Are your GOALS sabotaging your Success?

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The biggest problem with goal setting is that the process often overlooks the essential element for true success.

You set yourself goals because you want to improve some area of your life.

You get excited and you commit to a series of action steps.

And you believe that in the attainment of your goals, you will be better / happier / more worthy of approval and all in all, better than you are today.

And so you go for it without realising that you are self-sabotaging your ability to accomplish your goals before you even start!


Well, let’s consider your starting point. If you’re going after a particular result because you believe that you’ll be happier or somehow better in the having of it, then you’re operating from a paradigm of “I’m not enough”.

You’re operating from the belief structure that is actually based in lack i.e “When I have Xyz, then I’ll be happy” = “I’m not happy without Xyz”.

Based on Universal principles and the Law of Attraction, you’ll attract situations, people and events that are a match to lack and “not enough”.

Thus reinforcing your deep-seated limiting beliefs.

If you’ve ever experienced self-sabotage, you’ll know that you can get so close to your goals, close enough to touch it and taste it…

But then something happens or you behave in such a way that brings you straight back to where you started…it’s like having an invisible rubber bungee rope attached to your back.

And so you work harder.
Push for longer.
Hustle and grind.
Work with the striver mentality.
Label yourself as a hyper-achiever.

And still, progress is hard work, slow and scary because, after a few attempts, you reach the point when you actually anticipate the self-sabotage!

Can you relate?

This is a common experience for so many!! I was there too.

For decades I believed that “When I get ‘there’ (whatever goal I was striving for) then I’ll feel free / then I’ll be happy / then I can do what I want / then I’ll get approval…”

I was always chasing and just as I got close, I’d self sabotage.

Or sometimes, I WOULD hit the target and reach my goals, only to immediately set my next goal! Never giving myself permission to really celebrate and feel truly happy and satisfied with where I was.

It was only when I was brought to my knees by my financial broke-ness and crippling debt situation that I woke up to the truth.

The Universal truth being that source, the Universe, God, Higher power (whatever you want to label it) always wants what is best for you.

But we have chronically limiting beliefs and unhealed wounds that block our ability to get into the flow and create from our highest and best.

It’s not enough to “believe it in order to see it”.

You’ve got to BECOME it, in order to see it.

The YOU that is living your desires and not in overwhelm, frustration, fear and scarcity.

The YOU that is living your desires is creative, fulfilled, abundant and self-loving.
The YOU that is living your desires is courageous, embracing challenges and solution-orientated.
The YOU that is living your desires is purposeful, self-aware and thrives in taking aligned action.
And being in Alignment with the natural flow of the Universal truth.

This is Being vs Doing.

So, what does this mean for your goal setting?

Well, I’m all for setting goals but the essential element for goal achievement is that you MUST become the person who has achieved her goals NOW!!

Feel happy NOW!!
Experience your enoughness NOW!!
Know that you are inherently abundant, deserving, worthy and successful NOW!

Get into that joyful state knowing that as you take action from this high vibration, your actions will have more momentum gathering power than ‘pushing’ ever could.

Suddenly you’ll start attracting ideas, people and circumstances that accelerate your progress!

You come to realise that we live in a Universe of infinite possibilities and that your desired outcomes and results can come to you in surprising, unexpected and delightful ways!

And indeed they should!! Think about it…If you’ve never accomplished something before, the path is supposed to be unknown, unpredictable and new.

Have fun with this and feel good now!!

Love Sanae xx

PS – I have my clients in The Coaches Business Accelerator step into the 2.0 version of themselves first.
By clearing the limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage and practice stepping into the person that is living their desires, before taking aligned action from that new state.

That’s when life expands and everything you desire flows in.

If you want to talk about how I can help you grow your coaching business to 6-figures with ease and alignment then book your call with me now and let’s make it happen!


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