How to sign your first (or next) 5k as a Coach in the next 30 days

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Being a coach in the online space can feel like you’re riding an emotional rollercoaster – it can feel terrifying!

It’s confronting and can trigger your deepest fears and insecurities because everything feels so personal – you feel rejected, judged and vulnerable.

When you’re showing up, you feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, nothing seems to work for you and your frustration is at fever pitch.

Sound familiar?

I get it! You’re not alone, trust me. Every successful coach has been right there where you are now!

And like you, they never gave up! What I want to do in this blog today is share with you the 5-key fundamentals that you MUST have dialled in to ensure that you’ve got everything in place to break through that initial barrier and sign your first (or next) 5k month. [Or 10k month!! Hey, I’m not placing limitations!! You’ve got what it takes!!]

5 Fundamentals you must have dialled in to sign your first 5k Month:

Step 1: Master Your Mindset.

You know the stats! 90-95% of your success in any endeavour is down to mindset, 5-10% is strategy. If success was just about the strategy, everyone would be winning in every area of their lives because there’s no shortage of information and strategy on how to succeed, right?

So you’ve got to train your brain for success! Eliminate doubt and fear by owning what you bring to the table – all of your unique gifts, skills and experience.

Get excited about what you have to offer and create daily disciplines to train your focus. What you focus on expands so every single day focus on success, attracting wonderful clients, creating powerful content, money flowing in and having fun!

You can use tools such as affirmations, visualisation, scripting, mantra’s, journaling and gratitude practice. All of these tools will flex your mindset muscle and teach your subconscious what it is you want.

And if you feel stuck…then MOVE YOUR BODY!! Exercise will shift any stuck energy and give you space for more clarity to flow in.

Step 2: Dial into your Ideal Client Avatar

Critical! Knowing exactly who you serve will transform your confidence and your content. You’ll be able to “speak” to their exact pains and frustrations and craft messaging that resonates deeply and sets you apart as someone who really “gets them”

Age 30-50 is not an ideal client avatar age – it’s too broad. A woman at age 30 is at a completely different life stage than a woman at age 50. Their priorities are different. They may have the same problem that you solve but that problem affects them in different ways because of where they are in their life.

Step 3: Package your Offer

Many coaches make the mistake of trying to sell X number of coaching sessions for £xx without qualifying it. This is a mistake because people aren’t buying coaching. They’re buying the result.

This 3rd fundamental is about crafting an offer that solves the #1 problem that your ideal client has and clearly stating that. Your clients will pay for the pay-offs of working with you, they want the transformation.

What do you help your ideal client accomplish and HOW do you help them get there? Think about your own journey.

Step 4: Visibility Strategy

Now you’ve flexed your mindset muscle and you know who you serve and how you help them get the result they want, it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. This is where things get real – you’ve got to “show up”!

I’m not talking about ‘hope marketing’ as Jeff Walker calls it, where you’re just throwing random content out there. This is about positioning yourself as the expert and being consistent in your messaging.

You might be asking “how do I show up as the expert?” The answer is simple. By being an expert! Teach what you know, share your knowledge, your value, your hard-won lessons.

You gain credibility as the expert in your niche when you consistently provide authoritative content.

You’ve got to draw on your innate resources to push through your fears and insecurities when you’re showing up and feeling like nothing is happening. You’ve got to tap your resilience and keep going here because I’ll share a secret with you…nothing is never happening.

Nothing is never happening!!  In other words “something is always happening!” There is always energy moving, momentum gathering, the universe is shifting and aligning and it might just take a little while – but it’s happening!

Step 5: Get comfortable with Sales!

Sales and selling are so loaded with negativity and it’s no wonder so many of you feel resistant to it. We’re exposed to news stories of unscrupulous and dishonest salespeople in the financial services industry, so many scams and of course movies with sleazy salesmen double-crossing innocent people with dodgy deals!

I’ve been a sales coach/mentor for about 25 years and I know that if there’s one skill you must get good at in business – it’s selling!!

Everything I’ve shared in the previous 4 steps form your end to end sales process, however, getting comfortable with your sales conversations is the final game-changer.

How? By firstly shifting your beliefs.

If you feel guilty talking about money, or out of integrity when pitching your packages and these negative feelings hold you back, it’s just because you have some beliefs about sales that don’t serve you.

Beliefs can be changed. You get to DECIDE. You can choose to fall in love with the process of sharing your gifts and exchanging value; with giving people the gift of up-levelling their lives with you by their side! You get to choose to enjoy speaking to new and interesting people who you can help with your experience and skills!

You get to choose the beliefs about sales that will serve you to thrive in business.

You can watch my live stream if you want to hear me speak with a little more depth about the above fundamentals by clicking here.

If you want my help to master your mindset and your end to end sales process then why not book a strategy call with me? During this 45 minute session, you’ll gain clarity on your coaching business and how to shift the needle and generate those delicious 5-figure months as a coach in the online space.

Love Sanae xx


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