Go To Work…As Though Your Biz Depended On It……

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I’m a Business Breakthrough Coach for Coaches and I am on a mission.  I help Independent Coaches end the uphill struggle of trying to “sell” their coaching; I help them overcome their fears when it comes to enrolling potential clients, and I work with them on mastering their sales confidence mindset to really set their sales success soaring!

And I tell my clients over and over that NO coaching program was ever sold outside of a conversation.  I’m a raving Rich Litvin fan and when I read this statement in his book “The Prosperous Coach”, I felt this truth to my core.

Having worked almost 2 decades in a target driven sales environment, I know the importance of maintaining and measuring activity. Without this, you will experience inconsistency and dips in your client sign-up rates as well as your motivation and confidence.

It’s important to develop a system, a routine for your front end activity that is, for your prospecting; the number of calls you make and the number of conversations you have every day.  When you start each day with a target purely based on your activity then you are clear as to what you need to do.

A networking breakfast to attend, a coffee appointment with a prospect and a coaching session does not constitute a productive day.  I would not have lasted long in my previous job if that was how I spent my days and this is not enough to sustain a coaching business.

If you added a target of making 10 calls to connect with people each day or to have 5 prospecting conversations then you would be rushing home from your network breakfast to hit the phone, or you would be seeking out a corner table in a coffee house to crack on with your business of doing business.

This is your job.  Go to work every day. Build your business, your reputation, your brand through consistent conversations.

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  1. Wood

    Home run! Great slgunigg with that answer!

  2. Wood

    Home run! Great slgunigg with that answer!


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