance and discomfort is part of our expansion.

However, when you raise awareness of what is causing the Feast and Famine income cycles, you can decide to change and allow in more prosperity than you ever imagined.

3 Contributors to the Feast and Famine Income Cycle:

1) Your Self Identity

This first cause of the feast and famine cycle runs along with the principle that states “how you do anything, is how you do everything”

Are you someone who struggles with self-discipline? Do you start things with full excitement only to fall off the wagon shortly afterwards? Do you have courses unfinished, books half-read and half baked plans that you never followed up on?

If you answered ‘yes’ then you probably identify yourself as someone who “never sticks at things”, as someone who is undisciplined.

This self-identity is going to play out in every area of your life and business including inconsistency in your income.

You need to change how you self identifies in order to change your results.

2) You’re programmed to meet your needs in less than healthy ways

Are you the kind of person who drives themselves into a metaphorical ditch before you’re able to kick up the motivation to take massive action? If so, I can relate!

I used to find it near impossible to pull myself out of the downslide! I watched my money drain to the last penny before I could ‘unfunk’ myself and start showing up again.

As soon as I’d hit the bottom of the trough, I’d then get to work. I’d kick on, become laser-focused, super productive and fearless in my action taking…I’d make money, relieve the immediate pressure and then stop taking action.

That was my pattern. So what’s it all about?

What’s happening here is that a specific need is being met at the point you hit rock bottom.

For example, one of my clients used to get the most love and attention as a little girl when she was having a tantrum about something. She learned to equate being in a ‘bad place’ emotionally meant she’d get her need for love and attention met.

Another client used to get ‘rescued’ by members of her family whenever she got herself embroiled in some negative drama. This was her source of safety so in order to feel safe, she created drama i.e the stress of her business failing and the ensuing anxiety because she had no money to pay the bills.

As for me? I’d drive myself into a ditch because I attached my self worth to my ability to independently fight and claw my way out. I got to be my own hero, like a phoenix rising from the flames! My ego loved this shit!

So how do we break through this pattern?

The solution must be to identify the need that is being met and then seek healthier and more constructive ways to meet that need. You have to become your own source of self, attention, self-worth, love and light.

3) Your beliefs about money and wealth.

Many people self-sabotage when they start getting in more money than they subconsciously allow. For example, I’ve had clients enjoy a big money month in their business only to immediately get sick, or they create a distraction such as some family drama and problem that takes them away from their work.

The sickness, drama and distraction magically clear up when they’ve run out of money! It’s the upper limit that Gay Hendricks talks about in his book The Big Leap and it’s the cause of the phenomenon known as the Curse of the Lottery. Winners receive their windfall and then self-sabotage so that within a few short years, all the money’s gone and their lives are back to how they used to be before the win.

What’s going on here is that you’ve subconsciously attached negativity to the idea of having money.

What limiting beliefs do you have in the context of money? Perhaps you believe it equates to be greedy, lazy or conceited. Maybe you believe that having lots of money means you run the risk of losing it all, being taken advantage of, or judged and rejected by your family.

Regardless of the nature of the belief, what you believe is true for you.

So now is the time to choose to adopt empowering beliefs that serve you and support you to grow your business and align with the abundance that is yours by birthright.

Love Sanae


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