Getting Your “Shiz” Together

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By getting your “shiz” together, I mean doing the things that you know would have a positive impact on your results in any area of your life and your business!

Perhaps you keep procrastinating on your programme launch or the webinar or the live workshop you keep promising.

Maybe you’re finding all the reasons why you CAN’T act on your grand plan to get really visible on-line, or to get on top of your blogging routine or nurture your list.

Possibly it’s your self care and exercise routine that keeps getting put back.  “I’ll start tomorrow”  is fast becoming hard wired into your nervous system!

Let’s go deeper and get really specific here.

I’m also talking about all those things that are your messes and in-completes.  For example, that drawer stuffed full of statements and receipts that will get sorted “someday”, the leaky tap, the bursting shoe cupboard that attacks you every time you dare to peek inside and the box of photos that you walk past every day with a pang of “I really will put those in albums this year”

Whatever the “shiz” is, you’re failing to get it together.

And every day you continue to walk this line you erode an itty bit of  your self-esteem and self worth.

Your will-power muscle gets flabby and this becomes embedded as a belief that may sound like “I’m disorganised or undisciplined” or “I’m useless” or “I can’t____” (fill in the blank).

You chip away at your self confidence and berate yourself on a conscious or unconscious level.  Either way – you release a little shot of cortisol into your system that affects your ability to think clearly and creatively and has a negative impact on your ability to, quite literally, get your “shiz” together!

Frustration, flabby will-power and an attitude of “oh well, there’s always tomorrow” is going to lower your energy and your self-belief in your ability to handle greater success,  after all, if you can’t handle this stuff, how will you handle the bigger projects that you dream about.

So, what to do?

It could be as simple as re-directing your focus.

In order to create the change in your life and get stuff done,  your motivation needs to be focused on either one of the 2 main motivational drivers.  These drivers are pleasure and pain.

When you’re connected viscerally to the correct driver,  your motivation is at its highest.   The action you need to take in order to get the result you’re seeking becomes a no-brainer, a total non-negotiable.   In the face of any obstacles, when you’re connected to your drivers you have everything you need to push past and keep going.

My old story that I clung onto for years was that I was undisciplined.   I managed to ignore the fact that I’ve been disciplined enough to build a successful business from my dining table, or that I’ve been disciplined enough to train for the London Marathon or that I’ve applied discipline throughout the achievement of my many and various qualifications!  When I looked at my daily schedule every evening and saw how I had once again not managed to stick to it – I reinforced my belief that I was in fact undisciplined and unable to stick to any kind of schedule.

My attempts to turn this story around using concerted effort only was failing!  I’d manage 2 or 3 days of discipline but beyond that I’d get complacent and backslide again.  I’d have a 4 mile run scheduled in but I’d get engrossed in my blog which kicked out my run.  I’d have some course work scheduled but then Facebook would step up to distract me and then “Opps! There goes an hour!”

Nobody is going to die!

The issue was that I had not viscerally connected to the main driver behind my desire to be disciplined.  I had considered the pain a driver and yet the pain wasn’t so bad.  I’d tell myself “There’s always tomorrow, nobody’s going to die if I don’t stick to the schedule.  I always manage to get stuff done so what’s the big deal anyway??”  And in came the excuses and the justifications.

And yet, I was chipping away at my sense of self-worth and self-belief.  If I can’t manage my own self-imposed schedule, how can I ever trust myself with greater projects that come my way??  It felt diminishing and dis-empowering.

The pain was big but not big enough to have me follow through to create the lasting behavioural change that I so desired.

Flipping the switch.

The difference that blew up my levels of motivation and my commitment to my schedule, and not only to commit to it but have fun doing so,  was all about pleasure!

The list of pleasures outweighed the pain in this instance.

  • The joy of getting all of my tasks completed, progressing through my studies and accomplishing all of my goals.
  • The satisfaction of feeling fit and healthy because I’m running 4 times a week.  As well as enjoying all the off-shoot benefits of running, such as increased creativity and inspiration and more positive high vibe energy!
  • The balance I cultivate so I can spend my evenings and weekends with my family.
  • The consistency I have in my on-line visibility and nurturing my list and my Facebook community means I continually build vital know, like and trust factor.
  • I feel super confident and my self-belief is rock solid.  My self-esteem is through the roof as I plough through my schedule with ninja-like productivity and discipline!
  • I’m in integrity when I coach my clients on getting their “shiz” together!!

Bringing my A-game and slaying the excuses when it comes to sticking to my schedule is easy and if I have a wobble I re-connect with all of those personal pleasure drivers.

So, now it’s YOUR turn.

Consider what it is that you know you need to do or that you want to do but for whatever reason, you’re not doing and then create your non-negotiable motivation.

Simply weigh up your pleasure vs pain drivers, taking the action vs NOT taking the action that will move you towards the results you desire and connect with the driver that carries the most weight for you.







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