Feeling Stuck and Overwhelmed by Your Ambitious Money Goal?

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Congratulations Badass!! You’re reading this because you’ve set yourself a bodacious money goal! That’s amazing and it’s a significant sign that you know your power and potential.

You’re also reading this because you probably feel a little stuck about what you’re supposed to do?

It’s easy to get sucked into overwhelming to the point of paralysis when we set a big money goal – after all, there’s so much information out there!!

So many shiny strategies and systems teaching you how to get clients and make more money – it’s easy to get distracted as you’re switching on to them ALL since your brain is seeking solutions.

Let me share a secret with you…

It’s not my secret, it’s the secret to achieving your bodacious money goal. Moreover, once you put this into practice and see it working for you, you’ll feel so enthusiastic about going after more of your beautiful bold dreams!

Important side note:  Before I go on, I’m going to assume for ease and brevity that you already know why you want to achieve this goal.

Taking the time to connect to why achieving this particular goal is so important to you is critical to your goal achievement. Sometimes, in those early days and weeks when nothing seems to be happening, you’re going to feel tired and disheartened. At these moments, having your ‘why’ crystalised in your heart will give you the strength to talk yourself out of the funk and back into focus.

Even more important side note of the side note: Ensure that your why is grounded in positive intent and love.  If your reason for wanting more money is to “not feel worried about money again” or “because I’m sick of living in lack” or any other such fear-based intentions, then that’s what you’re going to get more of.  Fact.  It’s the law.

Back to getting unstuck. Oh! And the secret…

You’re not supposed to know how you’re going to reach your goal.

Let that go! For the sake of your big goal, let go of the belief that you’re supposed to know how to get there.

I know you’ve heard this before, but I’m just lovingly reminding you. You can’t know how you’re going to create something totally new and uncreated, by you, otherwise, you’d have done it already.

So let it go.

The fact of the matter is, that what you want will be drawn to you when you are a vibrational match to it.

You have to work yourself up to it and when you’re ready for it, it will make itself known to you!

Instead of flinging yourself into a whole bunch of “doing”, you’ve got to uplevel your state of “being”.

If you don’t, all your “doing” will be done at your current money frequency or set-point which will just bring you more of the same and that’s when you feel like giving up!

You’ve got to double down on your self-development and mindset expansion work. You’ve got to flood your consciousness through intentions and affirmations, visualisations and images and words printed everywhere!

You’ve got to clear out all the next level blocks and resistance to your goal. You can do this by observing yourself. Really listen to what your mind is saying and how you’re feeling moment to moment. Whenever you hear or feel something unsupportive and negative then grab it!!

Catch it, write it down, analyse it, scrutinise it and then release it. See it as the lie it is and has nothing to do with your truth and your ability to be, do and have whatever you want!

As you’re focusing daily on your money goal and basking in the feeling of having it, you’ll begin to attract new ideas, people, circumstances that are stepping stones towards the manifestation of your goal.

You’ll also start receiving physical manifestations that may not necessarily be ‘money in the bank’ but they’re still reflections of your increased wealth consciousness.

For example, I set myself a big money goal and within a week of doubling down on my mindset work I received a call from my mortgage broker to say that the maximum mortgage that had been agreed for me a few months earlier was being increased by £50k! Out of the blue!

Every night record the serendipities and miracles that you noticed that day and fall asleep in a state of gratitude.

Every day, go about your usual work with the positive expectations of something unfolding and moving you towards your goal.

Before long, you’ll start to feel closer and closer and the serendipities will start speeding up. You’ll get a breakthrough idea upon which you’ll feel so excited to take action on and that’s when you begin to realise your goal! And it will manifest in a way that you could NEVER have predicted!!

Whoooo hooooo!!! Soooooo goooood!!! So good!!

The Universe never lets you down so long as you don’t let yourself down. Your work is on yourself to continuously raise your internal self-identity and belief system to be a vibrational match to your desires.

Take care of yourself and revel in your power and potential.

Love Sanae xx


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