Your Struggles in Life Contain Your Greatest Strengths For Your Coaching Business

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We’ve all had those moments when we feel “on purpose”. It feels amazing, right?

You become unstoppable, inflow, self-assured and you feel confident, happy, loved, and loving. You’re operating in what feels like your zone of genius and you’re creative, expansive, and more able to say no to anything that’s not aligned.

It’s a powerful state to be in.

I believe that this state is actually you living the truth of who you are. I like the metaphor that you were born as a ball of light and when you’re being true to yourself and living on purpose, you glow.

You become radiant and illuminate a path for others.

So how can you connect to your truth and become that light bearer so your dream clients can find you with more ease?

The notion that your struggle is your strength is not new in the coaching world. We understand that sharing how we overcame a past struggle enables us to connect with those people who are going through it now.

Sharing your experiences inspires and uplifts and has the power to position you as credible in the eyes of your prospects.

But I believe that the notion that your struggle is your strength runs deeper and is about more than just sharing your experience to connect with people. Understanding this is about actualizing the truth of who you really are.

And when you show up and shine from a place of strength, you are even more luminous and powerful.

In this context, please note that the word strength will be interchangeable with the word purpose. Let me explain:

Imagine knowing, with certainty, that what you’ve chosen to do as an entrepreneur, is what you were actually “born” to do. That as long as you’re doing this thing, that is aligned with the truth of who you are, you will always be supported, provided for and you cannot fail.

You probably already feel this to a certain degree. I know I do! If I didn’t, I would NOT have quit my 9-5, that’s for sure! I feel so strongly that “I was born to do this work!”

But the entrepreneurial journey can be so noisy, confusing, and conflicting that we wind up fraught with fear and self-doubt. It’s easy to get lost.

Well just imagine how it would change the way you showed up every single day, if you just knew, without doubt, that you were born to do this.

What if you believed that you didn’t just decide but instead that you were called here by a higher purpose?

What if you shifted perspective and recognized that the struggles you endured in life were actually being caused because you weren’t doing the work that you’re doing now?

Think about it.

All those years that you weren’t doing what you’re here in this life to do being the reason that you experienced the challenges, conflicts, and chaos of varying degrees

You weren’t living your purpose and so life, the Universe, Source, God, Infinite Intelligence, your Higher Self (or whatever term you use) sent you signs in the form of struggle i.e dissatisfaction, frustration, sadness, low self-worth, low confidence, a job you hated, toxic relationships, sickness.

However, that struggle showed up for you were signposts that you were out of alignment with the truth of who you really are.

But guess what? In our spiritually unconscious state, we ignored them. We didn’t recognize them for the gift they were and so we were afraid and we resisted with all our will.

We ignored it, that is until we could ignore it no more!

And that’s no bad thing because in your persistent resistance you were sharpening your saw, honing your gifts, and stoking the glow of your light in preparation for when you were ready to shine.

Joining the dots:

Many coaches make the mistake of looking at the most recent life challenge or struggle that they’ve overcome and created a coaching niche around that.

It’s understandable because that most recent struggle felt so big, so confronting and such a doozy to overcome that it appears to be stand-alone. It was also most likely the catalyst for the journey into personal growth and transformation that led to coaching.

However, as so many have discovered, what follows is a feeling that somehow this niche is wrong. Your message feels ‘off’ and everything feels forced rather than flowy. You feel out of alignment.

Because you are.

The truth is that the final struggle experience was simply an accumulation.

You were being supported your entire life as the Universe was sending you signs that you were off your path the whole time and only because you ignored them, you were sent the mother of all signs in the form of catastrophe, meltdown, breakdown, depression, loss of job, loss of money, loss of relationship or health or ALL of the above!!

It had to be this way in order to wake you up!

It’s as if the Universe was nudging you, tapping you on the shoulder, whispering in your ear but because you kept turning your back, the Big U had to pull back your bed covers and throw an ice bucket over you!

Until finally you declared “Enough is enough!!” and thus, your journey back to self began.

When it comes to finding that precious alignment with your purpose and uncovering your strengths it’s important to join the dots of your whole story and not just the most recent events.

Join the dots of your story to reveal your true strengths, understanding that your struggles were entirely a result of you not living your purpose.

You would not have felt those experiences so keenly if they weren’t in opposition to the truth of who you really are (you know what they say about how diamonds are made…)

This is when you’ll experience the true magic of clarity and alignment with your soul’s purpose that will light the way for others to find you.

Come back to yourself and shine your light!

Sanae xx

P.S. – If you want help to join the dots of your story and find the alignment with your soul’s purpose for coaching then let’s talk about how I can help you make that happen. Book your call with me today!


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